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00:00:05 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Uh, this is, uh, side two of reel six, and Senator Barkley now is going to take up the story of events leading to the 1952 convention and the part he played in it.

Segment Synopsis: Barkley shares some of the events that led up to the 1952 convention and how he was involved in them.

Keywords: 1952 Democratic National Convention; national conventions

00:00:18 - Becoming vice president

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Partial Transcript: Well... events moved along... after the inauguration of Truman and me on January the twentieth, 1949. I might say... that... during the camp... I think though I...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley shares how he had to adjust himself to the formal duties of presiding over the Senate.

Keywords: Senate--tie votes; campaigning; national elections; vice president of the United States--duties

00:03:42 - Senate Majority Leader Scott Lucas

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Partial Transcript: I had many such, uh, occasions to do that. Well, things went along and...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley comments on Majority Leader Scott Lucas' accusation that he knew nothing of farming.

Keywords: collegial relations; legislation--farm bills; majority leader of the Senate; tie vote

00:07:49 - Term limits

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Partial Transcript: Well, we were talking about the... the course of events after Mr. Truman and I were inaugurated as president and vice president, leading up to the convention of 1952.

Segment Synopsis: Barkley discusses the Democratic National Convention of 1952 and how the Democratic Party's presidential nominee was undecided. He also talks about the legislation that allowed Roosevelt to serve a third (and part of a fourth) term.

Keywords: Democratic National Convention--1952; presidential nominees; term limits in public office

00:11:53 - Chief Justice Vinson

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Partial Transcript: And that situation... dragged along for quite a long time before Mr. Vinson eliminated himself. I want to say about that... and Mr. Vinson and I...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley remembers his relationship with a fellow politician from Kentucky, Fred M. Vinson.

Keywords: Chief Justice Vinson; Fred M. Vinson; collegial relationships; political attitudes -- Supreme Court

00:16:28 - Governor Stevenson confers with Barkley

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Partial Transcript: Then, uh, in January of forty--of '52, Governor Stevenson... came to Washington, I think on the invitation of President Truman. He told me that he'd...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley shares how Governor Stevenson conferred with him as to which public office he (Stevenson) should seek.

Keywords: family members--cousins; governors; presidential nominees

00:19:19 - Barkley's age

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Partial Transcript: And, uh, I said, now, if Mr. Truman is a candidate...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley talks about how he knew that his age would be an obstacle to his becoming a presidential nominee.

Keywords: age; political aspirations; presidential nominees

00:26:10 - Truman decides not to run for president again

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Partial Transcript: Let me ask one question at this point that bears on it. Had... you ever had, up to this point, a frank, on talk with Truman?

Segment Synopsis: Barkley describes the events surrounding Truman's decision not to run for president again.

Keywords: US Presidents -- Truman; presidential nominees

00:31:53 - Truman's nominee

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Partial Transcript: But, uh, this group was there... and, uh, Frank McKinney had, uh...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley tells how he, Truman, and a few others calculated his chances for clinching the nomination.

Keywords: Democratic National Convention--1952; campaigning; presidential nominees

00:36:48 - Division of support within labor

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Partial Transcript: No, I, uh, I want to say this in that connection, that before I left Washington I talked with William Green...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley remembers how support for his presidential nomination among labor is divided.

Keywords: AFL; American Federation of Labor; CIO; Congress of Industrial Organizations; Walter Reuther; William Green; political groups--labor; political promises

00:43:47 - Barkley withdraws

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Partial Transcript: Did these fellows just sort of take it on themselves to give out this statement, or did they have any official go-ahead or what?

Segment Synopsis: Barkley discusses the pressures to withdraw his bid for presidential nominee.

Keywords: Democratic National Conventions--1952; political groups--labor; political promises; presidential nominees -- withdrawal

00:51:46 - Barkley's reception at the 1952 Democratic National Convention

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Partial Transcript: Well, no, I, I, I, say this with no feeling. I mean, I have no resentment. I do feel that an injustice was done me by men who... in whose behalf, in whose cause...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley discusses why he felt aggrieved by the actions of some labor leaders. He also discusses his reception at the 1952 Democratic National Convention.

Keywords: DNC; Democratic National Convention--1952; speeches

00:59:12 - Governor Stevenson still in the running

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Partial Transcript: Uh, reel number seven, side one. Uh, Senator Barkley, you were saying that you didn't think that Russell could achieve the nomination...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley gives his thoughts on why some of the possible presidential nominees were not viable. He also discusses the machinations that resulted in Governor Stevenson's nomination.

