Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Herman K. Goodpaster, November 16, 2006

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:25 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: This is an unrehearsed interview with Herman and Mary Goodpaster.

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster discusses his childhood and early life, primarily spent in Kentucky.

Keywords: Babies; Bath County (Ky.); Farms; Horse training; Kentucky; Ohio; Wife

Subjects: Childhood; Death; Father; Horse industry; Horse trainers; Horses; Mother

00:06:30 - Early career

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Partial Transcript: Well, how did you get involved with the horses? How did you first get involved with the horses?

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster talks of his early career in the horse industry, including a description of his first boss, who was a veterinarian on a prominent farm in Kentucky. Goodpaster's working experience at the time is also mentioned. Goodpaster then describes the first horse he ever owned.

Keywords: Assistants; Bosses; Claiborne Farm; Connections; Fields; Foals; Friends; Horse training; Lexington (Ky.); Paris (Ky.); Veterinarians

Subjects: Air; Experience; Horse industry; Horse trainers; Horses; Mares; Philly; Picture; Races; Work

00:15:08 - Horse care / Breaking yearlings

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Partial Transcript: You were telling me that you know how to feed a horse? Why don't you tell me a little bit about that?

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster explains his horse care regimen. Goodpaster then describes his process of breaking yearling horses.

Keywords: Amounts; Barns; Bridles; Care; Damage; Feeding; General managers; Horse riding; Portions; Processes; Routines; Schedules; Sheds; Stalls; University of Kentucky; Weight; Yearlings

Subjects: Discipline; Food; Health; Horses; Money; Patience; Ponies; Sandbags; Vitamins

00:25:28 - Keeneland

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Partial Transcript: What was your first horse that you run at Keeneland then?

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster reflects upon his experiences at the Keeneland racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky. Goodpaster also describes some of his acquaintances in the horse racing world, as well as at Keeneland.

Keywords: Fights; Friends; Husbands; Lexington (Ky.); Oil Painting (Race horse); Pitch forks; Records; Sisters; Stables

Subjects: Article; Farms; Friend; Horse industry; Horse racing; Horse trainers; Horses; Keeneland (Ky.); Races; Tobacco; Twentieth century

00:34:04 - Papa Redbird (Race horse) / Friend in the horse industry

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Partial Transcript: Tell us about Papa Redbird.

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster relays the life of one of his race horses, Papa Redbird. The racing career and life of the horse are recalled. Goodpaster also talks of his friend who was also involved in the horse industry, Mrs. Goodwin.

Keywords: Barns; Chicago (Ill.); Coats; Hospitals; Mrs. Goodwin; Papa Redbird (Race horse); Preachers; Wife; Winnings

Subjects: Cigarettes; Color; Dog; Friend; Health; Horse industry; Horse racing; Horse trainers; Prayer; Surgery; Work

00:46:30 - White Thoroughbred

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about your first white horse.

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster details how he bred the first Thoroughbred with a white coat. The process that Goodpaster underwent to be allowed to race the horse is described. The opposition to the new color of the horse from horse racing organizations is emphasized. How Goodpaster made the white horse eligible for horse races is highlighted.

Keywords: Airports; Applications; Banned; Barns; Blood tests; Chestnut horses; Coat colors; Foals; Gray horses; Jockey clubs; Kentucky Colonel (horse); Louis L. Haggin; New York; Phone calls; Prohibited; Registration; Tests

Subjects: Breeding; Horse industry; Horses; Mares; Thoroughbred; World records

00:58:35 - Favorite horse / Horse qualities

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Partial Transcript: What was your favorite horse? Do you have a favorite horse?

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster reveals which of the horses he has owned is his favorite. Goodpaster then describes the qualities he looks for when choosing a horse to run in Thoroughbred races. Additionally, Goodpaster discusses the races that Kadbara won throughout her brief racing career.

Keywords: Barns; Delaware; Eyes; Foals; Honest; Jockey clubs; Jockeys; Kadabra (Race horse); Kind; Lexington (Ky.); Louisville (Ky.); Smart

Subjects: Horse industry; Horse racing; Horses; Keeneland (Ky.); Mare; Races

01:05:31 - Maintaining horse racing in Kentucky / Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: Well, they're having me ask everybody one question and everybody gets to a, answer the same question and it is, what can Kentucky do to help maintain Kentucky as the horse capital of the world?

Segment Synopsis: Goodpaster gives his opinion on what the state of Kentucky needs to do in order to keep its position as a premier locale for horse racing in the world. Goodpaster then describes the buyer of his white horses.

Keywords: Betters; Buyers; Farms; Great; Kentucky; New tracks; Nice; Race tracks (Horse racing); White horses; Wife

Subjects: Breeding; Friend; Horse industry; Horses; Keeneland, (Ky.); People; Selling