Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Elaine McGaughey Corn, June 21, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript: "Today is June 21st, and I'm here to interview Mrs. Elaine Corn."

Segment Synopsis: Andrea Allen introduces Elaine McGaughey Corn. She gives a summary of her family's history.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Elaine McGaughey Corn; Family History; childhood experiences

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Family--history

00:03:30 - Life On The Farm

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Partial Transcript: Can you remember the first place you all lived on?

Segment Synopsis: Elaine gives her earliest memories of living and growing up on a farm.

Keywords: Childhood Play Activities; Prisoners of War; childhood chores; gender roles

Subjects: Rural children

00:17:54 - Sicknesses and Remedies

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Partial Transcript: "Do you remember, in any of those first two places that you all lived, anybody in your family getting sick?"

Segment Synopsis: Elaine recalls her sister and brother being stricken with pneumonia, other illnesses, and remedies.

Keywords: Health; Hot Toddy; Pneumonia; chores; family medical history; herb

Subjects: Health; Medical care

00:27:33 - Food

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Partial Transcript: "Now how old were you when you all moved to the Bynes Mill?"

Segment Synopsis: She discusses moving from the farm and how her family made their own food.

Keywords: canning and food preservation; chickens; childhood chores; food preparation; tobacco farming.

Subjects: Dairy farming; Food--Preservation; Tobacco farms

00:34:21 - Duties On The Farm

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Partial Transcript: "Now did you all help outside?"

Segment Synopsis: Elaine Corn talks about the different jobs that everyone had on the farm and in the home.

Keywords: Gardens; changes in farm technology; family chores; farm life; tobacco farming

Subjects: Childhood; Farm life.; Gardening; Horse farms; Tobacco Farming

00:40:48 - Education in Anderson Co.

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Partial Transcript: "Now you said you remember that first school you went to."

Segment Synopsis: Elaine talks about her school experiences.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Early life and education; Education--Primary; Education--Secondary; Food; Rural Education

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Education; Schools

00:53:20 - Farm Injuries

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Partial Transcript: "He's a boss over at G.E. in Lexington..."

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Corn talks about her siblings, about the dangers of farming, and injuries that were caused from farming. she also talks about using signs as method of farming and planting.

Keywords: cattle production; farm injuries; farming techniques; health; home remedies; measles; mumps

Subjects: Farm life.; Health; farm

01:05:16 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: " You said you were married 40 years...in 1952."

Segment Synopsis: Elaine Corn recollects meeting her husband, and describes the importance of the church in her life.

Keywords: Baptist Church; Churches; Religion; courtship customs; marriage; rural communities

Subjects: Married life; Religion

01:17:50 - Her Duties on the Farm

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Partial Transcript: "That's the distillery, this is their book."

Segment Synopsis: Elaine briefly talks about the distillery's farm. She also describes the chores that she had on the farm growing up and her children, and how she grew to love milking cows.

Keywords: commercial farming; dairy farming; distilleries; family farming; farming

Subjects: Dairy farming; Farm life.

01:26:54 - Simple Remedies

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Partial Transcript: "Did any of your children get seriously ill, when they were growing up?"

Segment Synopsis: For a moment she talks about how to care for small injuries and illnesses, and simple first-aid.She also describes the duties her children had on their farm.

Keywords: childhood chores; daily farm chores; farm injuries; farm life; health; home remedies; illnesses

Subjects: Farm life.; Farmers' spouses; Health

01:35:30 - Stresses of Farm Life

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Partial Transcript: "Just for the benefit of the farm, and it has just boomeranged into that."

Segment Synopsis: Elaine discusses the stresses of tobacco farming and the benefits of farming tobacco with a baler.

Keywords: Tobacco Industry; discrimination; farming techniques; tobacco production; trade

Subjects: Farm life.; Tobacco farms; Tobacco industry

01:43:04 - Opinions on Healthcare System

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Partial Transcript: "When did you start, when did you first buy medical insurance?"

Segment Synopsis: The interview with Mrs. Corn is concluded as she talks about the health of her family overall and habits that could possibly affect their heath. She also talks about the benefits of home remedies.

Keywords: Healthcare; family medical history; health insurance; home remedies and medical care

Subjects: Health; Health care issues, costs, and access