Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Heather Hill Miller, January 12, 2007

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:08 - Early life / garbage and sewage

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Partial Transcript: Uh, this is Dale Johnson with PRIDE and today we're at the Corbin Middle School in Corbin, Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Miller describes her childhood in detail. Additionally, disposal of garbage and sewage respectively are considered, both now and in years past.

Keywords: Aunts; Baseball; Bedrooms; Bicycles; City garbage; City sewer; City water; Coal processing plant; Dumps; Fathers; Flourides; Frisbee; Games; Garbage collection; Grandparents; Hill; Houses; Jobs; Jump-rope; Kickball; Life; Mothers; Outdoors; Outhouse; Railroad tracks; Recess; Red rover (Game); S. Main Street; Schools; Water quality; Wiffle ball; Woods

Subjects: Childhood; Corbin (Ky.); Families.; Plumbing.; Recreation; Refuse and refuse disposal.; Sewerage.

00:04:20 - Human waste disposal / safe environment

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Partial Transcript: Has the way human waste is disposed of changed over the years, and if so, how?

Segment Synopsis: Miller reflects upon the improvements made to the disposal of human waste throughout the years. Miller also lists what she would do in order to have a safe and cleaner environment in her community.

Keywords: Aluminum; Cereal boxes; Community; Costs; Disposal; Human waste; Life; Paper; Plastic; Raw materials; Recycling; Resources; Sewers; Wrapping paper

Subjects: Environment; Environmentalism; Health; Plumbing.; Refuse and refuse disposal.; Septic tanks; Sewerage.

00:06:28 - Work

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Partial Transcript: And, uh, what is your occupation, and can you describe a day's work for us?

Segment Synopsis: Miller describes a typical day at work. She works as an office assistant for Cumberland Valley Rural Conservation and Development, a regional non-profit.

Keywords: Agri-tourism; Applicants; Bills; Board members; Checks; Conservation districts; Contractor; Counties; Cumberland Valley R.C. & D; Cumberland Valley Rural Conservation and Development; Deposit banking; Grants; Health Department; Inspection; Land; Money; Non-profit organizations; Office assistants; Paperwork; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Resources; Septic systems; Sewer hookups

Subjects: Employment--Kentucky; Environmentalism; Occupations

00:10:58 - PRIDE's impact / recycling

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Partial Transcript: So, has PRIDE helped anyone you know such as family, friends, and if so, how?

Segment Synopsis: Miller examines PRIDE and its impact upon her friends and family. Miller then talks of her experiences with recycling.

Keywords: Aluminum; Awareness; Christmas garland; Counties; Egg cartons; Fathers; Furniture; Furniture disposal; Glass; Littering; Paper; Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment (PRIDE); Recycling; Trash; Wrapping paper

Subjects: Environmental protection; Environmentalism; Recycling (Waste, etc.); Recycling programs