Interview with Ann Kleeb, April 28, 2011

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:08 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Why not--why don't we start out--why don't we begin--by you first sharing with me your deep interest and desire to become a psychic adviser?

Segment Synopsis: Ann Kleeb explains that becoming a psychic adviser may allow her to help her sick daughter. Becoming a psychic adviser has other benefits, which she explains. She also explains how she may go about becoming a psychic adviser.

Keywords: Advisers; Intuitive; Psychics

Subjects: Hospice care.; Spirituality.

00:03:17 - Family

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Partial Transcript: Now about my history.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb begins by explaining the house she was born into. Her mother never learned how to do very much domestic work so she became a teacher. She tells her family history and about her ancestors. Her father had ADHD. He had difficult time keeping a job. Her grandmother raised them. The family lost the farm and they had to move to town. She tells the history of the town. She tells of her school years.

Keywords: Canton (Mo.); Family; Heritage; Schools

Subjects: Families.; Missouri

00:11:40 - College and life in Chicago

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Partial Transcript: I got a scholarship and attended the college for three years.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb went to college but dropped out. She feared that she would not be able to find a man that would marry her if she had a degree. Her father died and her mother started selling AVON. She ended up as a manager of math textbook sales. She was always with women so she looked for a different job. At her new job she met her husband. After he got his master's degree in English they got married.

Keywords: Freedom; Work

Subjects: Hospice care.; Illinois

00:12:49 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: I met Bill, my husband, there.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb tells of her marriage and the jobs they both received after. She explains why her husband went into the war. After he was discharged he went to Northwestern University. He was a poetry writer. They moved to Iowa. Then after an award they moved back to Chicago and he worked as a copywriter.

Keywords: Chicago (Ill.); Marriage; Writing

Subjects: Education.

00:16:00 - Children

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Partial Transcript: Our first daughter, Amy, was born the fourth year we were at Iowa.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb's first daughter had the same dysfunctional behavior her father had. She was also severely dyslexic. She explains her daughter's physical issues. Her second child, Fran, was born when they were in Chicago. Her mother moved in with her a short time afterward.

Keywords: Chicago (Ill.); Disease; Family; Money

Subjects: Iowa.

00:17:00 - Belief in the paranormal

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Partial Transcript: While we were in Iowa and I was pregnant with Amy, my brother Burton was in a plane that crashed in Alaska.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb was told that aliens were to blame for her brother's plane accident. From then on she became interested in the paranormal subjects. She became influenced by many of the writers on the subject. She is a believer in Edgar Cayce as a medium and his beliefs. She is still a part of the organization. She gives background information on Edgar Cayce.

Keywords: Psychic; Spirituality; UFOs

Subjects: Association for Research and Enlightenment.; Edgar Cayce Foundation; Hospice care.

00:22:27 - Family life--Young children

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Partial Transcript: Meanwhile as Bill's ad career blossomed, I took care of the girls full time.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb explains the details of raising her children. They settled in Louisville because her husband got a new job. Bill lost his job because the advertisement business fell out. Her husband decided that they should stay in Louisville because he wanted the kids to have a hometown. Money was tight. Her daughter's medical issues cost the family a lot of money and her husband was angry about that. Their marriage suffered because of it. When Amy was about twelve years old they found a learning disability school that gave them answers and calmed tensions.

Keywords: Disabilities; Home; Louisville (Ky.); Mothers; Siblings

Subjects: Families.; Kentucky.

00:25:43 - College

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Partial Transcript: As the girls grew more able to operate without me hovering over them, I applied to the Kent School of Social Work and got a scholarship...

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb went to college in order to figure out what kind of disability her husband had. He had obsessive compulsive disorder. She explained that it took a while for scientists to find a treatment for it. She only finished one of two years at the school. A teacher wanted her to get some psychiatric treatment before she came back for her second year. She had ADHD and the teacher thought that this treatment would help her be a better social worker. She was forced to leave and did not return.

Keywords: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Psychiatric treatment

Subjects: Kent School of Social Work (University of Louisville)

00:27:52 - Work

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Partial Transcript: So I had to go to work then.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb worked for the poverty program. She stayed four years then was fired. She claimed it was a false firing. She sued and won six thousand dollars. She was hired by the state employment department and worked there for two years. She realized that she needed to be in the social services department. She was then hired to the department of child protective services and worked there for 23 years.

Keywords: Employment; Poverty programs; Working

Subjects: Poverty

00:30:16 - Husband and his invention

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Partial Transcript: Meanwhile, Bill invented a back support cushion.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb invented one of the first back support cushions to be on the market after the collapse of his advertisement business. He kept a freelance writing business. He had no research to back up that his cushion could help. That halted because he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Keywords: Cushions; Inventions; Writing

Subjects: Cancer.; Hospice care.

00:31:39 - Retirement, deaths, and remarriage

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Partial Transcript: I retired at seventy.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb retired and her daughter moved back. Her daughter Francis was doing hospice work with her friends. Her friends all had breast cancer and died. She got a masters in art therapy. She met a man. They went to Lexington and bought a condo. She spent three months packing. Her husband was sick and going through treatments. Her husband died shortly after they moved to Lexington. She moved to a smaller apartment. She remarried. They moved to Richmond Place. Her husband died again shortly. The will was being disputed. She called for a psychic and claims her husband told her to keep the money as he had fixed it. She did.

Keywords: Daughters; Death; Husbands; Money; Mothers

Subjects: Hospice care.

00:36:52 - Psychic

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Partial Transcript: I took a year long course in becoming psychic from Colin Ships, the man who brought Fred back to me after his death.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb took a course to try and become psychic. She was not able to gain any skills. The teachers taught her how to trust herself in order to be a psychic. She had an accident and the class sent healing energy to her that she believes helped her. The man who helped her has become addicted to gambling.

Keywords: Healing; Psychics

Subjects: Psychic ability.

00:39:13 - Birthday / psychic experiences

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Partial Transcript: My ninetieth birthday will be April 14th, 2011.

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb had an early birthday party. She takes us through the planning of it and who attended. She said that the party was also like her funeral because she wanted people to say what they wanted to her before she died. She says that she enjoyed it. She then tells of psychic experiences. She used her abilities to contact her loved ones.

Keywords: Birthdays; Experiences; Family; Meditation; Organizing; Psychics

Subjects: Hospice care.; Psychic ability.

00:50:14 - Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: What would you--how would you like to close this?

Segment Synopsis: Kleeb would like her daughters to know that they are the glory of her life. She feels so blessed to have had the chance to raise them. If she can become psychic she hopes to help her children and others.

Keywords: Messages

Subjects: Hospice care.; Psychic ability.