Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Dameta Long, March 19, 1994

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Um, interviewing Dameta Long. P.O. Box 43, Gary, West Virginia.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer introduces the interviewee, Dameta Long. Personal contact information has been muted in this version.

Keywords: Gary (W.Va.); Kentucky Historical Society

00:00:32 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: If you could, let's do our biographical information, and tell us about your grandparents and how long have they've been...

Segment Synopsis: Dameta gives her family history and how long they have been in West Virginia.

Keywords: Chatham (Va.); McDowell County (W.Va.); coal mines; family members--grandparents; family members--parents

00:04:07 - Childhood experiences and education

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Partial Transcript: So, uh, they raised their... what town did they live in?

Segment Synopsis: Long tells what it was like growing up in the 50's and 60's in West Virginia and talks about her father's alcoholism. She also talks about how her family got by without him.

Keywords: Gary (W.Va.); Wilco (W.Va.); alcoholism; black lung benefits; childhood and youth; primary education; veterans' pensions

00:12:00 - Education

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Partial Transcript: Uh, what year did you graduate high school?

Segment Synopsis: She talks about graduating high school and the education she received.

Keywords: education; high school graduation; higher education

00:14:42 - Employment at a health clinic

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Partial Transcript: Well, it says here by your name "health clinic". So, do you operate a health clinic?

Segment Synopsis: She discusses working at the health clinic and what type of services they provide there. She also tells what it was like to work in the coal mines for a brief time.

Keywords: McDowell County (W.Va.); Tug River Health Association; coal mines; healthcare; layoffs; pregnant women

00:19:05 - Birth control

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Partial Transcript: One particular thing that they're doing is called Norplants, that last for five years...

Segment Synopsis: She talks about the different birth control options available and how she helps educate young women about pregnancy.

Keywords: Norplant; Tug River Health Association; birth control; pregnancies

00:23:32 - Case types

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Partial Transcript: Do you see lots of difficulties in problems with alcohol and drug abuse...

Segment Synopsis: Long talks about the different causes of being a single mother and the struggles they go through.

Keywords: W.I.C.; alcoholism; single mothers; welfare dependency

00:25:42 - The Future

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Partial Transcript: What do you see for the future?

Segment Synopsis: She tells what she sees in the future for her community and what it was like before the mines closed.

Keywords: McDowell County (W.Va.); U.S. Steel Mining Company; coal mines; community aspirations

00:30:51 - Race relations

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Partial Transcript: Between whites and blacks, everybody seems to get along really well here.

Segment Synopsis: They discuss the relationship between blacks and whites in West Virginia.

Keywords: Appalachian culture

00:33:28 - Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: Well, I guess what you see for the future then..you feel hopeful?

Segment Synopsis: Long talks about her aspirations for the community and what she sees McDowell County doing in the future. They also discuss the role that women play in changing their community. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Baptists; McDowell County (W.Va.); community aspirations; women leaders