Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Beulah Lois Hutchinson Robinson, July 23, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: "Today is July 23rd, 1992. I'm Andrea Allen here to interview Mrs. Beulah Lois Robinson."

Segment Synopsis: Andrea Allen introduces interviewee, Mrs. Beulah Robinson. She gives information about her parents and where they were from.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Beulah Lois Hutchinson Robinson; Family History; Farmers

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Family--history

00:04:35 - Childhood Memories of the Family Farm

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Partial Transcript: "What's your earliest memory of this place?"

Segment Synopsis: She remembers the small farm that she grew up on. Beulah also talks about rural electrification and indoor plumbing.

Keywords: Farm Land; farm life; gardening; gender roles on farm; meat preservation; raising tobacco.; rural electrification; smoking meat

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Food--Preservation; Rural electrification

00:16:46 - Chores on the Farm

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Partial Transcript: "When you were living here at home, earlier on, what would be your typical day?"

Segment Synopsis: Beulah gives a summery of what a typical day on the farm was like as a child, and the trouble she wen through to graduate high school.

Keywords: Rural Education; childhood chores; childhood experiences; daily farm chores; education; farm life; one-room school

Subjects: Childhood; Education; Farm life.; Rural children

00:20:25 - Home Remedies

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Partial Transcript: "One thing I wanted to ask you about was home remedies."

Segment Synopsis: Beulah Robinson lists a few home remedies that were used. Additionally, she remembers her mother taking care of elderly family members.

Keywords: Farmers; country doctor; farm inheritance customs; home remedies; medical care; typhoid fever

Subjects: Farm life.

00:27:24 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: "How did you meet your husband?"

Segment Synopsis: She explains how she met her husband, Roy B. Robinson, and farming with him.

Keywords: Anderson County; Family History; Mercer County Kentucky; Renting land; Tobacco farms; beef cattle; daily farm chores; dairy farming; farm life; retirement; tenant farmers; tenant farming

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Farmers' spouses; Married life; Mercer County (Ky.); Tobacco farms

00:42:04 - Changes in Medical Care

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Partial Transcript: "Now when your kids were growing up, uh did any of them, did any of them get sick very often?"

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Robinson reflects on her family's medical history. Healthcare and health Insurance is also discussed.

Keywords: Frankfort (Ky.); Health Insurance; Healthcare; University of Kentucky (UK); childhood diseases; country doctor; family medical history; health; home remedies; medical care and illnesses

Subjects: Health; Health care issues, costs, and access

00:55:54 - Farm Development

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Partial Transcript: "We never did talk about how you developed this place now. You built on some buildings since you all married."

Segment Synopsis: Beulah compares her children's childhood to her own, and how the farm has physically developed over the years.

Keywords: 4-H Club; Childhood Recreation; Recreational activities; beef cattle; childhood chores; food preservation; hobbies

Subjects: Beef cattle.; Childhood; Food--Preservation

01:08:56 - Conversion From Home Remedies

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Partial Transcript: "Do remember any stories around, just, i don't know, as far as you can remember about people that used remedies or healed or anything like that."

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Robinson gives reason why some people have stopped relying on home remedies and are going to doctors instead.

Keywords: Health Insurance; Healthcare; access to health care; childbirth; farm accidents; home remedies and medical care; pregnancy

Subjects: Childbirth; Health; Pregnancy

01:18:44 - Changes in Meals

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Partial Transcript: "Another thing I wanted to ask you about is meals, about how they've changed through the years. "

Segment Synopsis: She compares the types of meals eaten and how they were prepared from childhood to adulthood.

Keywords: changes in eating habits; cooking; family traditions; food preparation; rural community values

Subjects: Food habits

01:31:55 - Final comments

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Partial Transcript: "What do you think about farming as a business

Segment Synopsis: Beulah Robinson gives her final thoughts on farming as a business.The interview is concluded

Keywords: changes in farming; community values; family traditions; farming chemicals; pesticides; the future of farming

Subjects: Farmers.