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Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 2, 1990

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - The Radcliff family band, Kentucky Country

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Partial Transcript: [Music] We wanted our town to be like other towns.

Segment Synopsis: Ken and Sharon Radcliff, along with their children Nathan (8) and Elizabeth (3), talk about their family band and fiddle playing on a pre-recorded interview. The children play some tunes on their fiddles. A few years later, Bastin finds the Radcliff family again and listens to Elizabeth, now older, perform a song. Two more years later, their band Kentucky Country is performing in Las Vegas along with some new members, like Seth Horton.

Keywords: Child fiddle players; Fiddle music; Fiddles; Kentucky Country (Artist); Singing

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Fiddle tunes.; Fiddlers; Kentucky Country.; Women fiddlers

00:06:37 - The Valley View Ferry on the Kentucky River

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Partial Transcript: We move now from the world of glitz to a peaceful riverbank. It's the Kentucky River at Valley View, located on State Road 169 about halfway between Richmond and Nicholasville. Here, the only way to cross the river is by ferry boat. The Valley View Ferry.

Segment Synopsis: Lee Lamb talks about the Valley View Ferry, the oldest continuously operated business in the state at that time, and how to get a license to run a ferry. He talks about the business the ferry gets.

Keywords: Ferry boats

Subjects: Ferries.; Kentucky River.; Tourism--Kentucky; Valley View (Ky.); Valley View Ferry.

00:11:52 - The Dream Factory

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Partial Transcript: I, I wish I could take credit for the idea really, but I can't.

Segment Synopsis: Charles Henault talks about The Dream Factory, which was started in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and makes dreams come true for terminally ill children. He talks about how he started the organization and some of the things they do.

Keywords: Terminally ill children

Subjects: Terminally ill adolescents; The Dream Factory.

00:20:18 - The viceroy butterfly

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Partial Transcript: Let's take a moment here to meet Kentucky's newest symbol: the viceroy butterfly. Now the official state butterfly of Kentucky thanks to the efforts of the Kentucky Garden Club and Lillian Pace of Bowling Green.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about the viceroy butterfly, which is now the Official Kentucky Butterfly thanks to the Kentucky Garden Club and Lillian Pace of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Keywords: State butterflies; State symbols

Subjects: Butterflies.; Viceroy butterfly; Wildlife conservation.

00:21:17 - Kentucky Vital Statistics Office

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Partial Transcript: Okay, now settle back and get ready for a few chuckles. We're about to talk with Omar Greenman. Omar is from Crittenden County originally, but he also has eastern Kentucky roots, published a newspaper in Robertson County for a while.

Segment Synopsis: Omar Greenman, who worked for the Kentucky Vital Statistics Office, tells some stories from his time there. He mentions how Cassius Clay never changed his name legally to Muhammad Ali and how Loretta Lynn's last name is actually Webb on her birth certificate.

Keywords: Birth names; Changing names; Names

Subjects: Birth certificates; Kentucky Vital Statistics Office.; Vital statistics.

00:31:27 - "America's Funniest Professor"

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Partial Transcript: Okay, we're gonna open this side of Issue 2 of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine" with the man I've labeled 'the funniest man in Kentucky.' But first, a note for anybody who doesn't have a subscription to "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine."

Segment Synopsis: Carl Hurley, called "America's Funniest Professor," is a former professor at Eastern Kentucky University and the winner of the National Speakers Association's Council of Peers Award for Excellence. One of his recorded speeches called "Making Change" is played. Hurley talks about his career and one of his first speeches that he was paid for.

Keywords: Public speakers

Subjects: Comedy.; Speeches.

00:43:17 - History of cheeseburgers

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Partial Transcript: If you told me half the people in the country have eaten a cheeseburger today, I wouldn't argue with you. It's as American as turkey on Thanksgiving. But, in relative terms, it's a rather new American tradition to have a cheeseburger for lunch.

Segment Synopsis: Peg Kaelin talks about cooking the first cheeseburger in October of 1934 at Kaelin's Restaurant on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky, on Newburg Road.

Keywords: Burgers; Original cheeseburgers

Subjects: Cheeseburgers--History.; Hamburgers

00:46:34 - Names in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: A story now about changing times. When Janet Hoover of the Kentucky Cabinet for Human Resources was in the first grade, she was one of three Janets in her room. Last year, only six babies in the entire state were given the name Janet.

Segment Synopsis: Janet Hoover of the Kentucky Cabinet of Human Resources talks about the naming of babies in Kentucky and some of the most popular names. She talks about babies named after Kentucky counties. She talks about unique names and names that are hard to pronounce.

Keywords: Baby names

Subjects: Names, Personal.

00:51:18 - Advocate Brass Band

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Partial Transcript: If you're not driving, close your eyes for a minute and go back with me to a time before radio, TV, even cassette decks. It's a Saturday evening in 1890, and we're on the town square.

Segment Synopsis: George Forman talks about Danville's Advocate Brass Band stand built by a woman named Jimmie McConnell. He talks about the people in the band and the concerts they put on. Bastin concludes the issue.

Keywords: Band stands; Music groups

Subjects: Advocate Brass Band.; Brass bands; Instrumentation and orchestration (Brass band)