Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Maurice Rosenblatt, August 11, 1993

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:12 - Background

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Rosenblatt, why don't you tell me a little bit about your background. . .

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt provides an overview of his educational background and work in left-wing political movements in Wisconsin and New York City.

Keywords: Active; Antipathy; Banks; Battles; Book; Busy; Charles Coughlin; Chartist movement; Coughlin movement; Craft unions; Divert; Editor; Electrical workers; Garment industry; Head; Humanitarian aid; Interesting; Jewish; Job; Joseph McCarthy; Labor movement; Labor paper; Lower middle class; Nativist movement; Negative; New; Newspaper; PhD; Political economy; Positions; Powerful; Precursor; Prestigious; Problem; Progressive Party; Progressive Republicans; Progressive politics; Robert M. La Follette Jr.; Robert M. La Follette Sr; Strange; Sympathetic; Unavailable; Unsympathetic; William S. Graves; Wrong

Subjects: AFL-CIO; Agricultural journalism; Anti-Semitism; Awareness; Behavior; Childhood; Children; Columbia University; Communists; Conscious; Economics; Education; Father; Great Depression; History; Industries; Irish; Jews; Labor; Life; Money; Nativism; Neighborhoods; New York (N.Y.); Organziation; Personality; Philosophy; Russia; Siberia; Socialists; Survival; Tactics; Textiles; Time; United Garment Workers of America; United States. Department of State; University of Wisconsin; Washington (D.C.); Wisconsin State Fair; World War I

00:07:49 - New York Times owners

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Partial Transcript: The most important newspaper in New York was the New York Times.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt details the circumstances of several owners of the New York Times and how it grew to be one of the most influential newspapers in New York City.

Keywords: Able; Adlai Stevenson; Adolph Ochs; Arthur Hays Sulzberger; Assets; August Belmont; Background; Backing; Book; Bought; Break away; Chattanooga Times; Circulation; Concept; Coverage; Decision; Down; Dwight Eisenhower; Emancipation; Establishment; Fighting; Harrison Salisbury; Husband; Interview; Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger; Issues; J.P. Morgan; Jacob Schiff; Location; Loss; Move; No prejudice; Not bothered; Prince consort; Publisher; Punch Sulzberger; Recognition; Shrewd; Sole heir; Speaker; Talent; Without Fear or Favor: The New York Times and its Times (book)

Subjects: Catholics; Change; Charities; Chattanooga (Tenn.); City Hall Park (New York, N.Y.); Death; Growth; History; Institutions; Jews; Journalists; Liberal; Living; Man; Money; New York (N.Y.); New York times; Newspapers; Palestine; Park Row (New York, N.Y.); Pentagon Papers; Spain; Successful; Time; Times Square (New York, N.Y.); Trust; Understanding; United States. Department of State

00:13:25 - New York Times and coverage of Anti-Semitism / New York City in the 1930s

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Partial Transcript: I organized the city. . .

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt discusses the lack of coverage of anti-Semitism in New York City in the 1930s by the New York Times. Rosenblatt also describes the political climate of New York City during the 1930s.

Keywords: 1939-1940 New York World's Fair; Aaryan; Active; Adolf Hitler; Against; Anti-war; Arrests; Arthur Hays Sulzberger; Battles; Cases; Charles Coughlin; Charles Lindberg; Coordination; Coughlin movement; Council of Churches; Court; Daily worker (New York, N.Y.); Decision; Development; Dismiss; Francisco Franco; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Fundraising; Head; Hesitant; Ignoring; Impact; Important; Impression; Independent; Irish magistrates; Jewish girls; Jewish newspaper; Jewish organizations; Jewish question; Largest Catholic city; Largest Jewish city; Mike Quill; Nativist movement; New York Sun (newspaper); News organizations; No coverage; No fuss; Official; Organized; Polarization; Product; Quiet; Record; Sidewalk; Spanish Civil War; Stabbings; Takeover; Tensions; Territories; Thoughts; Tolerance; Unwise; Upbringing; Wife

Subjects: Age; Anti-Semitism; British; Communists; Courts; Des Moines (Iowa); Interest; Irish; Isolationism; Italians; Jews; Labels; Labor movement; Labor unions; Leadership; Men; Nations; Nativism; Neighborhoods; New York (N.Y.); New York times; New York tribune; Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941; People; Press; Public opinion; Publicity; Queens (New York, N.Y.); Racism; Reading; Reputation; Respect; Riots; Roosevelt family; Social justice; Speech; Streets; Time; Transport workers; United States; Violence; War; Wisconsin; Young

00:20:13 - World War II

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Partial Transcript: The war--the war came and you were in the army?

