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00:00:00 - Family history

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Partial Transcript: I mean, when your family came over?

Segment Synopsis: Crane discusses her family's journey to Lexington. She describes her mother's family. She talks about the stores her family owned in downtown Lexington around 1917. She discusses her mother. She talks about where her family lived in Lexington.

Keywords: Douglass School; Downtown Lexington (Ky.); Fathers; Grandfathers; Homes; Houses; Immigration; Mothers; Stores

Subjects: Immigrants--Kentucky--Lexington; Jewish businesspeople--Kentucky--Lexington.; Jewish families--Kentucky.; Lexington (Ky.)

00:07:54 - Grandfather's store

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Partial Transcript: But wasn't their store on Broadway? Near Broadway and Main?

Segment Synopsis: Crane talks about the store her grandfather started in Lexington which her mother eventually took over. She talks about how people in the Jewish community would patronize their friends' stores.

Keywords: Dry goods stores; Grandfathers; Neighborhoods; Patronizing stores

Subjects: Jewish businesspeople--Kentucky--Lexington.; Jews--Kentucky--Lexington.

00:16:18 - Family stores

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Partial Transcript: So wait, how many stores did your family--it sounds like they had multiple s--how many st--so, your mom--?

Segment Synopsis: Crane talks about the various stores her family owned and their locations in Lexington during the 1950s. She describes the entire strip made up of Jewish store owners.

Keywords: Businesses; Dress shops; Fathers; Lexington, Kentucky; Mothers; Smells; Stores

Subjects: Jewish businesspeople--Kentucky--Lexington.; Jewish families--Kentucky.; Jews--Kentucky--Lexington.

00:26:11 - Grandmother's gift

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Partial Transcript: Do you all remember your grandparents? Were they living?

Segment Synopsis: Crane talks about her grandmother and describes a tablecloth she gave Crane from Europe. Crane says she does not remember much about her grandmother.

Keywords: Family; Gifts; Grandmother; Grandparents; Heirlooms; Memories; Tablecloth

Subjects: Jewish families--Kentucky.

00:37:40 - Grandfather's store closes

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Partial Transcript: And eventually my grandparents' store moved to the corner of Third and Race. And I guess when they--my grandfather died pretty young, not young, but he was--.

Segment Synopsis: Crane talks about her grandfather's death. She talks about how her parents kept up the store and her father opened a jewelry store and discusses when the stores closed.

Keywords: Deaths; Fathers; Grandfathers; Jewelry stores

Subjects: Jewish businesspeople--Kentucky--Lexington.; Jewish families--Kentucky.; Jews--Kentucky--Lexington.

00:42:05 - How her parents met / involvement in Jewish community

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Partial Transcript: How did your parents meet?

Segment Synopsis: Crane talks about how her parents met and their elopement to Louisville. She talks about her parents' involvement in the Jewish community in Lexington in the 1950s.

Keywords: Chickens; Cincinnati (Ohio); Dates; Fathers; Friends; Jewish families; Kosher butchers; Louisville (Ky.); Marriage; Meeting; Mothers; Non-Jewish friends; Synagogues

Subjects: Jewish families--Kentucky.; Jews--Kentucky--Lexington.

00:50:42 - Jewish holidays

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Partial Transcript: So what were high holidays like when you all were growing up?

Segment Synopsis: Crane describes how her family celebrated Passover and Rosh Hashanah. She talks about her favorite memory of walking home from the synagogue on Yom Kippur and singing with her family and friends. She tells a story about a monkey tearing her new dress.

Keywords: Fontaine Road (Lexington, Ky.); High holidays; Jewish families; Kimball House; Monkeys; New dresses; Passover; Rabbis; Rosh Hashanah; Steinbergs; Synagogues; Uncles; Walking; Yom KIppur

Subjects: Fasts and feasts--Judaism.; Jews--Kentucky--Lexington.; Judaism

01:00:20 - Jewish families and relatives

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Partial Transcript: So were your closest friends Jewish, growing up?

Segment Synopsis: Crane discusses where she met her friends and whether most of her friends were Jewish. She talks at length about the neighborhood she grew up in and the families in the area. She talks about her relatives and why some people keep track of their relatives for fewer generations than others. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Connections; Friends; Genealogies; Grandmother's family; High schools; Jewish community; Jewish families; Neighborhoods; Relatives; Synagogues; Yom Kippur

Subjects: Jewish families--Kentucky.; Jews--Kentucky--Lexington.; Lexington (Ky.)