Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Jim Green, March 10, 2005

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Family background / attraction to sports

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Partial Transcript: This is an interview with Mr. Jim Green for the University of Kentucky A, African American Athle, Athletes Project.

Segment Synopsis: Jim Green talks about his life in Lynch, Kentucky and his attraction to sports. He attended a Black school up through grade 8, then the schools were integrated during his high school years.

Keywords: Athlete, played four sports; Attended church every Sunday; Everyone got along; Integrated high schools; Ran on a train bed without cross ties; Running track; Segregated elementary schools; Small schools

Subjects: Athletics; Baseball; Basketball; Football; Lynch (Ky.); School segregation; Segregation; Track and field

00:06:50 - Selecting a college, University of Kentucky / racial tensions between athletes

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Partial Transcript: Then as you were going along in high school, when did you begin to get offers for college and, and, and furthering your career?

Segment Synopsis: Green talks about the process of selecting the University of Kentucky, and his main sport. He also talks about the first Black athletes and the race relations between Black and white athletes.

Keywords: First Black athletes and students at the University of Kentucky; Racial tension on university campuses; Selecting a college; Selecting a college sport

Subjects: Football; Role models; Track and field; University of Kentucky

00:13:37 - Best track races

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk a little bit about your accomplishments on the track.

Segment Synopsis: Green talks about his best races on the UK track team. He also talks about his teammates, and he talks about the competing teams.

Keywords: Close-knit group; Fellow teammates; Finding his place at the University of Kentucky and in Lexington; Good people; Southeastern Conference (SEC); Sprinters

Subjects: Friends; Race relations--Kentucky; Track and field; University of Kentucky; University of Tennessee

00:18:34 - More on selecting the University of Kentucky track program / recognition

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Partial Transcript: Did you get mostly support from the African American community for your choice of University of Kentucky or was there some people that said don't go to that school?

Segment Synopsis: Green talks more about why he selected to attend the University of Kentucky. He also talks about treating people right, and the type of recognition he got in the media.

Keywords: Athletics opening doors; Athletics opening the door for Blacks; Media coverage; NCAA guidelines keeps former UK athletes from talking with present athletes; Race on the track; Treat people right

Subjects: African American athletes; Professors; University of Kentucky

00:23:48 - Professional track career / changes to the sport

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Partial Transcript: What, uh--when you were, when you were at UK did you have any further aspirations in track?

Segment Synopsis: Green talks about his post-college career in track. He also talks about the changes that have taken place since he ran track in college.

Keywords: Black athletes and the Civil Rights Movement; End of his career; New facilities; Professional track career; Technology

Subjects: African American athletes; Conditioning; Track and field; Training

00:28:02 - Athletics' effects on African American communities

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Partial Transcript: What has athletics meant to the African American community?

Segment Synopsis: Green gives his philosophy on the contributions of sports, and the best thing athletes can do by getting an education. He also talks about the support that athletes get, regardless of race.

Keywords: Athletics and all races; Contributions; Race in sports

Subjects: Athletes; Education; Support