Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Louie B. Nunn, March 31, 1994

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:53 - Early involvement in politics

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Partial Transcript: . . .Like to get when you first got involved in politics.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn recalls his initial participation in Republican politics as a young man with his father in Barren County, Kentucky.

Keywords: Adversaries; Albert "Happy" Chandler; Called in; County seat; Democratic primaries; Elected; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Judge; Lesson; Local politics; Lost; National; Over; Precinct committeeman; Republicans; State; Thomas Rhea; Tip O'Neill; Votes; Winning

Subjects: Barren County (Ky.); Death; Elections; Father; Great Depression; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Politicians; Retirement; Voting

00:02:58 - Memories of Cooper / Charles I. Dawson

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Partial Transcript: . . .My first memory of Cooper was in 1939--uh--when he--uh--was in a primary election--uh--with King Swope of--uh--Lexington.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn shares his earliest memories of Cooper as a politician in the late 1930s. Nunn talks of notable Kentucky politician Charles I. Dawson.

Keywords: 1939 Republican gubernatorial primary; Adjudication; Ads; Angry; Announcements; Apologized; Appearance; Cantankerous; Chairs; Charles I. Dawson; County chairman; County seat; Courthouse; Defiance; Different; Dirt; Earle Clements; Eugene Siler Sr.; Federal judge; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Great principle; Handbills; Included; Invited; Involved; John Sherman Cooper; King Swope; Law practice; Law school; Lawrence Wetherby; Legislation; Mad; Name; No chance; Opening; Outdoors; Packing; Platform; Posters; Precincts; Primary election; Republicans; Return; Same; Senatorial campaign; Sherman’s March to the Sea; Sitting; Suit; Supporter; Supreme Court; Talking; Walking stick; William T. Sherman; Win; Won

Subjects: Barren County (Ky.); Conservative; Father; Georgia; Great Depression; Income; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Lancaster (Ky.); Lexington (Ky.); Newspapers; Organization; People; Politicians; Radio stations; Resignation; Speech; Unique; Work

00:09:58 - Stories of Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Cooper--Cooper was unique in many ways.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn tells some interesting stories of Cooper on the campaign trail.

Keywords: Appearance; Appreciated; Away; Boring; Calf; Campaign manager; Campaigning; Caught; Contribution; Courthouse; Cow; Cry; Democrats; Devoted; Disappeared; Dollars; Door; Downtown; Drugstore; Face; Feeling; Feelings; Fumbling; Glad; Great; Husband; John Sherman Cooper; Late; Leaving; Let go; One-on-one; Pharmacist; Political sense; Restrooms; Sad; Talking; Thruston Morton; Tied up; Toilet; Toothbrush; Towns; Unable; Unexpected; Unfortunate; Work together; Wrong hand

Subjects: Conversation; Handshaking; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Money; Munfordville (Ky.); Nashville (Tenn.); People; Pockets; Politicians; Speech; Tone; Travel; Woman

00:15:43 - Cooper's personality / Cooper and reluctance to run for office

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Partial Transcript: But, his appeal seems so personal.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn describes what Cooper's personality was like. Nunn details Cooper's frequent reluctance to run for political office.

Keywords: Advice; Alben Barkley; Announcement; Appealing; Bad speaker; Candidates; Capable; Charles I. Dawson; Dates; Dean Acheson; Decision; Different; Disappointed; Driving; Earle Clements; Early; Elected; Feeling; Fireplace; First choice; Funny; Governor; Harry Truman; Hotel; Indecisive; Issues; John Sherman Cooper; Late; Lost; Mad; Old couple; Old man; Political positions; Republican Party; Republicans; Second rate; Senate; Sense of humor; Stay; Step aside; Stop; Supportive; Terms; Thruston Morton; Tired; Treatment; Unpredictable; Vacancy; Virgil Chapman; Win; Winner

Subjects: Anecdotes; Aspirin; Begging; Chance; Charming; History; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Letters; Listening; Love; Meeting; Munfordville (Ky.); Opportunity; Organization; Papers; People; Personality; Politicians; Popular; Somerset (Ky.); Stories; Thinking; Time; Values; Washington (D.C.); Work

00:21:29 - 1952 Senatorial campaign / Politics then and now

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Partial Transcript: . . .'52, yeah?

