Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Garnett Richardson, December 8, 2006

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Childhood home and recreation

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Partial Transcript: There we go. All right, this is Dale Johnson.

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses his childhood home and recreation.

Keywords: Brothers; Homes; Houses; Swimming holes

Subjects: Childhood; Dwellings; Families.; Recreation; Swimming

00:03:04 - Family farm

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Partial Transcript: How did your family make a living?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses his family's work on the farm. Richardson also discusses where they got water, how they handled wastewater, and how they disposed of trash.

Keywords: Farming; Food; Garbage; Outhouses; Trash; Water; Wells

Subjects: Agriculture; Families.; Family farms; Plumbing.; Refuse and refuse disposal.; Sewerage.

00:07:38 - Toys and food

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Partial Transcript: Um, how did they make toys? And where did you get your toys from, or did you like--

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses getting toys at Christmas. Richardson also talks about what he liked to eat as a child.

Keywords: Boiled corn; Corn; Eating; Potatoes; Supper; Toys

Subjects: Childhood; Christmas; Families.; Food; Food habits

00:09:58 - Types of beds / going to school

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Partial Transcript: How did everybody sleep in a room?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses the type of beds his family had. Richardson also discusses going to school.

Keywords: Beds; Farming; Feather ticks; Feathers; Gardens; Middle schools; One-room schoolhouses; Sleep; Sleeping

Subjects: Agriculture; Childhood; Education; Families.; Farms; Rural schools--Kentucky; Schools

00:12:33 - Family and games

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Partial Transcript: Did you get married?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses his wife and daughter. Richardson also discusses games he played and animals his family had.

Keywords: Books; Children; Cows; Family; Farms; Games; Hide-and-seek; Horses; Horseshoe pitching; Horseshoes; Pigs; Spouses

Subjects: Animals; Childhood; Families.; Marriage; Recreation

00:16:17 - College and jobs / special occasions

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Partial Transcript: Um, did very many people, uh, around you go to college?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses how often people around him went to college. Richardson discusses his job on the family farm and his wedding. Richardson talks about Christmas.

Keywords: College; Farming; Jobs; Mines; Movies; Work

Subjects: Agriculture; Careers; Christmas; Education; Employment--Kentucky; Farms; Marriage; Motion pictures; Occupations; Weddings

00:19:05 - First car

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Partial Transcript: Did you own a car?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses his first car. Richardson also discusses his age when televisions came out and his age now.

Keywords: Age; Cars; Ford; Pickup trucks; Television; Trucks

Subjects: Automobiles; Ford automobile.; Vehicles

00:21:10 - Mother's quilts and soups / feeding animals

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Partial Transcript: Did your mother make quilts?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses his mother's quilts and soup. Richardson discusses how he used to deal with cold weather and how he fed animals on the farm.

Keywords: Animals; Cold weather; Mothers; Quilts; Snow; Soup; Winter

Subjects: Families.; Family farms

00:22:59 - Marbles / hunting and fishing

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Partial Transcript: Do you have a favorite sport?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses playing marbles when he was young. Richardson also discusses hunting and fishing.

Keywords: Deer; Marbles (Game); Outdoors; Rabbits

Subjects: Childhood; Fishing; Hunting; Recreation

00:25:18 - Family time / school books

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Partial Transcript: So, um, like, did you pick the flowers or did your mother pick the flowers from the garden?

Segment Synopsis: Richardson discusses flowers grown in his family's garden. Richardson also discusses his school books, his family's heating system, and spending time with his father.

Keywords: Books; Family time; Fathers; Flowers; Gardening; Gardens; Heating; Quality time; School

Subjects: Education; Families.; Rural schools--Kentucky