Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Victoria Beauvais Martin, April 17, 2009

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:14 - Career now / Time at WRFL

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Partial Transcript: And if you'll just say, um, your name, uh, what you do...

Segment Synopsis: Martin briefly discusses her career in journalism. Martin then reflects upon how she became involved in WRFL, as well as her time at the University of Kentucky.

Keywords: Boston College; Cape Cod Times; Louisville (Ky.); Maryland; Massachusetts; Money; Morrissey (Artist); Mutual friends; News; Scholarships; Songs; Steven Patrick Morrissey (Artist); Voice; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; Journalism; Radio stations; University of Kentucky

00:06:55 - Starting at WRFL

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Partial Transcript: Well, let's talk about when you first--so when you first, uh, walked through the door, if you will.

Segment Synopsis: Martin talks of when she first began to work at WRFL. Martin also describes the connection between her major of journalism and her work on the news program at WRFL.

Keywords: Classes; Family; Friends; Louisville Courier-Journal; News; Quiet; Student center; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; Editing; Grammar; Journalism; People; Radio stations; Sports; University of Kentucky; Writing

00:15:44 - News at WRFL

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Partial Transcript: Um, t, t--one of the things that is just sort of, uh, very elusive about the early days of RFL, in my mind anyway, is the concept of, of news and, and a news staff.

Segment Synopsis: Martin details her experience of working for WRFL in its news department. The difficulties of preparing radio news are also described.

Keywords: Associated Press News; Passion; Radio shows; Stories; Stressful; WRFL

Subjects: Alcohol; College radio stations; Pacifica Foundation; People; Radio stations; Sports; Staff; Technique; Time; University of Kentucky; Work

00:23:15 - Work as a DJ

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Partial Transcript: You eventually, were--you eventually wound up on the air.

Segment Synopsis: Martin chronicles her career as a DJ at WRFL. The work environment at WRFL during this time is then characterized.

Keywords: Competitive; DJs; Deejays; Disc jockeys; Genres; Judgmental; Music directors; Record reviews; WRFL

Subjects: College radio stations; Friend; Music; Radio stations; Staff; University of Kentucky

00:28:57 - WRFL and journalism

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Partial Transcript: A lot of people who work at the radio station go on to careers in an assortment of creative fields.

Segment Synopsis: Martin explains the relevance of her career in journalism to her experience of working at WRFL within the news department.

Keywords: Different; Diversity; Editors; Massachusetts; Media; News; Stories; Variety; WRFL

Subjects: Careers; College radio stations; Experience; Journalism; People; Radio stations; University of Kentucky

00:32:19 - Memories of WRFL

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Partial Transcript: Do you have, um--has this, has this inspired any other r, uh, recollections...

Segment Synopsis: Martin shares her memories of WRFL and the staff who worked there.

Keywords: Family; Friends; Intelligent; Movies; Shows; Staff meetings; The Church (Artist); The Church (band); Treatment; Truthful; WRFL

Subjects: Bartending; Bond; Celebrities; College radio stations; Jellybeans; Life; People; Radio stations; Staff; University of Kentucky; Work

00:41:34 - WRFL news now / Final thoughts

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Partial Transcript: I don't know what happened after I left the school.

Segment Synopsis: Martin considers what WRFL news is like today in comparison to when she worked there. Additionally, Martin gives her final thoughts on what working at WRFL means to her.

Keywords: Alternative music; News; Power upgrade; WRFL; iHeartMedia Inc

Subjects: College radio stations; Emotions; Memories; Music; Perspective; Press; Professor; Radio stations; University of Kentucky