Segment Synopsis: Nunn remembers Cooper's 1952 Senatorial campaign. Nunn illustrates how politics has changed over the years, citing Cooper's discreet acceptance of support from an ex-Grand Dragon of the KKK in the 1950s as an example.

Keywords: 1952 Senatorial campaign; 4th congressional district (Ky.); Acceptable; Accepted; Arrangements; Busy; Car; Cars; Chairman; Connections; Democrats; Different; Driving; Dwight Eisenhower; Election; Electoral reform; Eugene Siler Sr.; Fond; Government; Grand Dragon; Harry Truman; Hotel; Inconsistent; Issues; John Sherman Cooper; KKK; Less complicated; Nice; No criticism; No influence; Poll workers; Preachers; Reason; Republicans; Smaller; Supportive; Talking; Terrible; Thomas Dewey; Thruston Morton; Today; Uncommon; Unfamiliar; Voters; Wholesome; pay

Subjects: Church; Experience; Good; Jefferson County (Ky.); Kentuckians; Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.); Man; Meeting; Money; Politicians; Pure; Secret; Work

00:26:05 - Cooper's habits / Cooper's family

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Partial Transcript: I think one of the most--uh--hilarious things was one Sunday. . .

Segment Synopsis: Nunn discusses some of Cooper's habits. Nunn also talks of Cooper's family and their involvement in Kentucky politics.

Keywords: 1972 Republican National Convention; Afternoon; Airplane; Assignments; Auditorium; Aware; Bad; Banks; Before; Bishop; Church service; Circuit judge; Coat; Congregation; Devout Republican; Don Cooper; Elected; Enos Swain; Estate; Finances; Friends; Frock; Giving; Good speaker; Head; Help; Honest; Honorable; Honors; Hotel; Interesting; John Sherman Cooper; Joined; Laughing; Law firm; Loved; Members; Ministers; Newspaper; Over; Phone call; Pride; Recognition; Richard Nixon; Robe; Roscoe Tartar; Steps; Stolen; Stories; Thankful; Uncle; Wallet

Subjects: Awards; Benediction; Brother; Character; Charity; Christian Scientists; Conscious; Danville (Ky.); Debt; Father; Food; Handshaking; Hearing; Inauguration; Invocation; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.); Meeting; Miami (Fla.); Participation; Politicians; Reasons; Reputation; Salary; Somerset (Ky.); Whiskey; Work; World War II

00:32:23 - Cooper's campaign style

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Partial Transcript: In '54. . .he ran against Barkley.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn considers what Cooper's campaign style was like.

Keywords: 1954 Senatorial campaign; 4th congressional district (Ky.); Accompany; Admirer; Alben Barkley; Back seat; Bed; Biscuit; Blue ribbon; Breakfast; Campaign trail; Campaigning; Car; Cleaned up; County fair; Crowd; Daybreak; Democratic county; Drinking; Driving; Enjoyed; Family; Fell; Fodder; Fond; Fun; Grateful; Help; Hog pin; Hot toddy; House; John Sherman Cooper; Late; Laughing; Law practice; Lawyer; Leaving; Left; Lost; Lunch; Mountain man; Moving; Never; Never discussed; Non-exploitative; Old; Old man; Opponents; Outcome; Outskirts; Paid; Personal; Picked up; President; Problems; Rain; Response; Return; Ridicule; Road; Sore throat; Store; Story; Stove; Talking; Telephone pole; Tired; Uncertain; Virgil Chapman; Visit; Wakeup; Window

Subjects: Beattyville (Ky.); Crying; Faith; Halloween; Health; Home; Irvine (Ky.); Kentuckians; Kentucky; Korean War, 1950-1953; Letters; Louisville (Ky.); Man; Morehead (Ky.); Morehead State University; Morning; Night; Overalls; Politicians; Popularity; Ridicule; Roads; Sleep; Snow; Soldiers; Speech; Testimony; Voter registration; Washington (D.C.); West Liberty (Ky.); Winchester (Ky.); Woman; Work; Writing; Young

00:41:23 - Cooper's organizational skills / Cooper's characteristics

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Partial Transcript: . . .You're talking about organization, that he never was real organized.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn highlights Cooper's lack of organizational skills. Nunn also lists some of Cooper's most distinct characteristics.