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt details his life during World War II, including his military service and work in journalism.

Keywords: Assistant secretary of the treasury; Attacked; Attempt; Aware; Awful; Bad; Battle of Britain; Caricature; Charles Couglin; City reporter; Close friend; Commanding officer; Communist; Connections; Coughlin movement; Decision; Decorated; Disliked; Driving; Eleanor Roosevelt; Extension; Eyes; Face; Followed; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Friends; Hard time; Henry A. Wallace; Infiltrated; Intelligence operation; James Warburg; Job; John J. McCloy; John Sherman Cooper; Machinery; Majority; Manly; Name; No understanding; Officer; Old guard; Orderly; Organizing; Plan; Police department; Problems; Reports; Resources; Retraining; Returned; Round; Sam Rayburn; Save; Speaker of the House; Talking; Terrible; U.S. Air Force; U.S. Army; Unable; Unhappy; Uniform; Unpopular; Useful; Visit; Vote; Votes

Subjects: Administration; Battle Creek (Mich.); Britain; Change; Chicago tribune; Draft; English; Europe; Fort Custer (Mich.); Intelligence; Journalism; Meetings; Military; New York (N.Y.); Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Attack on, 1941; People; Politicians; Queens (New York, N.Y.); Washington (D.C.); World War II; Writing

00:26:28 - Work with Jewish displaced persons / Meeting Cooper

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Partial Transcript: You didn't meet Cooper til '46, right?

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt recalls the work he did on behalf of Jewish displaced persons. It was in this capacity that Rosenblatt first met Cooper in 1946.

Keywords: Acquainted; Administrative assistant; American League for a Free Palestine; Articles; Assignment; Brilliant; Clement Attlee; Conference; Criminal investigator; Dinner; Displaced persons; Embassy; Establishment; Fascinating; Flag; Fowler Harper; Friends; Good organizer; Guy Gillette; Head; Headquarters; Idea; Ignored; Investigative journalism; Jewish; Jewish congressman; Jewish name; John Sherman Cooper; Joseph T. Ryan; Lawyer; Lunch; Magnificent; Marlon Brando; Met; Movie; New York Sun (newspaper); No credit; No interest; Not attached; Officials; Palestinian; Persuasive; Peter H. Bergson; Politics; Program; Pulitzer Prize; Reporter; Republican newspaper; Resettlement; Rules; Ruth Chatterton; Senate; Senators; Skills; Son; Star of David; Stayed; Supreme Court; Survivors; The Nation (magazine); Unhappy; Uniform; Waterfront; Waterfront strike; Wiley Rutledge

Subjects: Algonquin Hotel (New York, N.Y.); Brother; Building; Diplomacy; Free; Germany; Hebrew Committee of National Liberation; Heritage; Holocaust; Horror; International Longshoremen & Warehousemen's Union; Iowa; Jews; Kentucky; Lobbying; Names; New York (N.Y.); Newspapers; On the waterfront (Motion picture); Palestine; Parties; Politicians; Public domain; Reasons; Reputation; Rooms; Standard Oil Company; Surprise; Washington (D.C.); Work; Writing

00:34:58 - Cooper in Germany / Cooper's first wife

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Partial Transcript: --And that was something he was very interested in.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt considers Cooper's work with displaced persons in Germany. Rosenblatt details Cooper's first wife and short marriage.

Keywords: Adolf Hitler; Allowed; Annulment; Brother-in-law; Court system; Departure; Devotion; Displaced persons; Exposed; German prince; Girlfriend; Heresy; Husband; Interested; John Sherman Cooper; King of Bulgaria; Legal officer; Marriage license; Marriages; Met; Mistake; Nurse; Patton's Third Army; Philipp, Landgrave of Hesse; Princess Mafalda; Problems; Search; Staging area; Stay together; Surgeon; Survivors; Suspected; Treatment; Unaware; Uniform; Victor Emmanuel II of Italy; Widow; Wife

Subjects: Age; Americans; Battle Creek (Mich.); Bavaria (Germany); Brother; Buchenwald (Concentration camp); Castles; Concentration camps; Death; Divorce; Europe; Families; Fort Custer (Mich.); Fort Indiantown Gap (Pa.); Germans; Germany; History; Italy; Lutheran Church; Marriage; Newspapers; Partisanship; Pennsylvania; Percy Jones General Hospital (Battle Creek, Mich.); Poisoning; Politicians; Rumors; Russians; Soldiers; Somerset (Ky.); Staff; Teacher; United States; World War II

00:41:42 - Committee for an Effective Congress work / Lorraine Cooper

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Partial Transcript: You--you said you were involved with something called Committee for an Effective Congress.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt reflects upon his work with the National Committee for an Effective Congress, in which he helped Cooper in campaign fundraising during the 1950s. Rosenblatt talks of Cooper's second wife, Lorraine and her background.

