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00:00:08 - Becoming a PRIDE coordinator

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Partial Transcript: This is Dale Johnson for Eastern Kentucky PRIDE talking with Carolyn Ingram, former city of Frenchburg PRIDE Coordinator...

Segment Synopsis: Carolyn Ingram is introduced. She talks about how she first became PRIDE coordinator for Menifee County, Kentucky, and later, Frenchburg, Kentucky. She talks briefly about the issues she faced and how Menifee became a Certified Clean County.

Keywords: Certified Clean County; Community involvement; Environmental cleanup; Environmental issues; General James Bickford; Hal Rogers; Judge executives; Kentucky Environmental and Protection Cabinet; Mayors; PRIDE coordinators; Richard Thomas; Volunteering

Subjects: Environmentalism; Frenchburg (Ky.); Menifee County (Ky.); Refuse and refuse disposal.; Volunteers

00:04:08 - Personal background and community involvement

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Partial Transcript: Um, well what about you? Did you grow up here in Menifee County?

Segment Synopsis: Ingram talks about how she and her husband came to live in Kentucky. She talks about her volunteer work and membership on various nonprofit boards in the community, including her involvement with the new library.

Keywords: Armco Steel Company; Board chairman; Business owners; Communities; Community involvement; Contributions; Gateway Area Development District; Gateway Community Services; Grants; Highways; Husbands; Kansas; Kentucky; Library; MMRC Industrial Park; Nonprofit boards; Ohio; Programs; Retirement; Senior citizens; Stereotypes; Tourism; Volunteering

Subjects: Community development.; Libraries.; Volunteers

00:18:24 - Environmental programs implemented through PRIDE

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Partial Transcript: But, um, as far as PRIDE, n--and all these other programs, somebody's obviously really grant savvy.

Segment Synopsis: Ingram describes some of the programs that she helped implement through grants and funding provided by the PRIDE program. She talks more about Menifee becoming a Certified Clean County, their tire amnesty program, appliance disposal, recycling, and the cleanup of all of the dumps in the county. She talks about the process of reimbursement through PRIDE.

Keywords: Appliances; Buybacks; Certified Clean County; Community; Costs; County garages; Disposal; Donations; Dumping; Dumps; Environmental Protection Cabinet; Environmental programs; Grants; Hazardous waste; Landfills; Library; Metal; Paperwork; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Problems; Process; Recycling; Reimbursement; Solid waste coordinators; Superfund grants; Tactics; Tire amnesty

Subjects: Environmentalism; Menifee County (Ky.); Pollution.; Waste disposal sites

00:31:34 - Public attitudes about dumping

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Partial Transcript: So, um, that was my next question is: when you got all these illegal dumps cleaned up, did you have a problem with people...

Segment Synopsis: Ingram talks about the attitudes of people in the county about dumping, specifically the people who still illegally dump their waste despite available trash pickup and disposal sites. She talks about a program she created that was helping educate young people, but says that it was against PRIDE's rules.

Keywords: Attitudes; Citizens; Clean up; Disability; Disposable; Fundraisers; Garbage; Harry Caudill; High school seniors; Illegal dumping; Mentality; Outspoken; Permits; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Programs; Property; Public; Regulations; Reuse; Self-reliance; Superfund grants; Tires; Trash; Waste; Water sources

Subjects: Environmental education.; Environmental law.; Environmentalism; Menifee County (Ky.); Pollution.; Recycling (Waste, etc.); Waste disposal sites

00:45:47 - Grants and funding / water lines

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Partial Transcript: But, um, yeah I noticed that there wasn't a PRIDE Club this year in the county but it sounds like...

Segment Synopsis: Ingram talks about the amount of work she did to secure grants and funding for environmental programs, and also talks about how others in the community are not putting forth the same effort. She talks about confusion in the community regarding what grants can be used for. She talks about how Menifee County once got its water, and the construction of a regional water treatment plant.

Keywords: Artists; City water lines; Frank Brown; Funding; Gateway Area Development District; Grant writing; Grants; Library; Means (Ky.); Monthly fees; PRIDE clubs; Paula Thomas; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Politics; Schools; Septic tanks; Sewers; Teachers; Water meters; Water shortages; Water treatment plants

Subjects: Community development.; Environmentalism; Frenchburg (Ky.); Menifee County (Ky.)

00:56:10 - Fall and spring cleanup and other PRIDE programs

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Partial Transcript: Um, I'm trying to think of other PRIDE programs.

