Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Vondelere Scott, March 18, 1994

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Um, Friday, March the 18th, 1994 about 12:30 Eastern standard time. Uh, interviewing Vondelere Scott, [silence]

Segment Synopsis: Scott begins the interview with some biographical information about her family. Personal contact information has been muted in this version

Keywords: Vondelere Scott

00:00:45 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: If you could, just tell us about, who your parents and your grandparents are and how long they've been here and where they came from...

Segment Synopsis:

Keywords: McDowell County (W.Va.); family; family members--grandparents; family members--parents; housewives; morticians

00:03:33 - Childhood experiences

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Partial Transcript: Well, if you could then, we're through with biographical questions now. So, your mother was a housewife and your father was a mortician...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about growing up in the coal fields and her current job.

Keywords: Keystone (W.Va.); Vondelere Scott; childhood experiences; coal fields

00:05:17 - Education and marriage

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Partial Transcript: Uh, when you grew up, uh, did you, uh, uh, and when you went to school, you say you went one year to a segregated school...

Segment Synopsis: She tells where she went to high school and when she graduated. She also states that she got married and had four children. She is still married to her husband.

Keywords: Vondelere Scott; children; education; marriage

Subjects: Children; Schools

00:07:27 - Elkhorn Valley Youth and Community Center

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Partial Transcript: So, uh, when was it that you started getting... when did you guys say three years ago...

Segment Synopsis: Scott discusses the youth program she helped found. She describes its origins and tells which facilities they use. She explains that the majority of kids in her program are wealthy but that the program accepts all kids.

Keywords: Elkhorn Valley Youth and Community Center; church

Subjects: Community centers; Youth

00:10:20 - Elkhorn Valley Youth and Community Center programs

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Partial Transcript: Why, why do you feel like you have to tutor these kids? Is the school not doing its job or are they not catching on?

Segment Synopsis: She explains that she feels kids don't get the one-on-one help they need to succeed. She also addresses the difficulty of transportation for the kids. She describes the kinds of programs they offer, including drugs and AIDS awareness programs. She talks about the reasons the kids in her program have low self-esteem and explains how abuse at home and alcohol can contribute to that.

Keywords: AIDS; Elkhorn Valley Youth and Community Center; alcoholism; child abuse; overcrowding in schools; self-confidence; transportation

Subjects: Teaching

00:15:10 - Community service and dances

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Partial Transcript: Well, it was really interesting when you were talking about doing these camps and things. What other kinds of things do you do besides...

Segment Synopsis: She tells how the kids in her program do community service, help out with tutoring and are chaperones at dances that are held.

Keywords: 4-H leadership; children; community service; dance; tutoring

Subjects: Dance

00:17:32 - Vondelere's father

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Partial Transcript: Now, you were saying that your grandfather was a coal miner and your father was a mortician.

Segment Synopsis: Scott replies to a question regarding her father's occupation as a mortician. She also talks about how her brother was drafted during the Vietnam War.

Keywords: coal miners; family members--grandparents; family members--parents; morticians

00:19:46 - Washington D.C.

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Partial Transcript: You've, uh, uh, you grew up here and you've had that experience.

Segment Synopsis: She talks about her experience living briefly in Washington D.C.

Keywords: Washington D.C.; government services

Subjects: Washington (D.C.)

00:21:00 - Youth violence

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Partial Transcript: Um, violence, that's something we've not talked about much. In your work with the youth, uh, is that something you've noticed...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about violence amongst the youth she works with.

Keywords: children; fights; shootings

Subjects: Violence; Youth

00:24:21 - Higher education

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Partial Transcript: Uh, when you were talking about Berea. Now, did you go and did you do any college?

Segment Synopsis: She mentions that she never went to college, though her son did. The interviewer mentions a workshop for women at Berea College that teaches them skills similar to what Scott did on her own.

Keywords: Berea College; workshops

Subjects: Berea College; College students

00:25:41 - Vondelere's husband

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Partial Transcript: How does, how does, how does he feel about you working and your job? Is he supportive?

Segment Synopsis: Scott talks about how her husband is supportive of her work.

Keywords: husband; tutoring

00:26:10 - Hopes and dreams for the future

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Partial Transcript: Well, I'll tell you what. We'll do, we're about through with the interview. This is a good interview.

Segment Synopsis: Scott briefly states her hopes for the future.

Keywords: children; community aspirations; education; personal growth

00:27:15 - Final comments

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Partial Transcript: Uh, if you've got, uh, one comment, I guess, some... anything you're happy about, sad about, angry about, uh, glad about, this is your...

Segment Synopsis: She gives her final comments, saying that she wants parents to be more supportive and telling children that they can make something of themselves.

Keywords: family members--parents; involvement