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00:00:02 - Introduction and biographical information

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Partial Transcript: Um, today is, uh, March the 18th, 1994.

Segment Synopsis: Spencer married a coal miner at age sixteen, in 1938. Spencer has twelve children: eight sons and four daughters, whom she names here. All of the children graduated from high school, and four of them graduated from college.

Keywords: Coal fields; Coal miners; Edmond (W. Va.); Kentucky Historical Society; Women of Coal Project

Subjects: Coal miners; Coalfields; Kentucky Historical Society

00:05:05 - Raising twelve children in a coal camp

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Partial Transcript: Uh, and so your husband, was, was he a coal miner?

Segment Synopsis: Spencer raised twelve children in the coal fields. The family raised chickens and hogs. Black and white families both lived together in the coal camps. She did not experience racial problems. She describes using a switch to punish her children. Randall tells of threatening to use a paddle on his son, and requesting that the school send home a paddle for this purpose. Spencer helped to care for the animals as part of her work in the home.

Keywords: Coal camps; Coal miners; Corporal punishment; Paddling; Racial problems; Switches

Subjects: Coal miners; Corporal punishment; Families.; Traditional farming

00:12:19 - Overview of growing up in the coal fields

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Partial Transcript: Um, well, all this growing up that, you know, all that you've done here, in the, here in the coal fields, what do you--how did you see--what--if you had to reduce it to, you know, what it was like then, what would you say it was like growing up in the coalfields?

Segment Synopsis: Spencer describes growing up in the coal fields. Her husband was successful, and always worked. Religion is an important part of her life, and in the lives of her husband and her children.

Keywords: Coal fields; Deacons; Religion

Subjects: Coalfields; Deacons; Religion

00:14:23 - Being a female Evangelist in the Baptist Church

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Partial Transcript: Okay now, that takes us to where we are now.

Segment Synopsis: Spencer describes how unusual it is for a woman in the Baptist Church to be an Evangelist. She preaches in her church, and plays the piano. Spencer feels race relations are improving, and that she did not have problems regarding race because of being a strongly religious person from a religious family.

Keywords: Black Baptist Church; Evangelists; Race relations

Subjects: Baptists, Black; Evangelists; Race relations; Religion; Women evangelists

00:19:20 - Importance of religion and faith / arranging an appointment for a photograph

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Partial Transcript: Uh, I tell you, it's really, uh--what do you see, going into the, going into the future here, uh, what do you see as, as the role of the community and your role within the community?

Segment Synopsis: Spencer is putting her faith in God regarding economic improvement, rather than Democrats and Republicans. She feels that removing God from schools is a problem in the community. Spencer got her license to be an Evangelist. Randall would like to get a photograph of Spencer at the pulpit, and is trying to arrange a time.

Keywords: Communities; Democrats; Economic improvement; Faith; McDowell County (W. Va.); President Bill Clinton; President Ronald Reagan; Republicans

Subjects: Clinton, Bill, 1946-; Communities; Democrat; Economic development; Faith; McDowell County (W. Va.); Politics and government; Reagan, Ronald; Republican