Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Christopher Robinson, June 30th, 2011

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries


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00:00:00 - Introduction / childhood and youth

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Partial Transcript: Alright. We're here in Richmond, Kentucky. We're combat... uh, Kentucky for...

Segment Synopsis: Robinson shares some basic information about himself. He describes some of his childhood and high school experiences.

Keywords: Cartersville (Ky.); Paint Lick (Ky.); basketball; careers; farms; fishing; football; high school; metals; siblings; welding; work

Subjects: United States. National Guard.


Map Coordinates: 37.53321, -84.41002
00:01:50 - Joining the military / September 11th

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Partial Transcript: When did you decide to join... join the military?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson talks about his interest in joining the military. He tells why he waited nearly nine years after his high school graduation to join. He also talks about the impact September 11th made on him and how his family reacted to his joining.

Keywords: 9/11; New York; Robert Kinkade; World War II; deployment; family; genealogy; grandparents; medical units; military; support; terrorist attacks

Subjects: Afghanistan.; Iraq.; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001.; United States. National Guard.

00:05:34 - Choosing the national guard / basic training

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Partial Transcript: Um... why did you choose the national guard?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson tells why he chose the national guard over other branches of the military. He discusses his basic training, as well as the more advanced training he received directly afterwards.

Keywords: 91 Whiskey; AIT; Christmas; Fort Salmon (??) (Tex.); Louisville (Ky.); active duty; advanced individual training; advice; boot camp; combat medic; discipline; family life; farms; friends; honor grads; peers; strength; training; work

Subjects: Basic training (Military education).; United States. Air Force.; United States. Army.; United States. Marine Corps.; United States. National Guard.; United States. Navy.


Map Coordinates: 38.25266, -85.75846
00:09:40 - Decision to stay in the military for life / first day in Iraq

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Partial Transcript: Did you... initially want to stay in the military for life? Do you... you're still in, of course...

Segment Synopsis: Robinson shares his plans to stay in the military until his retirement. He also talks about first arriving in Iraq and where he was stationed there.

Keywords: AK-47s; Camp Bucca (Iraq); Iraqis; attitude; bombs; concertina wire; deployment; detainee operations; detainees; health; heat; prisons; sandstorms; soldiers; weather; wind

Subjects: Iraq.; United States. National Guard.


Map Coordinates: 30.03417, 47.92944
00:13:20 - Pride in military service / education and field of study

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Partial Transcript: So from September to September, one full year... deployment... how did that make you feel?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson tells why he is proud of his military service. He also discusses his educational plans and Eastern Kentucky University's accommodations for veterans.

Keywords: EKU; challenges; children; communication; deployment; discipline; freedom; home; military service; nursing; patients; pride; schoolwork; service; soldiers; work

Subjects: Eastern Kentucky University.; Education.; Iraq.; Medicine, Military.; United States. National Guard.; Veterans--Education (Higher)--Kentucky.

00:18:04 - Eastern Kentucky University / difference from traditional students

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Partial Transcript: Why did you pick Eastern as a... y'know... I understand you live close.

Segment Synopsis: Robinson tells why he chose Eastern Kentucky University over several other schools. He talks about how he differs from the traditional college student, who attends college right after graduating from high school.

Keywords: Richmond (Ky.).; colleges; discipline; military service; nursing; responsibility; studying; universities; veterans; veterans assistance programs

Subjects: Eastern Kentucky University.; Education.; Veterans--Education (Higher)--Kentucky.


Map Coordinates: 37.74786, -84.29465
00:21:32 - Plans for the next five years / retirement / being a career soldier

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Partial Transcript: Where do you see yourself in five years, per se?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson talks about his plans for the next five years, his future retirement with the national guard and his decision to be a career soldier.

Keywords: LPN; brother-in-laws; career soldiers; colonels; experience; licensed nurse practitioner; military officers; monthly income; nursing; officers; physical therapy; retirement; retirement age

Subjects: Education.; United States. Army.; United States. National Guard.

00:24:53 - Personal influences on Robinson / duties in the national guard

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Partial Transcript: Is there anyone else who, um, who is very influential to you?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson discusses how he resolves to learn from others. He also talks about what his current duties are locally in the national guard.

Keywords: Kentucky med command; Lexington (Ky.); PHA's; health; influence; learning from others; medical screenings; periodic health assessment information; weekends

Subjects: United States. Marine Corps.

00:27:06 - Trying to be deployed / the mission of the 1163rd Medical Company / journey to Iraq

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Partial Transcript: OK, so... uh, let's try to trace the steps from, uh... basically the... the moment you heard...

Segment Synopsis: Robinson tells how he tried to find a unit to be deployed with and states how long that took him. He also talks about the journey from Kuwait to Iraq.

Keywords: 1163rd Medical Company; 2123rd Transportation Company; Camp Bucca (Iraq); Camp Buehring (Kuwait); POWs; businesses; deployment; detainee operations; medics; missions; priorities; prisoners of war; redeployment; small businesses

Subjects: Iraq.; Kuwait.; Military service, Voluntary.; United States. National Guard.


Map Coordinates: 30.03997, 47.92056
00:31:43 - Training at Camp Bucca / typical duties / detainees

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Partial Transcript: I'm trying to think... your, your first real experience, then...

Segment Synopsis: Robinson talks about the training he received at Camp Bucca, his duties there and the detainees that he treated.

Keywords: Camp Bucca (Iraq); alarms; bomb sirens; bombs; bunkers; compounds; detainee operations; detainees; doctors; emergency tech; enemies; feigned illnesses; hospitals; liability; med tech; medical needs; news; quadrants; sick call; soldiers; transitions

Subjects: Iraq.; Medicine, Military.


Map Coordinates: 30.03997, 47.92056
00:37:22 - Injuries and casualties / more thoughts on detainees / humorous moments

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Partial Transcript: What, uh... were there any experiences with uh... you know, breaches in security?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson discusses the injuries and casualties of war, particularly related to people he knew in Iraq. He gives more of his thoughts on the detainees and tells several humorous stories.

Keywords: Camp Bucca (Iraq); FOB commander; air conditioners; bunk beds; casualties; detainees; flies; flight line; forward operating base; hospitals; living conditions; medical treatment; pods; psychology; security; soldiers; temporary active duty; trauma

Subjects: Iraq.; Medicine, Military.

00:43:27 - Returning to the United States / re-transition into civilian life

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Partial Transcript: Alright. Pretty good, uh... everybody has those that... always stick with you.

Segment Synopsis: Robinson talks about the preparations to leave Iraq, returning to the United States and his feelings during the first few days of being back.

Keywords: Basara; Camp Bucca (Iraq); FOB; TMC; United States; active duty; anger; deployment; depression; detainees; emotions; families; farm work; forward operating base; girlfriends; parties; relationships; structure; transitions; troop medical unit; units; work

Subjects: Iraq.; Kuwait.; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001.

00:49:07 - Decision to go back to school / Eastern Kentucky University

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Partial Transcript: How long, uh, how long it take you to decide to, uh... come back to school?

Segment Synopsis: Robinson describes his reasons for returning to school. He also discusses Eastern Kentucky University's attitude toward veterans. The interview is concluded.

Keywords: Richmond (Ky.); effort; experience; factories; goals; grades; professors; registration; schooling; student veterans; students; support structure

Subjects: Eastern Kentucky University.; Education.; Veterans--Education (Higher)--Kentucky.


Map Coordinates: 37.74786, -84.29465