Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with James Park, Jr., April 14, 1994

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:33 - Father and meeting Cooper

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any idea or approximate idea when your father met--would have met John Cooper?

Segment Synopsis: Park Jr. recalls how his father met Cooper through his involvement in Kentucky Republican politics and his legal career.

Keywords: 1944 Senate race; Association; Board of Trustees; Commonwealth's Attorney; John Sherman Cooper; Kentucky Republican Party Chairman; Law firm; Law practice; Nominee; Politics; Republicans; Richard C. Stoll

Subjects: Father; Great Depression; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Kentucky. Court of Appeals; Lawyers; Letters; Lexington (Ky.); Politicians; Somerset (Ky.); Time; Travel; University of Kentucky

00:02:39 - Father and Cooper / King Swope

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Partial Transcript: What's your recollection of his relationship with John Cooper?

Segment Synopsis: Park Jr. details his father's close association with Cooper, especially during Cooper's early political career. Park Jr. also briefly talks of his recollections of King Swope.

Keywords: 1939 Kentucky Republican gubernatorial primary; 1939 gubernatorial campaign; Admired; Albert "Happy" Chandler; Board of Trustees; Campaign manager; County judge; Defeated; Delighted; Influential; John Sherman Cooper; King Swope; Liked; Lost; Nominee; Recognition; Republican Party; Republicans; Supported; Win

Subjects: Character; Elections; Father; Fayette County (Ky.); Kentuckians; Kentucky; Lawyers; Politicians; Race; Reputation; Sister; Speeches; University of Kentucky

00:06:19 - 1948 Senatorial campaign / Cooper's campaign style

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Partial Transcript: '46 Cooper came back--was back in the country from the war and ran for the Senate. . .

Segment Synopsis: Park Jr. briefly remembers Cooper's 1948 Senatorial campaign. Park Jr. also characterizes Cooper's sincere campaign style and authentic nature on the campaign trail.

Keywords: 1946 Senatorial campaign; 1948 Senatorial campaign; After; Alben Barkley; Asset; Attitudes; Believable; Campaign trail; Campaigns; Confusing; Credibility; Defeated; Different; Done; Dramatic; Ed Prichard; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Frustrated; Game; Got along; Harry Truman; Important; John Sherman Cooper; John Y. Brown Sr.; Kentucky Republican Party Chairman; No pursuit; No tricks; Nomination; Not duplicitous; Opinions; Personal; Politics; Positive; Rare; Republicans; Senate; Senators; Serious; Substantive; Thomas Dewey; Thruston Morton; Trial; Unorganized; Viable candidates; Won; Younger Republicans

Subjects: Earnest; Elections; Father; Judgement; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Opportunity; People; Personality; Politicians; Races; Sincerity; Trust; Washington (D.C.)

00:13:03 - 1956 Senatorial campaign background

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Partial Transcript: Then Barkley died in April of--at the end of April '56. . .

Segment Synopsis: Park Jr. describes the circumstances behind Cooper's rather sudden decision to run for the Senate in 1956. Park Jr. discusses his father's almost certain selection as the Republican nominee for the 1956 Senatorial campaign to fill Barkley's seat until Cooper decided to run himself.

Keywords: 1952 Republican National Convention; 1956 Senatorial campaign; Active; Advice; Agreed; Annoyed; Asked; Assumption; Background; Best known Republican; Boat; Campaign brochures; Chairman; Charles I. Dawson; Choice; Commitment; Concerned; Delegates; Delighted; Disliked; Dwight Eisenhower; Earle Clements; Election; Factions; Few; Frustrated; Good ticket; In favor; Indecisive; John Sherman Cooper; Kentucky Republican Central Committee; Last minute; Late; Mad; No choice; Nominated; Nominee; Operations; Politics; Process of elimination; Refused; Released; Representative; Republicans; Return; Robert Taft; Senate; Senators; Statewide recognition; Stay; Supportive; Thruston Morton; Turned down; Typical; U.S. Ambassador to India; University; White House; Willing

Subjects: Change; Father; Health; Hearings; India; Kentuckians; Kentucky; Leadership; Letters; Mother; People; Politicians; Popular; Pressure; Speculation; Spring; Summer; Time; Washington (D.C.)