Keywords: Airplane; Airport; Annoying; Blunt; Car; Characteristics; Close; Cover story; Disconnected; Disorganized; Driving; Ears; Emotional; Favors; Feeling; Following; Friends; Genuine; Good man; Habits; Help; Indefinite; John Sherman Cooper; Kentucky Republicans; Late; Liked; Loveable; Lunch; Map; Mind; No complaints; No money; Not bothered; Office; One-on-one; Personal connection; Pleasantries; Rare; Richard Cooper; Senate; Speak up; Supportive; Taxi; Thrown out; Time Magazine; Traits; Twisted; U.S. Army; Unsure; Visit; Window

Subjects: Bowling Green (Ky.); Brother; Carrollton (Ky.); Columbia (Ky.); Criticism; Food; Friend; Glasgow (Ky.); Hearing; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Letters; Man; Meeting; Organization; Paper; People; Politicians; Sister; Somerset (Ky.); Sympathy; Travel; Voting; World War II

00:49:09 - Running for governor

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Partial Transcript: A lot of those early races, the statewide races. . .

Segment Synopsis: Nunn evalutes if Cooper wanted be Governor of Kentucky. Nunn recalls his own early efforts at campaigning for governor.

Keywords: Asked; Bad; Better; Breakthrough; Campaigns; County judge; County official; Delegation; Desire; Different; Disorganized; Governor; Great; Higher office; Hit or miss; John Sherman Cooper; Lose; More; National situation; No ambition; No re-election; Opponents; Pay; Recognition; Right; Run; Sense; Step-children; Talking; Unsupportive; Unsure; Visit; Win

Subjects: Chance; Children; Education; Federal government; Governors; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Love; Money; People; Politicians; Reasons; States

00:52:00 - 1956 Senatorial campaign

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Partial Transcript: That--that is a nice way to lead up to 1956. . .

Segment Synopsis: Nunn articulates his role as campaign manager in Cooper's 1956 Senate race. Nunn highlights the tense dynamics between Kentucky Republicans working on the campaign and outsiders.

Keywords: 1956 Senatorial campaign; Accent; Ads; Agreed; Airplane; Airport; Amount; Angry; Appearance; Arrangements; Backed off; Banks; Bed; Boss; Briefcase; Brown Hotel (Louisville, Ky.); Burden; Buses; Busy; Campaign contributors; Campaign finance; Campaign manager; Chair; Charles Taft; Closed; Conditions; Confusing; Connections; Curious; Damage; Decision; Dwight Eisenhower; Eating; Enos Swain; Enthusiastic; Equal; Fair; Foreign; Friends; Fundraising; Gathering; Help; Henry Clay Hotel (Louisville, Ky.); Hotel; Interesting; James Park; John Sherman Cooper; Knew; Last minute; Later; Law firm; Lawyer; Lockbox; Lorraine Cooper; Material; Mattress; Met; Name; No problem; Nominated; Opening speech; Package; Participants; Phone call; Pistol; Prepared; Promise; Recognition; Record; Refused; Return; Room; Run; Schedule; Secretary; Separate campaign; Setup; Situation; Sleeping; Source; Stepped aside; Tall; Thruston Morton; Treatment; U.S. Ambassador to India; Unable; Unity; Unsure; Weekend; Wife; Work together; Young Republicans

Subjects: Ability; Business; Children; Conservative; Culture; Death; Embarrassment; Home; Honesty; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Lexington (Ky.); Library of Congress; Louisville (Ky.); Man; Meeting; Money; Morning; New Jersey; New York (N.Y.); Night; Papers; Politicians; Race; Reasons; Rent; Somerset (Ky.); Strategy; Sympathy; Threat; Time; Washington (D.C.); Young

01:03:47 - 1956 Senatorial campaign finance / Campaign staff

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Partial Transcript: I knew the Library of Congress had Charlie Taft's papers.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn details the campaign finance structure in Cooper's 1956 Senatorial campaign. Nunn continues to discusses how the differences between Kentucky Republicans and outsiders working on the campaign had far-reaching consequences for Cooper.

