Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Glenna Turner, November 26, 2010

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Introduction / house fire

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Partial Transcript: Today is November 26th, 2010.

Segment Synopsis: Glenna Turner begins to tell stories of her life. First, she explains a fire that had occurred when she was a teenager. Her house burned down in the middle of the night. She explains that she lost all her clothes. No one ever knew what caused the fire. They were never able to repair the house. Everyone survived the fire.

Keywords: Memories; Stories

Subjects: Fires.

00:03:09 - Family / spider / tornado

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Partial Transcript: Looks like you have, uh, Frank and Mary Anne. Is Mary Anne--Mary Anne is your sister, yes?

Segment Synopsis: Turner tells a story of her brother-in-law. Her brother-in-law passed away from cancer. She was a singer for a long time. She sang for churches. A spider bit her, and she tells the story of how it happened. She described what it looked like and what she did to make it stop. She accidentally swallowed a spider, but she got it out.

Keywords: Churches; Drunk; Family; Food; Spiders

Subjects: Families.

00:12:03 - Bicycle / cows

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Partial Transcript: Um, something about a bicycle?

Segment Synopsis: Turner tells a story of her son taking her bicycle apart. She had a job as a child that involved her helping an elderly couple. She trained their dog to herd the cows. The dog only did the job for her and not for her owner. At the same job, she would help cook. A pressure cooker exploded and she won't use one to this day.

Keywords: Bicycles; Cows; Memories

Subjects: Childhood; Dogs.

00:19:23 - Siblings

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Partial Transcript: Now, you're the second of--

Segment Synopsis: Turner is the second oldest child in her family. The oldest child is her sister Mary Anne. There were ten children in total. She helped to raise her younger brothers and sisters.

Keywords: Family; Memories; Siblings

Subjects: Families.

00:20:16 - A story from her childhood--Lowell

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Partial Transcript: We've not come to Lowell yet, have we?

Segment Synopsis: There was a boy who was infatuated with Turner when she was growing up. She was not interested in him. She tells how she got him to leave her alone. She also explains that it is ironic because they are going to be buried in the same cemetery. She is to be buried in a row that is close to him. She jokes that she couldn't actually escape him in the end.

Keywords: Boys; Infatuation; Navy

Subjects: Childhood

00:26:05 - Family visits

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Partial Transcript: So, did you spend a lot of time at, uh, Mary Anne and Frank's house?

Segment Synopsis: Every summer Turner would go to Berea to visit her sister and brother-in-law. She explains that when her boys became teenagers they would not go with her anymore. She would still go on her own. She discusses her other sister named Chris. She lives in Dayton, Ohio. She is the sister that she accidentally 'knocked over.' Her sister was pregnant, and she was very large. She told her that she was going to have twins and her sister just fell over. Her sister was not very happy about having twins. She ended up having a boy and a girl.

Keywords: Berea (Ky.); Family; Twins; Visiting

Subjects: Families.

00:29:27 - Big red dog

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Partial Transcript: What is this about someone stealing something up out of a garden?

Segment Synopsis: Turner's mother had a dog that she loved. It was well trained. He loved kids so no one was allowed to discipline a child around the dog. Someone began stealing potatoes out of her mother's garden. One day they caught who was doing it and the dog chased them. They had an old man that did not like the dog and he would constantly try to kill him. Her mom would run him off.

Keywords: Gardens

Subjects: Childhood; Dogs.

00:34:38 - Animals

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Partial Transcript: It seems there's a lot of stories with a lot of animals.

Segment Synopsis: Tuner says that a horse kept getting on their back porch so her father shot it with popping corn to get it to stop. They discuss her father's roosters. He would mess with them and taught them to fight. The roosters would peck the postman. They had to get rid of them so they gave the roosters to the neighbor.

Keywords: Fighting; Horses; Roosters

Subjects: Animals

00:39:02 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: Now, I have below here--so you--I know you, you married Ray, right?

Segment Synopsis: Turner married her husband when she was nineteen. She was married in Jeffersonville, Indiana. She explains what it took to get married. She says she was 'goofy.' Her children came out of the marriage so she is grateful.

Keywords: Indiana

Subjects: Marriage

00:40:11 - Great granddaughter / brother

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Partial Transcript: Are there any other stories that you wanted to share?

Segment Synopsis: Turner begins speaking of her great granddaughter, but sidetracks to her brother. Her brother Curtis was very sick. She tells of her last days with him. She tells a story of her great grand-daughter. The girl was only four years old. She used large words that most four year old children would not know.

Keywords: Death; Family; Memories; Stories

Subjects: Families.

00:45:30 - Parenting

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Partial Transcript: I remember you mentioning something about you, you talked a lot about your boys and raising your boys.

Segment Synopsis: Turner says she only whipped her children once. She tells a few funny stories about raising her kids. She briefly discusses her parents and childhood. She explains that they were strict, but she had a happy childhood. She was strict with her children like her parents were strict with their children. She says that she would die for her children because she loves them so much.

Keywords: Boys; Love; Memories; Stories

Subjects: Childhood; Families.

00:55:28 - Memories of her family

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Partial Transcript: Well is there anything you can think of, anything thing that, um--anything you'd like to share?

Segment Synopsis: Turner explains that people couldn't believe that she never had to spank her children. When her children were six months old she would smack their hands to make them mind. She shares more stories of her father and mother. Her father and her children were very close. She tells various stories of her family. Family is very important to her.

Keywords: Advice; Family; Memories; Parenting

Subjects: Families.

01:03:18 - Advice to mothers

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Partial Transcript: So if you have any advice to give any mother of, of boys what would your number one piece of advice be?

Segment Synopsis: Turner explains that you have to start disciplining your children at six months old, that way when they are toddlers they will behave. She helped raise many children.

Keywords: Advice; Parenting

Subjects: Families.

01:06:46 - Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: I know I asked you when we first started if there was anything you, you wanted to kinda get out of--you know, to share your story...

Segment Synopsis: They talk about the weather and keep up a bit of small talk until the recording ends. She does discuss her age. Her memory is still in tact and she is grateful for that. She finishes the recording with a few more stories.

Keywords: Legacy; Life; Memories

Subjects: Older people