Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Norman E. Potter, August 12, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Personal background / family history / the family farm

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Partial Transcript: Okay, this is a Farm Family Oral History interview being conducted by Patrick Keenist on August 12th, 1992 at approximately a quarter to nine in the morning.

Segment Synopsis: Potter discusses his family history and genealogy. He also describes how his father came to own the land that would come to be the family farm.

Keywords: Acres; Alfalfa grass; American Indians; Bob Johns; Bowling Green (Ky.); Buying land; Corn; Edna Veers; Family; Family history; Farming; Farmland; Fathers; Gladys Potter; Grandparents; Hagerman Potter; Hattie Pearl; Hay; Hogs; Houses; Hubert Clay Potter; Land ownership; Landowners; Lily Potter; Louise Potter; Milton Potter; Mothers; Moving; Neely Johns; Olivia Thunderbird; Parents; Peanuts; Racially mixed people; Rich Pond (Ky.); Robert Smith; Siblings; Slavery; Sweet potatoes; Thelma Potter; Tobacco; Veenie Potter (??)

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African American parents; African Americans--Agriculture; African Americans--Genealogy; African Americans--Housing; Family history; Farm produce; Indians of North America; Livestock; Rural African Americans; Slavery--United States

GPS: Bowling Green (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 36.981667, -86.444444
00:14:11 - Changes on the family farm

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Partial Transcript: Okay, if you could just go through--I mean you've started doing this a little bit. Just, um, sort of talk about the type of farming that your father did and how the farm changed over the years when you started getting into farming.

Segment Synopsis: Potter describes the changes he saw on the family farm over the years, particularly the use of machinery.

Keywords: Baling hay; Beef cows; Black Angus cattle; Bushes; Buying land; Combine harvesters; Crops; Cultivation; Cutting hay; Dairy cows; Daughters; Farming; Farming equipment; Fescue grass; Grain; Grasses; Herd; Hogs; Land ownership; Landowners; Lespedeza; Logan County (Ky.); Mechanical cultivators; Milking cows; Mowers; Sage grass; Simpson County (Ky.); Sisters; Soil; Soil fertility; Tractors; Wheat

Subjects: African American farmers; African Americans--Agriculture; Agricultural machinery; Farm equipment; Farm produce; Farm supplies; Livestock; Rural African Americans; Technology

GPS: Logan County (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 36.86, -86.88
00:28:41 - Threshing season / relations with other farmers

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Partial Transcript: Do you sell any of the grain, or was it like the--

Segment Synopsis: Potter discusses threshing season on the farm. He also describes the relations his family has had with other farmers in the local community.

Keywords: Acreage; Burley tobacco; Bushels; Cigarettes; Combine harvesters; Cooking; Ernest Dillard; Farmers; Farming; Farming equipment; Farming practices; Farmland; Fathers; Fields; Friendliness; Grain; Grain mills; Mr. London; Neighborliness; Neighbors; Poundage; Restrictions; Rural community; Thresher; Threshing; Threshing crews; Tobacco

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African Americans--Agriculture; African Americans--Social life and customs; Farm produce; Rural African Americans

00:45:35 - Size of the farm / changes in the community

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Partial Transcript: I'd just like to go over for a moment, um, the size of your farm and how that's changed.

Segment Synopsis: Potter describes the size of the farmland he got from his father. He also discusses the changes he has seen in the local community over the years, specifically in terms of modernization such as electricity and refrigeration.

Keywords: Beef cattle; Buying land; Chemicals; Cultivation; Electric co-op; Electricity; Farming; Farmland; Fathers; Grain; Herbicides; Hubert Phelps; Johnson grass; Land ownership; Landowners; Lespedeza; Living conditions; Logan County (Ky.); Radios; Renting land; Rich Pond (Ky.); Robert Church; Selling land; Sharecroppers; Sharecropping; Simpson County (Ky.); Slaughter; Strawberries; Tobacco base; Uncles; Warren County (Ky.); Water supply; Weeding; Weeds

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African Americans--Agriculture; African Americans--Housing; Farm produce; Rural African Americans; livestock

GPS: Simpson County (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 36.74, -86.58
01:01:51 - Selling land / current conditions of the farm

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Partial Transcript: Um, did you start selling that off then or do you still have that many acres?

Segment Synopsis: Potter discusses why he had to sell land, and the current conditions of the farm.

Keywords: Acres; Banking; Brother; Buying land; Equity; Farmland; Fathers; Finances; Grain prices; Haden farm; Health; Illness; Inheritance; Land ownership; Land prices; Landowners; Older people; Rockfield (Ky.); Sickness; Wren farm

Subjects: African American families; African American farmers; African American older people; African Americans--Agriculture; African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Health and hygiene; Rural African Americans