Keywords: 1956 Senatorial campaign; Angry; Aware; Backing; Brother-in-law; CBS; Campaign contributors; Campaign finance; Charles Taft; Clifford Case; Community; Connection; Distribution; Estate; Excerpt; Family; Finances; Freshman football coach; Help; House; Imported; In touch; Independent; Interests; John Sherman Cooper; Kept; News; Observed; Press coverage; Rare; Report; Robert Taft; Rogers Morton; Secretary; Senate committee; Strained relationship; Taken in; Thruston Morton; West coast; Young man

Subjects: Drafts; Families; Father; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Lexington (Ky.); Library of Congress; Louisville (Ky.); Maryland; Meetings; Money; Notes; Oil; Papers; Politicians; Press releases; Rockefeller family; Sister; Speeches; Staff; Texas; Washington (D.C.); Wealth; Yale University

01:09:11 - Consequences of 1956 Senatorial campaign finance / Morton's campaign finance

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Partial Transcript: We got through that campaign. . .but it never affected Morton, Thruston.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn assesses the impact of Cooper's 1956 Senatorial campaign finance practices. Nunn compares Thruston Morton's campaign finance methods to those of Cooper in 1956.

Keywords: 1956 Senatorial campaign; Acquiescent; After; Aware; Brown Hotel (Louisville, Ky.); Campaign finance; Campaign progress; Candidates; Charles Taft; Close friends; Connections; Eating; Enos Swain; Headquarters; John Sherman Cooper; Lorraine Cooper; Louisville Courier-Journal; Major undertaking; Morton family; Most; Never affected; Never known; Never recovered; No attempts; No difference; No grudges; Not appreciated; Out of state; Places; Public; Quiet; Rogers Morton; Shared; Sister-in-law; Sources; Thruston Morton; Together; Unaware; Undercutting; Upset; Wrong

Subjects: Business; Contacts; Discussion; Joking; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Life; Louisville (Ky.); Man; Money; People; Politicians; Rooms; Secret; Sister; Social; Threat; Time; Washington (D.C.); Work

01:13:11 - James Graham Brown

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Partial Transcript: And old man Brown even talked to me about it.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn recalls the role of Brown Hotel owner James Graham Brown in Republican politics over the years.

Keywords: Amount; Angry; Arrangements; Bills; Breakfast; Brown Hotel (Louisville, Ky.); Campaign; Campaign finance; Charging; Compliment; Counting; County judge; Disappointed; Donation; Dwight Eisenhower; Early; Envelope; Expenses; Fools; Full; Generous; Governor; Hurry; James Graham Brown; John Sherman Cooper; Leaning; Lockbox; Look; No rush; Office; Owner; Pay; Phone call; Pleading; Possible; Reason; Refused; Richard Nixon; Room; Schedule; Stacks; Stayed; Today; Trust; Unusual; Upstairs; Visit; Wall; White House

Subjects: Good; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Kentucky State Police; Louisville (Ky.); Money; National guard; Newspapers; Night; Notes; Politicians; Security; Self-interest; Successful; Threat; Unique

01:18:15 - 1956 election results

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Partial Transcript: The goa--in that '56 race, I think the idea. . .

Segment Synopsis: Nunn remembers the tight race between Thruston Morton and Earle Clements on election night in 1956.

