Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Neil Padgett, January 27, 1998

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:05 - Personal background / Medical practice in Owensboro, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: --January the 27th and I'm talking with Owensboro physician, Neil Padgett.

Segment Synopsis: Padgett describes his background and childhood. He says that he was born in Marion, South Carolina. He attended college at Davidson College in North Carolina. He discusses his time studying at the University of South Carolina and the Naval Academy. He says that he has a wife and three children and they have been very happy in Owensboro. He discusses the changes in practicing medicine in Owensboro over time. He speaks on the implementation of Medicare and the specialization of practices.

Keywords: Education; Medical practice; Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: Education; Medicine--Practice; Owensboro (Ky.); Physicians--Kentucky

00:06:34 - Abortion

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Partial Transcript: I guess, in the--one of the things that has been the most dramatic in Owensboro, uh, from the perspective of, of, uh, perhaps of, of, of physicians...

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses abortion and how it has affected the medical community in Owensboro. He says that very few people have anything to do with it as much of the Owensboro population is Christian. He says that no physicians in Owensboro perform abortions.

Keywords: Abortion; Medicine--Practice; Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: Abortion; Medicine--Practice; Owensboro (Ky.); Physicians--Kentucky

00:08:47 - Medicare and Medicaid

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Partial Transcript: The, uh--you talked about coming into practice just at the beginning of Medicare.

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses the impact of Medicare on medical practice. He says that Medicare has given access to medical treatment to people who otherwise would have none. He says that regulations that come with Medicare are ornery but he believes that they are worth it because of the great service that is provided to the elderly. He also discusses the services of hospices. He also discusses Medicaid and the impact on the working poor.

Keywords: Hospice; Medicaid; Medical practice; Medicare; Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: Medicaid; Medical practice; Medicare; Owensboro (Ky.); Physicians--Kentucky

00:13:44 - Merger of the local hospitals

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Partial Transcript: Recently in Owensboro there's been quite a, uh, emotional debate over the, the merger of the hospitals. What is your read on this?

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses the debate in Owensboro over the merger of the county and city hospitals. He says that he believes that Owensboro is a stronger medical community with just one hospital because there are no divided resources. He also says that you have no competition between hospitals over the same patients and it creates a more efficient process.

Keywords: Medical practice; Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: Daviess County (Ky.); Hospitals--Administration; Medical practice; Owensboro (Ky.)

00:22:27 - Activities and involvement in Owensboro

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Partial Transcript: In addition to your medical practice, you have played a, a vital role in--as a citizen in Owensboro.

Segment Synopsis: Padgett describes his involvement in various activities in Owensboro. He talks about his involvement in Leadership Owensboro. He describes how Leadership Owensboro was started by David Adkisson. He also discusses Leadership Kentucky.

Keywords: David Adkisson; Leadership Kentucky (organization); Leadership Owensboro (organization); Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: Leadership; Owensboro (Ky.)

00:28:31 - Leaders and philanthropy in Owensboro

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Partial Transcript: In the years that you have been in Owensboro now through, certainly, most of this, certainly the latter third here of the twentieth century...

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses the people that he sees as leaders in the history of Owensboro. He mentions John Hager, Don Neil, Bill Elmer, and Berkley Davis. He also discusses the role of philanthropy in Owensboro. He mentions the money donated for the RiverPark.

Keywords: Owensboro (Ky.); Philanthropy; Politics; River Park; RiverPark Center

Subjects: Humanitarianism; Kentucky--Politics and government; Leadership; Owensboro (Ky.)

00:34:59 - Rise of the Republican Party / Religious Right

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Partial Transcript: One of the remarkable things that's taken place in Owensboro and, and throughout many other areas as well, we're not unique here by any means, uh, in the last, uh, uh, thirty years has been the rise of the Republican Party.

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses the rise of the Republican Party. He discusses how he transitioned to become a Republican. He discusses how national politics have changed over the years. He also talks about the rise of the Religious Right and their impact on politics. He also discusses birth control and describes the freedom that it has given women.

Keywords: Birth control; Democratic Party; Owensboro (Ky.); Politics; Religious Right; Republican Party

Subjects: Kentucky--Politics and government; Owensboro (Ky.); Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )

00:45:49 - Thoughts on pregnancy and childcare

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Partial Transcript: But do you feel that, uh, there's a, there's a, class distinction, uh, in the, the problems of, of, uh, of pregnancy and childcare?

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses how he believes that pregnancy and childcare are directly influenced by class. He also discusses how certain stigmas are applied to certain people seeking treatment. He talks about people who feel disaffected, and the working poor. He also describes people who complain about public benefits and programs.

Keywords: Child care; Healthcare; Politics; Pregnancy; Social classes

Subjects: Child care; Child rearing; Healthcare; Politics and government; Pregnancy

00:52:09 - Drugs and AIDS in Owensboro

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Partial Transcript: Uh, as a physician, what, uh, what is your read on the drug culture in Owensboro?

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses drug use in Owensboro. He says that there are many older citizens that use drugs. He also discusses AIDS in the United States. He says that it is very rare in Owensboro.

Keywords: AIDS & HIV; Drug abuse; Drug use; Drugs; Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: AIDS (Disease); Drug abuse; Drugs; Owensboro (Ky.)

00:55:23 - Wish for Owensboro

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Partial Transcript: If you had one wish for the city, what would it be?

Segment Synopsis: Padgett discusses his wish for Owensboro. He says that he wishes that Owensboro would continue to grow economically and industrially. He says that he wants to have good jobs and good educational institutions. He also discusses the development of the medical community in Owensboro. He also wants a highway to go through Owensboro.

Keywords: Medical care; Owensboro (Ky.)

Subjects: Education--Kentucky; Medical care; Owensboro (Ky.); Physicians--Kentucky