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00:00:45 - Background Information and Preservation Efforts

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Partial Transcript: When? OK. I am Kay Anderson.

Segment Synopsis: Kay Anderson shares her story of coming to Camp Nelson in 1979, and her involvement with preserving the history of the entire community, including Hall.

Keywords: Community members; Dr. Minor Payne; Family; Margaret Morgan; New to the area; The Foundation

Subjects: Farming; Historical research

00:11:39 - Value of the History / New People / Plat (Map)

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Partial Transcript: But I think it's really neat, because here we are in Kentucky and our culture here...

Segment Synopsis: Kay Anderson talks about her education about the historical significance of the Camp Nelson area.

Keywords: Keeping the history; Layout of the community; Migration into the community; Sally Overstreet; The church

Subjects: African Americans; Churches; Historic sites

00:19:49 - Finding Locations on the Map / Hall Home Coming

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Partial Transcript: It should be. She said Matilda Park.

Segment Synopsis: Kay Anderson talks about a few locations on the map, and more about the African Americans in Hall.

Keywords: Homecoming in Hall; Locations in the community

Subjects: African Americans; Maps; Stories

00:25:10 - Future Plans of Preservation

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Partial Transcript: Uh. Well, I think that, you know, it's, I'm certain that we are able to purchase a property.

Segment Synopsis: Kay Anderson speaks to the future plans and desires for preserving the history of Camp Nelson and the people who were stationed there.

Keywords: Black cemetery; Church in Hall; Creating a museum; Preserving the land and history

Subjects: African Americans; Camp Nelson (Ky.); Civil War; Distillery; Preservation; Waterworks

00:34:15 - The McKindrick House / Historic Markers / Land Titles

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Partial Transcript: Well, speaking of pictures...

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer gives the history of what is now the McKindrick's home in Hall, and the church and cemetery, and other properties.

Keywords: Alexander Williams home; Churches; Historic markers; History of the home; Land titles and difficulties; Pictures

Subjects: Homes; Property

00:47:10 - Rundown Homes / Music and Musicians in Hall / Arial Academy

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Partial Transcript: I am remembering now, finally.

Segment Synopsis: Kay Anderson and the interviewer discuss the condition of homes and what the community needs or wants to do about the homes and the people who might be in the homes. They also talk about the music and musicians in Hall.

Keywords: Arial Academy; Community concerns; Helen Booker Stewart's father; Housing issues; Mr. Moore

Subjects: Elderly people; Housing; Music; String music

00:54:20 - Race Interactions and Segregation in Hall

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Partial Transcript: They were. They were in cracker country and they were scared to death.

Segment Synopsis: Kay Anderson gives her views of race relations in Hall and Poortown.

Keywords: Family histories; Picking up Black hitchhikers; Questions and memories of old residents; Race relations

Subjects: Segregation; Strangers