Keywords: 1956 Senatorial campaign; Albert "Happy" Chandler; Campaign chairman; Campaigns; Citizens for Cooper; Close; Contributed; County; Democrats; Done; Drinking; Earle Clements; Eastern Kentucky; Elected; Election; Funny; Give up; Governor; Hold votes; John Sherman Cooper; Keep counting; Memos; Need; No election officers; Opposition; Phone call; Preacher; Precincts; Proposition; Republicans; Rogers Morton; Role; Run; Standoff; Support; Thruston Morton; U.S. Ambassador to India; Votes; Wait; Well-known; Western Kentucky; Winning

Subjects: Albany (Ky.); Clinton County (Ky.); Counties; Friend; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Logan County (Ky.); Money; Politicians; Praying; Somerset (Ky.); Successful; Time

01:22:17 - 1956 Senatorial campaign advertising / Cooper's absent-mindedness

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Partial Transcript: There was an ad--uh--national advertising agency that did a. . .an ad for Cooper.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn discusses the types of advertising utilized during Cooper's 1956 Senatorial campaign. Nunn illustrates an example of Cooper's tendency to be absent-minded by discussing when he forgot that he agreed to meet and talk with his ex-wife.

Keywords: 1956 Senatorial campaign; Advertising agency; After; Approval; Brochure; Circulation; Confiscation; Correct; Decision; Democrats; Disorganized; Don Cooper; Elected; End; Enos Swain; First wife; Forgot; Goodbye; Greeting; Ideas; Invited; John Sherman Cooper; Lawrence Wetherby; Material; Meet; Newspaper; Paper; Prepared; Print; Stayed; Suggestion; Thruston Morton; Together

Subjects: Advertising; Brother; Change; Divorce; Interviews; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Man; Marriage; People; Politicians; Public relations; Reasons; Staff; Television; University of Kentucky

01:26:22 - 1959 gubernatorial campaign / John M. Robsion Jr.

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Partial Transcript: Were you thinking of running for governor as early as '59?

Segment Synopsis: Nunn talks of his 1959 campaign for the Governor of Kentucky. Nunn discusses his acquaintance with John Robsion Jr.

Keywords: 1952 Senatorial campagin; 1956 Senatorial campaign; 5th congressional district (Ky.); Apology; Aware; Better candidate; Campaign chairman; Campaign material; Campaigning; Congress; Cook; Deathbed; Decision; Defeated; Dinner; Eastern Kentucky; Egotistical; Fine woman; Floor; Found out; Governor; Guests; Hound; Information; Invited; John M. Robsion Jr.; John Sherman Cooper; Kentucky Republican Chairman; Leading; Library; Liked; Lost; Lovely; Natural; Newspaper clippings; No candidate; No hard feelings; Nominated; Obvious; Over; Poodle; Positions; Promoting; Republicans; Role; Sports car; Suggestion; Thruston Morton; Ties; Unaware; Uninterested; Unsure; Volumes; Well-known; Wife; Worst

Subjects: Ability; Books; Deception; Father; Florida; Glasgow (Ky.); Good; Hazard (Ky.); Kentuckians; Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.); Meeting; Newspapers; Noise; People; Politicians; Reputation; Running; Sick; Sleep; Somerset (Ky.); Work

01:30:54 - Federal judgeship

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Partial Transcript: You apparently at some point had some interest in a federal judge appointment--.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn illustrates when he attempted to get a Kentucky federal judgeship in 1968.

Keywords: 1968 Republican National Convention; Accusations; Agreed; Allowed; Appoint; Approved; Bert Combs; Circuit judge; Commissioned; Declined; Difficult; Done; Federal judge; Friends; Governor; Held up; Involved; Jail; John M. Robsion Jr.; Kentucky Colonels; Knew; Law partner; Letter; Lunch; Marlow Webster Cook; Move up; National committeeman; Nelson Rockefeller; Nominated; Opposed; Phone call; President; Primary; Quit; Reason; Richard Nixon; Sent; Supporter; Supportive; Thoughts; Thruston Morton; Tough; Unanimous; Undesirable; Vacancy; Visit; Voice box; Vote

Subjects: Ashland (Ky.); Change; Cincinnati (Ohio); Enemies; Hope; Judges; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Man; McCreary County (Ky.); Politicians; Resignation; Sacrifice; Throat--Cancer; Time; United States. Department of Justice; Writing

01:35:29 - 1960 presidential election / Change in campaigns

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Partial Transcript: Cooper's political--allegiance was to him but his personal allegiance and his hopes were for John Kennedy.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn recalls Cooper's public support of Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential election despite his friendship with John F. Kennedy. Nunn highlights the change in tone of Cooper's Senatorial campaigns throughout the years.

