Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Sitter Ruth, December 11, 2006

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:04 - Early life / PRIDE and recycling

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Partial Transcript: Hello, uh, this is Dale Johnson at Manchester Elementary.

Segment Synopsis: Ruth describes her early life, as well as a brief mentioning of PRIDE and its programs. Additionally, Ruth examines how much she has recycled throughout her life.

Keywords: Brightshade (Ky.); Clay County (Ky.); Clothing; Doctors; Garbage; Garrard County (Ky.); Houses; Moving; Outhouses; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Pumps; Recycled materials; Saw mills; Town balls; Trash

Subjects: Baseball; Basketball; Environment; Environmental protection; Environmentalism; Father; Life; Newspapers; Plumbing.; Recycling (Waste, etc.); Sewing; Well

00:08:32 - Childhood--Education

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Partial Transcript: Would you like to, sh, share your childhood, like going to school?

Segment Synopsis: Ruth continues with a description of her childhood in Eastern Kentucky, mainly focusing upon school.

Keywords: Beans; Biscuits; Blackboards; Boiling; Books; Buckets; Cabbage; Classes; Cloth; Coal; Corn; Creeks; Crops; Curtains; Dining tables; Dresses; Food; Goldilocks; Janitors; Life; Lunches; Money; Mountains; Mud; Outhouses; Paddles; Peanut butter; Pockets; Potatoes; Punishments; Recess; Rivers; Siblings; Three Little Pigs; Tobacco; Walking; Washing clothes; Washtubs; Water; Weeds; Whipping; White bread; Winters; Wood stoves; Worms

Subjects: Childhood; Clay County (Ky.); Education--Kentucky; Families.; Schools; Teachers

00:16:03 - Christmas and winter / notable childhood experience

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Partial Transcript: What was your all's, what was your all's Christmas like back then?

Segment Synopsis: Ruth chronicles what a typical Christmas was like for her growing up.

Keywords: Apples; Britches; Candy; Chewing gum; Christmas tree; Clothes; Coats; Decorations; Fathers; Gifts; Hallways; Life; Long underwear; Oranges; Ornaments; Paper; Pumps; Punishments; Shorts; Siblings; Snow; Snowmen; Trimming; Wells; Whipping; Winters; Wood; Wood stoves

Subjects: Childhood; Christmas; Clay County (Ky.)

00:21:33 - Childhood--Houses and recreation

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Partial Transcript: Did you live on a hill or on flat ground?

Segment Synopsis: Ruth briefly describes the two houses she lived in during her childhood. Following this, Ruth lists her childhood activities other than school.

Keywords: Biscuits; Cards; Christmas verses; Cold; Dairy Queen; Fireplaces; Friends; Houses; Level-ground; Life; Offerings; Peanut butter; Penny; Piano lessons; Pianos; Railroad tracks; Singing; Songs; Speckled hens; Sunday school

Subjects: Childhood; Clay County (Ky.); Manchester (Ky.); Recreation