Keywords: Adlai Stevenson; political records; presidential nominees

01:05:54 - Attending the convention

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Partial Transcript: No, it was... yeah, it was under the stands. It was right back of the platform, back in there. There were several rooms, offices back in there...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley tells how he did not attend the 1952 Democratic National Convention after he gave his speech.

Keywords: DNC; Democratic National Conventions--1952; political influence

01:10:04 - Genuine nominations

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Partial Transcript: Do you regard the Stevenson nomination as a genuine draft?

Segment Synopsis: Barkley comments on Governor Stevenson's bid to be a presidential nominee and the bids of former nominees.

Keywords: Adlai Stevenson; political ambitions; presidential nominees

01:14:23 - The Democratic Party divided

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Partial Transcript: How did you and Jane feel and what did you talk about on the drive to Paducah?

Segment Synopsis: Barkley recounts the drive home with Jane and the support he encountered on the way. He also discusses the state of the Democratic Party after the 1952 Democratic National Convention.

Keywords: Democratic Party; Republican Party

01:20:16 - Eisenhower's victory

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Partial Transcript: It's been suggested that if you had been candidate, whether you would have beaten Eisenhower or not, or whether several other men had been the...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley tells why the presidential election of 1952 depended on Eisenhower more than on the Republican Party. He also expounds on why Truman decided not to run.

Keywords: Eisenhower; presidential elections -- overwhelming majority

01:24:18 - Admiral Hugh Rodman, a fellow Kentuckian

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Partial Transcript: Now, Senator, we're back, um, on a new subject, a little bit of miscellany that will fit into your later expanded account of experiences...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley discusses a fellow Kentuckian, Admiral Rodman, and shares a story about him.

Keywords: friends and associates; reported stories

01:30:35 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt compared

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Partial Transcript: He was not the profound scholar, though he'd graduated at Groton and at Harvard. And of course, during his illness... uh with... his acute illness...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley expounds on Roosevelt's intellect and personality.

Keywords: US Presidents--Franklin Roosevelt; collegial relationships

01:33:17 - Henry Wallace

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Partial Transcript: As a closer, there's been one other thing that's been pressed on me during our conversation. You have spoken several times of your... admiration...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley discusses Henry Wallace.

Keywords: Henry Wallace; US Secretary of Agriculture; Vice President of the United states

01:38:49 - Secretary of State Byrnes

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Partial Transcript: When you mentioned a while back Mr. Truman's appointment of Byrnes as Secretary of State, uh, uh, do you regard that appointment as having any significance...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley comments on the significance of Byrnes' appointment as Secretary of State.

Keywords: James F. Byrnes; US Secretary of State; political appointments

01:41:39 - Bathroom conference with President Roosevelt

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Partial Transcript: Uh... I wonder if you'd put on tape an account of your famous bathroom conference after Yalta with President Roosevelt.

Segment Synopsis: Barkley gives an account of the "bathroom conference" with Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Keywords: Cold War; European politics; FDR; US Presidents--Franklin Roosevelt; Yalta Conference; collegial relationships

01:47:49 - Roosevelt on Stalin

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Partial Transcript: Did Roosevelt give you any appraisal of Stalin as a personality?

Segment Synopsis: Barkley shares Franklin Delano Roosevelt's opinions about Joseph Stalin.

Keywords: Cold War; European politics; Poland; US Presidents--Franklin Roosevelt; Yalta Conference; collegial relationships

01:54:11 - On Stalin

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Partial Transcript: Now, he may have been... in utter good faith at that time in everything that he did or said, but, uh, it was so soon after that that the war ended in Europe...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley gives his opinions regarding the Yalta negotiations with Stalin.

Keywords: Cold War; European politics; Joseph Stalin; Poland; Presidents--Franklin Roosevelt; Winston Churchill; Yalta Conference; collegial relationships

01:57:16 - Stories: a man from Wingo / singing in London

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Partial Transcript: What happened about it was, there was a man down at Wingo... who bought a bit of...

Segment Synopsis: Barkley reports a humorous anecdote about a man from Wingo, KY and also shares a personal story about singing in London, England. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: London, England; Wingo (Ky.); hymns