Keywords: 1954 Senatorial campaign; 1956 Senatorial campaign; 1960 presidential election; Against; Alben Barkley; Announcement; Aware; Best organized; Campaign manager; Close friends; Effort; Election night; Good campaign; Groundbreaking ceremony; Happy; John F. Kennedy; John Sherman Cooper; Lorraine Cooper; Loyal Republican; Not disappointed; Old; Outcome; Personal allegiance; Plans; Political allegiance; Present; Public; Questioning; Republicans; Richard Nixon; Signature; Standing; Support; Supportive; Talking; Turning point; Unbeatable; Unsuccessful; William Natcher; Win; Won

Subjects: Ability; Bowling Green (Ky.); Brother; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Legend; Management; Meetings; People; Politicians; Reasons; Reputation; Speeches

01:40:21 - Role of Lorraine Cooper in campaigns / Cooper's political philosophy

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Partial Transcript: . . .Lorraine Cooper played, I--th--it seems like a--a very big part in a lot of things.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn evaluates Lorraine Cooper's role in her husband's campaigns. Nunn characterizes Cooper's political leanings as more liberal than conservative but still decidedly Republican.

Keywords: Against; Ambitious; Brilliant; Campaign finance; Close; Contribution; Conversations; Convince; Downtrodden; Exasperating; Feeling; Finances; Flare; Giving; Good writer; Got along; Help; Hillary Clinton; Important; Influence; Job; John Sherman Cooper; Lorraine Cooper; Mess; Needy; Nelson Rockefeller; Newspaper columns; Nice; No difference; No money; Passage; President; Smart; Supportive; Taken care of; Unconvinced; Underdog; Vote

Subjects: Age; Best; Free enterprise; Heart; Kennedy family; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Kentucky Medical Association; Letters; Liberal; Medicaid; Medicare; Opportunity; Organization; Parties; Philosophy; Politicians; Poor; Race; Rockefeller family; Social; Somerset (Ky.); Thinking; Time; United States; Washington (D.C.); World War II

01:44:16 - 1963 gubernatorial campaign / 1966 Senatorial campaign

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Partial Transcript: In '63, you came pretty close to being elected governor.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn discusses his 1963 gubernatorial campaign. Nunn recalls Cooper's 1966 Senatorial campaign.

Keywords: 1966 Senatorial campaign; Accompany; Announcement; Apology; Bible belt; Campaigning; Closing; Derogatory; Drinking; Driver; Election; Emotional issues; Evident; Following; Friends; Glad; Governor; Help; Invited; Leave; Lies; Little organization; Lost; Marlow Webster Cook; Meet; Narrow; Ned Breathitt; Neutral; Never apologized; Never discussed; No chance; No intentions; No primary; No reason; No trouble; Nomination; Not needed; Outlawed; Over; Permission; Platform; Political issues; Pride; Problems; Rare; Re-elected; Relate; Republicans; Room; Run; Schedule; School prayer; Sense; Sent back; Shocked; Silent; Sorry; Sound truck; Started; Statement; Supportive; Talking; Thruston Morton; Treatment; Unable; Uninvolved; Unknown; Untrue; Visit; Votes; Western Kentucky; Won; Wrong

Subjects: Ashland (Ky.); Budget; Catholics; Conservative; Crying; Emotions; Fall; Gossip; Jews; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Liberal; London (Ky.); Money; People; Politicians; Religion; Russellville (Ky.); Speeches; Streets; Thinking; Walking

01:53:07 - Anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: And Cook got elected to the Senate.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn discusses the prevalence of anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism in Kentucky during the 1960s.