Segment Synopsis: Ingram describes some of the programs that have been implemented in the community through PRIDE grants and funding, including spring and fall cleanup, disposal sites and dumpsters, and litter abatement funds, among others. She talks about her position as PRIDE coordinator, the lack of supplies she was given, and PRIDE's lack of understanding about how poor some counties are.

Keywords: Beneficial; Cameras; Community service; Computers; Dump trucks; Dumpsters; Fall cleanup; Grants; Illegal dumping; Inmates; Judges; Library; Litter abatement funds; PRIDE coordinators; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Poor; Poverty; Prisoners; Roads; Sewers; Spring cleanup; Surveillance cameras; Technology; Tires

Subjects: Environmentalism; Frenchburg (Ky.); Menifee County (Ky.); Pollution.; Refuse and refuse disposal.; Volunteers; Waste disposal sites

01:03:30 - Finding puppies in a dump and other cleanup stories

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Partial Transcript: Um, have--do you--I, I remember one anecdote you told me about one of the dumps was, um, that you found a dog and her puppies.

Segment Synopsis: Ingram tells a story about finding a litter of puppies during a dump cleanup. She shows interviewer Dale Johnson some photographs and tells other anecdotes about cleanups.

[Segment ends abruptly.]

Keywords: Attitudes; Birthdays; Bluegrass Fescue; Children; Cleanup; Daisy Girls; Debris; Dogs; Dumps; Food; Forest Service; German Shepherds; Hal Rogers; Inmates; Kids; Lakes; Library directors; Melissa Wells; Photographs; Pictures; Prisoners; Puppies; Signs; Tires; Waterway cleanup

Subjects: Environmental education.; Environmentalism; Pollution.; Volunteers

01:15:08 - Problems with political positions

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Partial Transcript: This is what makes being a folklorist worthwhile to me.

Segment Synopsis: Ingram tells a story about a local constable's misuse of power. She and interviewer Dale Johnson discuss the lack of educational requirements in Kentucky to hold political offices.

Keywords: American history; Arrests; Congressman; Constables; Education requirements; Elections; Political positions; Sheriff's Department; UNITE officers

Subjects: Kentucky--Politics and government; Politicians--Kentucky

01:19:33 - More on PRIDE programs and the effects of PRIDE

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Partial Transcript: But, um, is there anything that you'd like to say in closing that, um--anything for the future that you're looking forward to with PRIDE, or--

Segment Synopsis: Ingram says that she had her doubts initially about the effectiveness of PRIDE but has been proven wrong. She talks more about how she has helped clean up Menifee County, including the process of passing a law for mandatory trash pickup. She talks more about programs she attempted to create and why PRIDE did not approve them. She talks about changes in the process of receiving coal severance funds.

Keywords: "Cash for clunkers"; Approval; Automobiles; Cars; Cleanup; Coal severance funds; Community; Costs; Doubts; Dumps; Funding; Governor Ernie Fletcher; Grandparents; Grants; Hal Rogers; Hoarding; Making a difference; Mandatory trash pickup; Opportunity; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Poor; Poverty; Procedures; Regulations; Rules

Subjects: Environmental law.; Environmentalism; Frenchburg (Ky.); Menifee County (Ky.); Politicians--Kentucky; Pollution.; Refuse and refuse disposal.

01:29:26 - Lack of tourism and income in Menifee County

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Partial Transcript: So do you get some tourism in through the lake?

Segment Synopsis: Ingram talks about why tourism is low in Menifee County and why there is not much hope for improvement. She talks about where most people in the community work, and why there is not much industry in the area.

Keywords: Accomodations; Cabins; Cave Run Lake (Ky.); Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.); Coal counties; Daniel Boone National Forest (Ky.); Employers; Factories; Forest Service; Funds; Hotels; Income; Industrial parks; Industry; Job Corps; Jobs; Land; Motels; Natural gas wells; Pigeon Forge (Tenn.); Poor; Poverty; Red River Gorge (Ky.); Restaurants; School systems; Taxes; Timber; Toyota

Subjects: Employment--Kentucky; Frenchburg (Ky.); Menifee County (Ky.); Property tax; Tourism--Kentucky

01:37:32 - More on water lines / conclusion

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Partial Transcript: Uh, um, I'm pretty much done.

Segment Synopsis: Ingram talks more about the water lines in Menifee County, where their water once came from, and the construction of the new regional water treatment plant. She speaks briefly about her replacements as PRIDE coordinator. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Bath County (Ky.); Effects; Grants; Improvements; PRIDE coordinators; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Rowan County (Ky.); Self-esteem; Training; Water meters; Water treatment plants

Subjects: Community development.; Environmentalism; Menifee County (Ky.); Water quality.