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00:00:10 - Early life and career

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Partial Transcript: Now, tell me about where you were born and what your early background was.

Segment Synopsis: Haggin briefly discusses his early life and service in World War I. Haggin also details his career as an civil engineer and his work in a construction company following the Great Depression. Haggin's involvement in the wintertime races in Tijuana is also mentioned.

Keywords: Business partners; Construction; Council Bluffs (Iowa); Great Depression; Iowa State University; Mules; Racing charts; Racing forms; Virginia; World War I

Subjects: Depressions--1929; Education; Engineering; Friend; Grandparents; Horse racing; Horses; Money; Morse code; Officer; Parents; Railroad; Thoroughbred; Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico); World War, 1914-1918

00:13:01 - Tijuana racing

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Partial Transcript: How did he think you knew enough to make a chart? I, uh--was it complicated then?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin describes the dynamics of the Tijuana racetrack, focusing upon where the horse owners and riders originated from.

Keywords: Agua Caliente Racetrack; Business partners; California; Circuits; Council Bluffs (Iowa); Horse riders; Juarez (Mexico); Kentucky; Louisville (Ky.); New Orleans (La.); New York; Racing charts; St Louis (Mo.)

Subjects: Experience; Horse owners; Horse racing; Horses; Railroad; Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico); Winter

00:20:48 - Life after Tijuana

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Partial Transcript: Well, now where did you come from--where did you go from Tijuana, and who did you go with?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin discusses his career in the horse industry following his departure from Tijuana.

Keywords: Agua Caliente Racetrack; Ashland (Ky.); Chicago (Ill.); Construction; Council Bluffs (Iowa); Press boxes; Race tracks (Horse racing)

Subjects: Churchill Downs (Louisville, Ky. : Racetrack); Friend; Horse industry; Horse racing; Horses; Money; Press; Railroad; Selling; Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico)

00:26:42 - Keeneland

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Partial Transcript: When did you first come to Keeneland?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin talks of Keeneland as it was when it first opened in the 1930s. Haggin also discusses Keeneland in more recent times, as well as the most interesting races that took place there.

Keywords: Bets; Bull Lea (Race horse); Citation (Race horse); Coaltown; Horse names; Letters; Lexington (Ky.); Opening; Racetracks; Riders; Secretary; Traffic

Subjects: Churchill Downs Incorporated; Horse racing; Horses; Keeneland (Lexington, Ky.); Mare; Paddock; Police; Sales; Segregation; Stables; Training

00:36:42 - Chart making / Improvements to tracks

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Partial Transcript: Has the chart making always taken the same form that you call to a chart?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin briefly describes the chart making process for the horse races. Next, Haggin details the improvements to racetracks throughout the years.

Keywords: Announcing; Chart making; Fairgrounds; Horse riders; Improvements; New York; PA system; Public announcement systems; Short hand; Starts; Sunlight

Subjects: Horse indsutry; Horse racing; Horses; Keeneland Association (Lexington, Ky.); Memory; Money; Races; Technology

00:42:11 - Best Kentucky Derby

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Partial Transcript: The best Derby ride I ever saw that should have never have been...

Segment Synopsis: Haggin gives his opinion on the best Kentucky Derby that he has ever witnessed.

Keywords: Jet Pilot (Race horse); Kentucky; Overnight races

Subjects: Churchill Downs Incorporated; Horse industry; Horse racing; Horses; Kentucky Derby

00:47:01 - Churchill Downs

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Partial Transcript: Uh, what, what was Colonel Winn like?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin highlights some of the most prominent figures in the operations of Churchill Downs including Col. Matt Winn, and Russell Sweeney. Additionally, Haggin talks of his own time spent at Churchill downs throughout the mid-twentieth century.

Keywords: Colonel Matt Winn; Darkrooms; Dates; Douglas Park Racetrack; Fairgrounds; Fire chiefs; Fire ladders; Glass plates; New Orleans (La.); Newspaper columnists; Press boxes; Racetracks; Racing books; Russell Sweeney

Subjects: Churchill Downs Incorporated; Horse racing; Keeneland (Ky.); Kentucky Derby; Press; Promoters; Staff; Twentieth century

00:53:36 - Civil rights protest at the racetrack / Additions to racetracks

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Partial Transcript: I remember the day that the--those boys ran across the racetrack.

Segment Synopsis: Haggin provides an account of a protest by civil rights advocates the Monday before the Kentucky Derby, in which people ran onto the track during a race. Haggin then examines the improvements and additions to many racetracks throughout the country, including Kentucky.

Keywords: Chicago (Ill.); Dade Park Racetrack; Ellis Park; Flooding; Martin Luther King, Jr.; New York; Protests; Race tracks; Rivers; Saratoga (N.Y.); Seating

Subjects: Atmosphere; Churchill Downs Incorporated; Civil rights movement; Horse racing; Kentucky Derby; National guard; Weather

01:00:05 - Bill Corum

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Partial Transcript: What was Bill Corum like?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin describes Bill Corum, a prominent sportswriter in the horse racing realm.

Keywords: Bill Corum; Lexington (Ky.); Louisville (Ky.); Majors; Press boxes

Subjects: Churchill Downs Incorporated; Death; Horse racing; Journalists; Keeneland (Ky.); Newspapers; Officer; World War II

01:03:57 - New York horse racing / Kentucky horse racing / John Oliver Keene

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Partial Transcript: What do you think about the situation in New York?

Segment Synopsis: Haggin assesses the status of the horse racing industry in New York state, and how this has changed over time. Additionally, Haggin compares this situation to the quality of horse racing in Kentucky. Haggin then describes John Oliver Keene, one of the founders of Keeneland racetrack.

Keywords: Betting; California; Costs; Different; Horse riders; John Oliver Keene; Kentucky; Kentucky horses; Letters; Lexington (Ky.); Marriages; New York; Off-track betting; Plans; Problems; Programming

Subjects: Administration; Brother; Death; Gambling; Horse racing; Horse trainers; Horses; Keeneland (Ky.)