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00:00:11 - Involvement with WRFL

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Partial Transcript: Why don't you just tell me who you are, and what you do, and what you did, um, at the outset of WRFL?

Segment Synopsis: Collins reflects upon his involvement in the founding of WRFL as an audio engineer.

Keywords: Antennas; Equipment; Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Office towers; Student centers; Studios; Transmitters; WRFL

Subjects: Air conditioning; College radio stations; Education; Engineer; Friend; Journalism; Kentucky Educational Television; Logistics; Memories; Radio stations; Retirement; University of Kentucky

00:11:01 - Location of WRFL / WRFL programming

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember what that space was before WRFL?

Segment Synopsis: Collins talks of the space that WRFL occupies in the student center, and what that area was used for prior to the creation of WRFL. Additionally, Collins talks of the programming that WRFL has broadcast throughout the years. The broadcast range of WRFL is also mentioned.

Keywords: Associated Press News; Barber shops; Bookstores; Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Lexington (Ky.); Politics; Programming; Radio shows; Satellites; Student centers; Transmission range; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; Limestone; Maintenance; Radio stations; Transmission; University of Kentucky

00:21:19 - Radio now / Errors

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Partial Transcript: What do you think's the likelihood of pulling off something like that today?

Segment Synopsis: Collins discusses the climate of radio today, and whether or not it would be difficult to establish a radio station like WRFL now. Subsequently, Collins recalls some of the most significant errors that occurred at WRFL (in terms of technological errors caused by negligence).

Keywords: Changes; Cigarettes; Computers; Consoles; Machines; Rude; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; Cost; Errors; Money; Pictures; Public television; Radio stations; Technology; University of Kentucky; Work

00:25:08 - Original people at WRFL

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Partial Transcript: Any recollections really of like just, the kind of, you know, kind of odd character of WRFL.

Segment Synopsis: Collins describes the most interesting people during the early days of WRFL. The nature of WRFL's programming is also mentioned.

Keywords: "Safe harbor"; Ashley Judd; Bands; DJ; Deejays; Disc jockeys; Federal Communications Commission (FCC); Interesting; Production; Promos; Radio shows; Records; Variety; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; Radio stations; Sound; Trust; University of Kentucky; Voice

00:31:45 - Obstacles / Technology

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Partial Transcript: Um, were there any hurdles that kind of--that ever, that ever worried you in the process?

Segment Synopsis: Collins considers the challenges that he and the others at the radio station faced when WRFL was becoming established. Additionally, Collins discusses the progression of radio technology throughout the years.

Keywords: Audio signals; FM radio; Library; Phone lines; Studios; WRFL; WUKY

Subjects: College radio stations; National Public Radio (U.S.); Noise; Radio stations; Streaming audio; Technology; University of Kentucky

00:35:32 - Memories of WRFL / Book on history of radio in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: So, what are your--do you have any, um, any other par--any of fond memories of, uh--

Segment Synopsis: Collins details his favorite memories of WRFL in the 1980s. Subsequently, Collins discusses a book that provides an overview of the history of broadcast radio in Kentucky (which includes a mentioning of WRFL).

Keywords: Alumni; Books; Commercial radio; Consoles; Dedication; History of broadcast; Kentucky; Opening; Studios; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; History; Memories; Morse code; People; Radio stations; Smoking; Staff; Unique; University of Kentucky