Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Robert Lehmann, May 4, 1970

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:18 - First Kentucky Derby / Buying his farm

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Partial Transcript: --stay at the Brown Hotel.

Segment Synopsis: Lehmann and his wife describe the first Kentucky Derby that they attended in the 1940s. Lehmann then discusses the purchase of his horse farm, and the process of buying and subsequently raising horses (with little experience).

Keywords: Buying and selling; Estates; Florida; Investments; Kentucky; Land; Ohio; Prices; Purchases; Quiet; Raising horses; Subdivisions; Tax laws; Wife; Wives

Subjects: Dog racing; Farms; Father; Grandfather; Horse racing; Horses; Kentucky Derby; Mare; Retirement

00:10:12 - Friendship with banker Robert Lehman / Interest in racing

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Partial Transcript: Uh, incidentally, the guy that introduced me to it is the Robert Lehman--the other Robert Lehman horseman.

Segment Synopsis: Lehmann examines his acquaintanceship with prominent banker Robert Lehman. The two met through a mutual friend due to Lehman's interest in horse racing. The interviewee also explains what his primary goal is in regard to horse racing.

Keywords: Art collections; Companies; New York (N.Y.); Paintings; Pan Am; Robert Lehman; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (N.Y.)

Subjects: Banker; Business; Father; Horse racing; Horses; Interest; Kentucky Derby; Lehman Brothers; Luck; Money; Mutual friend; Relaxation; Retirement; Wealth

00:18:34 - Horse training

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Partial Transcript: Well how, how did you get on...

Segment Synopsis: Lehmann talks of his varying attitudes towards horse trainers throughout the years.

Keywords: Boarding; Farms; Florida; Private stables; Public stables; Racetracks; Satisfied

Subjects: Foals; Horse industry; Horse trainers; Horses; Money; Training

00:22:02 - Races / Raising horses / Horse industry

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Partial Transcript: Okay now, uh, when was the, uh--when did you start going to the races again?

Segment Synopsis: Lehmann discusses his return to the horse racing circuit following the aging of several new horses. Lehmann also explains why he only raises horses, and does not buy them unless it is necessary to do so. The business side of the horse industry (buying and selling horses) is also discussed.

Keywords: Arkansas; Buying horses; Florida; Kentucky; Oaklawn Racing & Gaming; Prices; Raising horses; Turnover; Winners

Subjects: Farms; Foals; Horse breeders; Horse industry; Horse racing; Horses; Kentucky Derby; Mares; Money; Races; Triple Crown (U.S. horse racing)