Keywords: After; Appearance; Art collector; Bad; Bias; Big money; Book; Campaigning; Campaigns; Candidate; Chairman; Clifford Case; Connections; Contest; Decent; Description; Discreet; Disliked; Donors; East coast; Easy; Effort; Elected; Establishment Republicans; Fair; Female society; Fighting; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Friends; Fundraising; George Rowan; Grandfather; Head; Help; Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.; Horseman; Important; Interview; Involved; John Hay Whitney; John Sherman Cooper; Katharine Graham; Kind; Lack of candor; Later; Leave; List; Lorraine Cooper; Louie Nunn; Louis Rowan; Major victory; Members; Moderate; Nelson Rockefeller; No clear authority; Old money; Opponent; Organize; Pan American Building (Washington, D.C.); Philip Graham; Playwright; Possession; Problems; Real estate; Realization; Republicans; Return; Robert Rowan; Senate; Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Senators; Settled; Small group; Staff director; Talking; Term; Theatrical; Transcripts; U.S. Ambassador to India; Unconvincing; Unsupportive; Weaknesses; Wife; Won; Wonderful; Worst pitchman

Subjects: Alaska Airlines; Brothers; Building; California; Death; French; Historians; Kentucky; Los Angeles (Calif.); Meeting; Money; National Committee for an Effective Congress; New Jersey; New York (N.Y.); New York herald tribune; Politicians; Social; Wall Street (New York, N.Y.); Washington (D.C.); Work; World War II; Writing

00:53:50 - Involvement in Cooper campaigns / Ned Breathitt

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Partial Transcript: You're already getting into the era of--era of media and he--.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt illustrates his role in some of Cooper's campaigns, mostly working on campaign finance and media appearances. Rosenblatt describes Ned Breathitt and his friendship with Cooper.

Keywords: Accent; Against; Aware; Backroads; Bad; Beginning; Best media; Board of Directors; Campaigning; Chairman; Close; Companies; Credentials; Democrat; Democrats; Difficult; Done; Dwight Eisenhower; Earle Clements; End; Equipment; Follow; German-American; Government operations; Governor; Hated; Impression; Inherited; John Sherman Cooper; John Y. Brown Sr.; Keen Johnson; Kentucky Republican Party; Kicked out; Knew; Lawrence Wetherby; Lee Nunn; Liked; Louie Nunn; Media; Member; Natural; Ned Breathitt; Not an actor; Personal; Prize; Professional campaigner; Public affairs department; Public representatives; Quality; Reporter; Republicans; Richard Nixon; Running for Senate; Senate; Senators; Southern Railroad; Spontaneous; Spread; Steel mill; Tape; Television appearance; Thruston Morton; U.S. Ambassador to India; Unrehearsed; Wife; Won; Wonderful

Subjects: Advertising; Essence; Fancy; Father; Interest; Italians; Man; Money; Nativism; New Jersey; Politicians; Press; Railroads; Retirement; Speechwriting; Television; Washington (D.C.); Washington post; Work

01:01:48 - McCarthy censure

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Partial Transcript: We realized, I got the signal from Lister Hill.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt shares his memories of the circumstances behind the Senate's censure of Joseph McCarthy in 1954. Rosenblatt articulates Cooper's role in the censure of McCarthy.

Keywords: A.S. Mike Monroney; Accomplishments; Administrative assistant; Advisor to the board; Afternoon session; Angry; Anti-McCarthy; Attractive; Black counties; Blinded; Book; Carl Hayden; Carried; Censure; Committees; Communication; Containment; Crazy; Democrats; Examination; Fighting; Founder; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Greatness; Guy Gillette; High regard; Hotel; House; Incredible; Inform; Informal; Interesting; J. Lister Hill; John Sherman Cooper; Joseph McCarthy; Kind; Last campaign; Leader; Legislator; Limit; Lobbyist; Loved; Lyndon Johnson; Margin; Monumental; Motion; National Committee for an Effective Congress; No question; No speech; Not close; Not working; Obligation; Old man; Paper; Pay; Political intuition; Public legislation; Quality; Ralph Flanders; Realization; Republican; Right; Senate; Senate Majority Leader; Senate floor; Senators; Served; Signal; Southern Democrats; Supportive; Talking; Title; Understood; Unequal; Vestibule; Voted; Votes; William Fulbright; William Macomber; Won; Words; Younger

Subjects: African Americans; Age; Alabama; Autobiography; Blacks; Chemistry; Conscious; Counties; Draft; Hearing; Instinct; Light; Lobbying; Maps; Meeting; New England; Politicians; Press; Price; Reading; Reputation; Segregation; Speech; Television; Time; University of Alabama; Walking; Washington (D.C.)