Keywords: Accusations; Against; Al Smith; Angry; Apology; Banker; Bible belt; Campaign manager; Carry; Catered; Chairman; Dee Huddleston; Destroyed; Eastern Kentucky; Elected; Innocent; Interpretation; Involved; John Sherman Cooper; Knew; Laughing; Loyal; Marlow Webster Cook; Mitch McConnell; Opponents; Republican; Richard Nixon; Right; Roman Catholic; Senate; Sentiment; Silent; Son-in-law; Statement; Talking; Triumphant; Unlikely; Wrong

Subjects: Anti-Catholicism; Anti-Semitism; Catholics; Church; Counties; Discrimination; Friend; Jews; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.); Marshall County (Ky.); Mayfield (Ky.); Money; Newspapers; People; Politicians; Prejudice; Protestants; Racism; Religion; Sabotage; Speeches; Strangers; Talk; Travel

01:59:01 - Marlow Webster Cook

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Partial Transcript: You know in '63--uh--Cook had sabotaged my campaign.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn reveals his opinion of Marlow Webster Cook. Nunn assesses the working relationship between Cooper and Marlow Webster Cook, including Cooper's support of Cook during his campaign for governor in 1967.

Keywords: 1963 gubernatorial campaign; Agreed; Angry; Announcement; Attitude; Campaign contribution; Chief of police; Concerned; Critical; Dinner; Distance; Effect; Elected; End; Favors; Federal judge; Fired; Fundraising; Handbook operators; Headquarters; Henry Ward; Hostile; Influential vote; Involved; Issue; John Sherman Cooper; Joseph McCarthy; Known; Lawless; Lying; Marlow Webster Cook; Material; Nice; No holding back; Patronage; Phone calls; Reason; Refused; Restraint; Safe; School; Senate; Sincere; Stop; Strength; Support; Supported; Tell; Unsurprised; Visit; Won; Worse man; Wrong

Subjects: Brother; Change; Corruption; Criticism; Death; Father; Friend; Housing; Integrity; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Letters; Louisville (Ky.); Mail; Money; People; Politicians; Television; Threat; Work

02:05:27 - Cooper's public image

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Partial Transcript: I--I--I don't he think he was as naïve as he sometimes pretended to be.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn compares Cooper's public image to his private personality.

Keywords: Act; Appearance; Barge; Calculation; Coal operators; Complicated; Disappointment; Disconnected; Disorganization; Emotional; Fan; Feelings; Grand Dragon; Inactive; Influence; John Sherman Cooper; KKK; Long drive; Lying; Master; Naïve; No grudges; No question; Politics; Possible; Realization; Stereotypes; Supportive; Talking; Visit; Votes

Subjects: Ashland (Ky.); Big Sandy River (Ky. and W. Va.); Coal; Crying; Design; Hope; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Men; Money; Morning; Night; Opportunity; People; Personality; Pikeville (Ky.); Politicians; Speech; Time; Tonnage; Travel; Work

02:09:08 - Morton vs. Cooper / Cooper and gossip

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Partial Transcript: I read an interview you did for the UK Thruston Morton project.

Segment Synopsis: Nunn provides an overview of the differences between Cooper and Thurston Morton. Nunn reflects upon Cooper's tendency to rarely talk bad of others.

Keywords: Abrupt; Approach; Asking; Bad; Cold; Constituents; Dirty; Feelings; Fine; George H.W. Bush; Haughty; Interview; Issue; John Sherman Cooper; Lunch; Lying; Marlow Webster Cook; Nice; No criticism; No help; Non-derogatory; Opponents; Prescott Bush; Reply; Senate dining room; Thruston Morton; Tired; Unable; Unfair; Visiting

Subjects: Correspondence; Criticism; Father; Good; Hope; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Letters; People; Politicians; Technique; Time

02:13:55 - Interactions with Cooper post-1967

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Partial Transcript: After that incident with Cook. . .

Segment Synopsis: Nunn considers his interactions with Cooper after the contentious 1967 Kentucky Republican gubernatorial primary in which Cooper supported Marlow Webster Cook instead of Nunn.

