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00:00:17 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: Okay, my name is Jeanne Ontko Suchanek. Uh, I am interviewing Mrs. Lucille Little on Tuesday November seventeenth.

Segment Synopsis: Lucille Caudill Little is introduced. She talks about her parents, and says that her father was seen as a leader in the community. She talks briefly about her early education, and growing up in "the hills."

Keywords: Community improvements; Community leadership; Family farms; Fathers; Hills; Lawyers; Meetings; Mothers; Mountains; Parents; Roads; Trading; Tuition

Subjects: Childhood; Education--Kentucky; Morehead (Ky.); Rural conditions; Rural schools--Kentucky

GPS: Morehead (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 38.183611, -83.441111
00:05:34 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: Well, how did your--why--how did your fam--your father's family settle in Morehead?

Segment Synopsis: Little discusses her family genealogy, stating that her family believes they came to Kentucky from England. She talks about connections (or lack thereof) to other Kentuckians, including Cora Wilson Stewart and Harry Caudill. She talks about feuds around Morehead, Kentucky.

Keywords: Banks; Churches; Cora Wilson Stewart; Cousins; Divorcee; England; Family connections; Feuds; Harry Caudill; Moonlight Schools; Music

Subjects: Families.; Family histories.; Family--history; Genealogy; Morehead (Ky.)

00:15:42 - Early interest in the arts / early education

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Partial Transcript: Now you said your father was interested in history.

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about becoming interested in the arts, and her early experiences with singing and theatre through her church. She describes her early education at a school created by a local church. She talks about her teachers and what a typical day at school was like.

Keywords: Arts; Audience reactions; Disciples of Christ Church; Feuds; History; Interest; One-room schoolhouses; Performing; Personality; Plays; Singing; Swimming; Tennis courts

Subjects: Churches--Kentucky; Education--Kentucky; Performing arts--Kentucky.; Rural schools--Kentucky; Teachers--Kentucky; Theater.

00:23:58 - Court Days and childhood games

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Partial Transcript: And on Court Day--I'll never forget Court Days.

Segment Synopsis: Little describes Court Days, the time when Circuit Court was in session and the local people would set up booths to sell food and crafts. She talks about some of the games she and her siblings would play as kids, and tells a story about bringing a pony into a neighbor's house where it then refused to come back down the stairs.

Keywords: Angel food cake; Animals; Brothers; Children; Circuit court; Circus; Evans family; Friends; Games; Interests; Lemonade; Louise Caudill; Playing; Pony; Selling; Sisters; Trials; Trouble

Subjects: Childhood; Rural children; Rural conditions

00:30:04 - Early training in the arts

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Partial Transcript: So they sent me to boarding school, uh, which was Hamilton on North Broadway.

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about attending Hamilton College where she participated in as many plays as possible, even taking male roles when necessary. She talks about some of her teachers, the experience that made her lose interest in playing piano, and talks about a secret place in the hills where she liked to practice singing alone. She talks about going to a conservatory in Cincinnati with one of her teachers, where she experienced children's theatre for the first time.

Keywords: Church; Conservatory; Dan Beddoe; Drama; Evelyn Royalty; Hamilton College; Hills; Interest; Julia W. Conway; Men's clothing; Nell Miller Young; Parents; Piano practice; Piano recitals; Plays; Practicing; Rehearsals; Shakespeare; Singing; Training; Trolleys; Voice lessons

Subjects: Arts.; Children's theater; Performing arts.; Teachers; Theater.

00:41:51 - Color and line theory of theatre

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Partial Transcript: Fact is, when I was at Columbia in school, the head of the, uh, I think she was the head of the drama department--

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about a theory she learned at Columbia about using color and line to subconsciously play on an audience's emotions.
[An interruption in taping occurs during this segment.]

Keywords: Color and line; Color wheel; Columbia University; Costumes; Impressions; Milton Smith; Plays; Sets; Shapes; Subconscious; Theories

Subjects: Performing arts.; Theater.

GPS: Columbia University
Map Coordinates: 40.8075, -73.961944
00:47:28 - Voice lessons

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Partial Transcript: And then a strange thing was I had, uh, a Juilliard scholarship in New York--

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about attending Juilliard in the early 1930s, and talks about some of the voice teachers she had in New York. She talks about the various ways she paid for her lessons, since her father had little money to give her.

Keywords: Color; Contralto; Cost; Debuts; Douglas Stanley; Fathers; Frank LaForge; Jobs; Juilliard School; Paid; Payment; Pianists; Theatre; Tuition; Voice lessons; Voice teachers; Working; YWCA

Subjects: Performing arts.; Singing.; Teachers

GPS: Juilliard School
Map Coordinates: 40.773871, -73.983178
00:55:13 - Father's political campaign

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Partial Transcript: But, uh, anyway, things--personal things with my family, my dad got in an election.

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about leaving New York to help her father run his campaign for judge. She talks about the partisanship that made her father want to run for judge. She talks about political corruption, and the threats and other means that were used to try to stop her father from winning the election. She says she was encouraged to run for Senate after her father's successful campaign, but she declined.

Keywords: Driving; Education; Family meetings; Fathers; Frankfort (Ky.); Lawsuits; Money; Partisanship; Primary elections; Threats; Trials; Voting

Subjects: Elections; Elections--Corrupt practices; Families.; Judges--Kentucky; Political campaigns--Kentucky; Political corruption--Kentucky; Rural conditions

01:00:32 - Siblings

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Partial Transcript: Now you had three other brothers and sisters then?

Segment Synopsis: Little describes her brother Boone, who she says was interested in music. She talks about her father's desire for her to become a lawyer, and why she changed her major to music. She talks about her sister Louise, who became a doctor. She talks about her brother being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Keywords: Ann Arbor (Mich.); Bands; Boone Caudill; Brothers; Church; Disabilities; Fathers; Law school; Lawyers; Louise Caudill; Major Wall; Medical school; Medicine; Mothers; Music; Ohio State University; Respect; Schizophrenia; Scholarships; Sick

Subjects: College choice; College students--Conduct of life.; College students--Social conditions; Families.; Women in higher education.; Women--Education (Higher)

GPS: Ohio State University
Map Coordinates: 40, -83.0145
01:07:18 - Trouble involving her brother Milton

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Partial Transcript: And anyway, uh, then the ne--it was six years before mother had another child.

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about her brother Milton who became a dentist. She talks about his struggles with alcoholism, which she believes may have been related to his experiences in the Korean War. She talks about her own involvement in the USO. She talks about Milton's children, who were kidnapped by his wife's family and soon after re-kidnapped by Little's family.

Keywords: Alcoholism; Children; Dentists; Fort Knox (Ky.); Kidnapping; Married; Military service; Milton Caudill; Planning; Pregnant; Sisters; Suicide; United Service Organizations (U.S.O.)

Subjects: Domestic relations.; Families.; Korean War, 1950-1953--Veterans

GPS: Fort Knox (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 37.892809, -85.974709
01:18:54 - Relationships and career

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Partial Transcript: What kind of dating did you do?

Segment Synopsis: Little talks about dating, but says she always knew she wanted a career. She talks about the attitude in her family that women could do anything they wanted. She talks more about her experiences at Juilliard and about singing on the radio while attending Ohio State. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Careers; Cleveland (Ohio); Dating; Friends; Juilliard School; Ohio State University; Operas; Paid; Proposals; Singing; Women

Subjects: College students--Employment.; College students--Social conditions; Families.; Performing arts.

GPS: Cleveland (Ohio)
Map Coordinates: 41.482222, -81.669722