01:10:23 - Who to interview next / Senate dynamics in the 1950s

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Partial Transcript: Margaret Smith of course was on board.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt lists some potential interviewees for this project. Rosenblatt details Senate dynamics during the 1950s. Rosenblatt also discusses some of the major scandals in 1950s Senatorial politics.

Keywords: 80th U.S. Congress; Andrew F. Schoeppel; Arrested; Beat; Busy; Confused; Congress; Congressional appropriations; Corner; Elected; Everett Dirksen; Fascinating; Herman Welker; Hotel; House; John Marshall Butler; John Sherman Cooper; Joseph McCarthy; Lester Hunt; Local police; Manipulator; Margaret Chase Smith; Medication; Mike Mansfield; No time; Not bad; One term; Payroll; Picked up; Primitive; Realization; Republican; Responsible; Richard Nixon; Secretary; Senate; Senate floor; Senators; Shy; Son; Street; Strom Thurmond; Styles Bridges; Talent; Turmoil; Twisted; Ugly; Unequal; Unsure; Vicious; William E. Jenner; William Fulbright; Wonderful; Years; Zales Ecton

Subjects: Authority; Corruption; Credit; Death; Growth; Handcuffs; Historians; Intelligence; Japan; Living; Maine; Men; Money; Montana; Names; New Hampshire; Opportunity; People; Politicians; Prostitution; Shame; Sick; Time; Treasury Building (Washington, D.C.); United Mine Workers of America; United States; Voting; Washington (D.C.); Work; Wyoming

01:18:11 - Cooper's second marriage / Cooper's personality

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Partial Transcript: He was seeing and being courted by--uh--Lorraine.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt discusses Cooper's second marriage. Rosenblatt describes Cooper's caring personality.

Keywords: Abraham Lincoln; Agony; Aware; Behind; Busy; Chair; Civil service; Constituents; Convenient; Correcting; Courted; Dates; Desk; Details; Difficult; Empty; Francis Keenan; Frustrating; Function; Gone; Hard work; Help; Important; Incapable; Intent; Interested; Intimidating; Job; John Sherman Cooper; Kind; Knew; Leaving; Lorraine Cooper; Losing; Move out; Moving; Natural; Nice; No money; No rush; Not reported; Office; Personal contact; Personal note; Phone booth; Problems; Projection; Protection; Pursuit; Real; Revise; Right; Senate; Senate floor; Senators; Serious; Stories; Stubborn; Talking; Treatment; U.S. Ambassador to India; Whisper; Wonderful; Words

Subjects: Caring; Civil rights; Civil service; Federal government; Furniture; Good; Kentuckians; Language; Letters; Listening; Mail; Man; Marriage; Office management; People; Perfection; Politicians; Promotion; Reasons; Respect; Responsibility; Speech; Staff; Telephones; Time; Travel; Voice; Washington (D.C.); Wealth; Women; Work

01:24:54 - Abraham Lincoln / Story about Cooper

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Partial Transcript: And if you've read Lincoln's stuff, you know.

Segment Synopsis: Rosenblatt emphasizes Abraham Lincoln's abilities as a politician. Rosenblatt also tells a story about Cooper and his hearing difficulties later in life.

Keywords: Abraham Lincoln; Author; Awkward; Book; Brilliant; Congress; Consequences; Context; Debates; Discovery; Gary Wills; Gettysburg address (Lincoln, Abraham); Glad; Great spokesman; Interesting; John Sherman Cooper; Lawyer; Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America (book); Lincoln-Douglas debates; Mexican-American War, 1846-1848; Orations; Problems; Pulitzer Prize; Right; Senate; Senators; Setting; Stephen A. Douglas; Story; Substance; Thruston Morton; U.S. Ambassador to East Germany; Untrue; Variance; Won; Wrong

Subjects: Adversaries; Eloquence; Hearing; History; Politicians; Speech; Stenographers; Torture; Washington (D.C.); Work