Keywords: Bad; Broken; End; Fortunate; Future; Help; Incident; John Sherman Cooper; Lorraine Cooper; Marlow Webster Cook; No interest; Not elected; Problem; Prune juice; Reflection; Republicans; Rich woman; Stop; Succession; Supportive; Visit; Wife

Subjects: Business; Constipation; Glass; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Marriage; Money; Politicians; Time

02:15:46 - Contact with Cooper after Senate / Views of Cooper

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Partial Transcript: How often did you see the Senator. . .from when he left the Senate?

Segment Synopsis: Nunn talks of how much contact he had with Senator Cooper after he retired from the Senate in 1972. Nunn shares his views of Cooper and his political calculus.

Keywords: Accepting; Action; Advocate; Astute; Blows; Bossy; Burden; Complimented; Conduct; Conscientious; Constant; Deserving; Disagreement; Eating; Effective; Esteem; Expectations; Final analysis; Fine; Good politicians; Held up; Help; House; Issues; Jewish; Job; John Sherman Cooper; Loved; No grudges; No question; Non-detrimental; Non-hypocritical; Not complaining; Phone calls; Political animal; Political bell; Political effect; Political world; Politics; Present; Principles; Private; Public; Refused; Sensitive; Served; Statement; Statesman; Surrounded; Taken; Talking; Uncle; Unprepared; Unrecognizable; Unsurprised; Visit; Voted; Way of life

Subjects: Emotions; Good; Honesty; Honor; Integrity; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Model; Money; People; Play; Politicians; Pulaski County (Ky.); Religion; Reputation; Respect; Responsibility; Self; Travel; Voting; Washington (D.C.)

02:22:32 - Cooper's political legacy / Cooper and Kentucky Republicans

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Partial Transcript: What--uh--does he--Cooper leave any kind of legacy or anything. . .

Segment Synopsis: Nunn considers what Cooper's political legacy will be. Nunn also discusses Cooper's impact upon Kentucky Republicans.

Keywords: Aloof; Always; Appreciated; Away; Beat; Bias; Bond; Candidates; Compassion; Confidants; Democrats; Deserving; Desires; Doubt; Elected; Familiar; Feelings; Friends; Help; Hidden; Honest; Idiosyncrasies; John Sherman Cooper; Kentucky Republicans; Leanings; Letter; Liked; Lorraine Cooper; Loved; Manage; Manipulate; Marlow Webster Cook; Motivation; Never questioned; No role; No time; Not public; Opinions; Park; Political world; Rare; Reach; Right; Senate; Senators; Sophisticated; Statue; Supporters; Talking; Thruston Morton; Too late; Unengaged; Unusual; Visited; Win; Word; Years; Zachary Taylor

Subjects: Charm; Generations; Honor; India; Integrity; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Kindness; Money; Mystic; Organization; People; Personality; Politicians; Prejudices; Righteousness; Somerset (Ky.); Speech; Truth; Washington (D.C.); Work; Writing

02:28:16 - Cooper's funeral / 1956 Senatorial campaign fallout

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Partial Transcript: You--you went up to his funeral?

Segment Synopsis: Nunn remembers attending Cooper's funeral in 1991 at Arlington National Cemetery. Nunn evaluates the effects of the 1956 Senatorial campaign on his working relationship with Cooper.

Keywords: 1956 Senatorial campaign; 1967 Republican gubernatorial primary; Achievements; Administrative assistant; Angry; Appointed; Asked; Attack; Bad; Campaign contribution; Campaign finance; Conduct; Disappointed; Disliked; Downgrade; Enos Swain; Family; Feelings; Frailties; George Washington; Gone; Hard; Henry Ward; Interview; John Sherman Cooper; Kind; Lee Nunn; Nephew; Never forgot; Nice; Office; Old; Opposed; Outspoken; Political grudges; Political reports; Political world; Request; Richard Cooper; Superficial; Tendency; Thomas Jefferson; Thruston Morton; Tough; Unforgiving; Wonderful; Word; Wrong

Subjects: Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, Va.); Brother; Competition; Conservative; Criticism; Fame; Heroes; History; Humanity; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Memorial service; Personality; Politicians; Somerset (Ky.); Truth; Unique; United States Military Academy; University of Kentucky; Washington (D.C.); West Point (N.Y.)