Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Linda Delk, June 2, 1996

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Overview of work in Honduras

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Partial Transcript: One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three...

Segment Synopsis: Linda Delk is introduced. She briefly discusses her time working in Honduras in the Peace Corps, including working in San Antonio de la Cuesta in community development and in La Ceiba in childcare and education.

Keywords: 1960s; Childcare; Community development; Daycare; Honduras; La Ceiba (Honduras); San Antonio de la Cuesta (Honduras); Service; Social work

Subjects: International travel; Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras; Schools; Teaching; Volunteer workers in community development; Volunteer workers in education

00:01:27 - Training for the Peace Corps and history of Puerto Rican camps

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Partial Transcript: When, um--how did you g--get in, and where did you go for training?

Segment Synopsis: Delk discusses the training she experienced as preparation for the Peace Corps. She examines the acquisition of Spanish language skills, the rigorous physical training, and moving around different campuses and camps for training. The interviewer and Delk also discuss the history of two camps in Puerto Rico: Camp Crozier and Camp Radley, named after two Corps members who were killed in an airplane crash.

Keywords: Camp Crozier; Camp Radley; College; David Crozier; Language learning; Larry Radley; Puerto Rico; Recruitment; Spanish; Training; Western Kentucky University

Subjects: College campuses; Friendship; Honduras; Peace Corps (U.S.)--1960-1970; Volunteer workers in community development

00:05:06 - Work in community development

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Partial Transcript: And so you were assigned to, a, um, community development program?

Segment Synopsis: Delk discusses her time in working in community development in San Antonio de la Cuesta, Honduras. In the discussion, she talks about how much she got out of the experience, almost more-so than what the civilians of Honduras got, which the interviewer clarifies is normal. She then goes on to talk about a fellow volunteer who had to be discharged due to emotional instability.

Keywords: Community development; Discharge; Honduras; San Antonio de la Cuesta (Honduras); Volunteer work; Volunteering

Subjects: Honduras; International travel; Interpersonal communication and culture; Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras; Social service; Volunteer workers in community development

00:08:13 - Work and life in La Ceiba, Honduras

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Partial Transcript: Okay, and so what was your daily job there?

Segment Synopsis: Delk discusses her life and work in La Ceiba working in childcare and education. She discusses the development of a kindergarten, mothers' clubs, and free lunch programs. She also talks about the friendship she created with other volunteers, including nurses, and struggling with Spanish and, therefore, interaction with locals.

Keywords: Childcare; Community centers; Free lunch programs; Friendship; Kindergarten; La Ceiba (Honduras); Mothers clubs; Social work; Spanish

Subjects: Communication and culture; Friendship; Honduras; Intercultural communication; International travel; Language and languages; Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras; Volunteer workers in education

00:11:00 - Memories of people and culture in Honduras

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Partial Transcript: Um, tell me about some of the people that you met that you, uh, remember, either for, for good or for ill.

Segment Synopsis: Delk talks about her memories of the people and the culture of Honduras. She focuses on the relationships she built with the people she trained with, and how it has created lasting friendships for her even into today.

Keywords: Bonds; Community development; Friendships; Honduran families; Honduras; Training; Volunteers

Subjects: Careers; Culture; Families; Food habits; Interpersonal communication and culture; Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras; Volunteer workers in education

00:16:05 - Early life and experiences in training

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Partial Transcript: But where did you grow up, Linda?

Segment Synopsis: Delk discusses her childhood in Oldham County, Kentucky. She also examines the training regimens she did in Puerto Rico, including detailing a desertion exercise where someone got severely ill.

Keywords: Exercise; Oldham County (Ky.); Running; Southern Illinois University; Swimming; Training

Subjects: Childhood; College campuses; Friendship; Honduras; International travel; Peace Corps (U.S.)--Honduras; Puerto Rico

00:20:13 - Peace Corps' influence on her life

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Partial Transcript: Tell me how, um, Peace Corps affected what you've done later in life, and what you--what you did as far as your working--what you've done as far as your working career is concerned.

Segment Synopsis: Delk discusses the influence the Peace Corps has had on her life and her experiences since leaving it, including considering returning. She talks about her inspiration to go into teaching, specifically librarianship, to instill values of patriotism and hard work in young students as well as her son.

Keywords: America; Careers; Education; Glaucoma; Hard work; Librarianship; Patriotism; Students; Values

Subjects: Communication and culture; Culture; Interpersonal relations; Peace Corps (U.S.); People with disabilities; Retirement; Teaching; Universities and colleges

00:23:59 - Reflections on her service

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Partial Transcript: Anything else about the Peace Corps that you thought of but I haven't asked you about?

Segment Synopsis: Delk examines the values and opportunities she received from service, and specifically talks about the contributions to the United States. She discusses the experience of better understanding poverty, and talks about her travels since her service with people she volunteered with. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Poverty; Service; Skills; Social Work; Travel; United States; Volunteers

Subjects: Careers; Honduras; International travel; Lifestyles; Peace Corps (U.S.); Professions; Teachers