Interview with Muriel Crespi, September 21, 2002

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:05 - Ethnographic resource inventory databases

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Partial Transcript: --Okay, continuing on, this is tape four.

Segment Synopsis: Crespi talks about creating an ethnographic project compatible with the National Park Service. The purpose of the project would be to take resources in the National Park and research them in order for visitors to the parks to have a greater understanding of the park. Crespi discusses creating a database and an inventory for resources in the park and the difficulties with obtaining these resources. Crespi talks about the cultural anthropologists creating an ethnographic resource inventory and the importance of the information in the inventory.

Keywords: Computerized databases; Cultural anthropologists; Cultural anthropology; NPS Cultural Anthropology program; National Park Service

Subjects: Anthropologists; Crespi, Muriel Kaminsky, 1929-; Databases; Ethnology; National Parks and Conservation Association

00:04:39 - Marking unmarked sites

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Partial Transcript: This, this project that I had been doing at Cane River in, in Louisiana...

Segment Synopsis: Crespi discusses the importance of marking important, yet unmarked, sites such as historic baptismal sites on the banks of the Cane River. Crespi stresses the importance of marking these sites which were important to people at one time, such as the sites of buildings which are no longer standing, which she calls “ghost sites.” She believes not every ethnographic resource is tangible, but it is still vital to the ethnography of a region.

Keywords: Baptismal rivers; Conceptual markers; Cultural site markers; Cultural sites; Ethnographies; Ghost sites; Placemarkers; Religious sites

Subjects: Baptismal water; Cane River (La.); Cane River Creole National Historical Park (La.); Cane River National Heritage Area (La.); Cultural memories; Ethnology

00:07:23 - The term “ethnography”

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Partial Transcript: Maybe I should just say one word about, and finish here, with the term “ethnography.”

Segment Synopsis: Crespi discusses the field of anthropology and its intersection with archaeology. She talks about using the term “ethnography” to distinguish cultural anthropological work from the archaeological work of other anthropologists. Crespi recalls how archaeologists rejected cultural anthropology and ethnography as separate from their work as anthropologists.

Keywords: Academic terms; Anthropology--Lexicon; Cultural anthropology; Ethnography

Subjects: Anthropologists; Anthropology; Anthropology matters; Archaeology; Ethnography