Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with David C. Acheson, August 11, 1993

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:29 - Cooper and Acheson's father / Acheson and Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Uh, thank you for agreeing to talk to me, Mr. Acheson.

Segment Synopsis: Acheson discusses the friendship between Cooper and his father. Acheson details his interactions with Cooper.

Keywords: Bipartisanship; Companions; Dean Acheson; Delegations; Ellsworth Bunker; Entertainment; Foreign policy; Fundraising; Harry Truman; John Sherman Cooper; Lorraine Cooper; North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); Public life; Recruiting; Style; Undersecretary of State; Yale capital drive

Subjects: Business; Fathers; Friendships; Leadership; Loyalty; Maryland; Partnerships; Politicians; Social life; United States. Department of State; Virginia; Washington (D.C.); Yale University

00:09:07 - Cooper and Acheson's father on Vietnam

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Partial Transcript: Did their friendship go through rocky times over the--the Vietnam War?

Segment Synopsis: Acheson considers the impact of the Vietnam War upon the friendship between his father and Cooper.

Keywords: Clark Clifford; Command areas; Commanders; Dean Acheson; Democrats; Ellsworth Bunker; Field officer reports; Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; John Sherman Cooper; Lyndon Johnson; Military dispatches; Policies; Saigon (Vietnam); Stuart Symington; Top secret; Truman Library; W. Averell Harriman; William Fulbright

Subjects: Fathers; Friendships; Indochina; International relations; Politicians; Security clearances; Vietnam; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; War; Washington (D.C.); Yale University

00:15:16 - Association with Covington & Burling law firm

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Partial Transcript: You were at Covington & Burling. . .

Segment Synopsis: Acheson recalls his work at Covington & Burling in the late 1950s and early 1960s and how the law firm changed after he worked there.

Keywords: Associates; Chairman; Connections; Dean Acheson; Executive committees; Influence; John Sherman Cooper; Managing partners; Motion Picture Building (Washington, D.C.); Offices; Partners

Subjects: Covington & Burling; Death; Fathers; Management; Pennsylvania Avenue (Washington, D.C.); Politicians; Washington (D.C.)

00:18:47 - Cooper at Yale University / Stories of Cooper

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Partial Transcript: But I wanted to ask you just a bit about Skull and Bones.

Segment Synopsis: Acheson considers Cooper's accomplishments at Yale. Acheson tells some interesting stories of Cooper throughout his life.

Keywords: Bar exams; Basketball; Brothers; Contributions; Dean Acheson; Debates; John Sherman Cooper; Lorraine Cooper; Personalities; Political opponents; Political primaries; Running for office; Senate; Senators; Skull and Bones (Yale); Social life; Sports; Superlatives; Team captains

Subjects: Atlanta (Ga.); Business; Covington & Burling; Death; Debt; Fathers; Harvard Law School; Laws; Marriage; Politicians; Student government; University of Kentucky; Washington (D.C.); Yale University