Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Olga Houchin, July 24, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:04 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is July 24th, 1992, and I'm Andrea Allen here to interview Mrs. Olga Houchin."

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Olga Houchin is introduced. She gives her birth date, maiden name, birth place, and brief family history.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Blacksmiths; Family History; Lawrenceburg Kentucky

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Family--history; Lawrenceburg (Ky.)

00:02:30 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: How big was the place that you lived on?

Segment Synopsis: She remembers on the city of Alton, and the house grew up in as a child.

Keywords: Anderson County Kentucky; Blacksmith; beef cattle; chickens; coal oil; life in a farm community; rural electrification; rural water system

Subjects: Anderson County (Ky.); Rural conditions

00:17:41 - Childhood Illnesses

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Partial Transcript: "When you were growing up do you remember anybody getting sick, you or your sisters?"

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Houchin briefly recalls home remedies used to cure childhood illnesses and doctors within the Anderson County area. She also talks about her family killing hogs and how they preserved their meat and food.

Keywords: canning and food preservation; childhood illnesses; home remedies; measles; meat preservation; medical care; rural doctors; whooping cough

Subjects: Food--Preservation; Health

00:27:20 - Married Life on The Farm

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Partial Transcript: "How old were you when you married?"

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Houchin describes how she met her husband, Johnson Hanks Houchin. She describes crops that her in-laws raised on their family farm, her children as well.

Keywords: Wheat farming; changes in farm technology; children; daily farm chores; dairy farming; farm life; marriage

Subjects: Dairy farming; Farm life.; Farmers' spouses

00:39:57 - Mental Health Treatment

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Partial Transcript: "Did you all stay in that same house the entire time you were there?"

Segment Synopsis: Olga recalls her mother-in-law committing suicide and the type of treatment that was available at the time. In addition she goes into more detail about the farm.

Keywords: 4-H Club; Healthcare; childhood illnesses; farm inheritance customs; home remedies; medical care; mental health

Subjects: Farm life.; Health; Mental health

00:50:34 - Health Insurance

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Partial Transcript: "Now did you all carry insurance during that time period?"

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: Health Insurance; Healthcare; access to health care; childhood illnesses; medical care

Subjects: Health care issues, costs, and access

00:55:28 - Family Medical History

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Partial Transcript: "When did you have the bout with cancer?"

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Houchin recalls being diagnosed with breast cancer and other ailments that members of other family members have been diagnosed with. She also gives her opinion on the health care.

Keywords: Breast Cancer; family medical history; home remedies; medical care; preventive care

Subjects: Health

00:57:30 - Family Medical History 01:06:47 - Description of the Land Owned

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Partial Transcript: "You said you still own the place over there?"

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Houchin discusses dividing up the farm and renting out land and homes for in return for managment.

Keywords: Renting farms; Renting land; Tenant farm life; tenant farming; wages earned by farm labor

Subjects: Farm life.; Farm tenancy

01:16:44 - Family Health Overall

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Partial Transcript: "In general how would you say the health of your family is?"

Segment Synopsis: The cost of medication, and healthcare are discussed, as well as her health and family's health overall.

Keywords: Health Insurance; Healthcare; Lawrenceburg Kentucky; family medical history; medical care

Subjects: Health care issues, costs, and access; Lawrenceburg (Ky.)

01:25:33 - Final comments

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Partial Transcript: "What do you think about farming as a business? Is it a very good business?"

Segment Synopsis: Mrs. Olga Houchin gives her final thoughts on the future of farming and healthcare. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: family vs. corporate farming; health care; the future of farming; tobacco business

Subjects: Farm life.; Health care issues, costs, and access; Tobacco farmers