Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 3, 1990

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Claude Wayne Fulkerson's voice impressions

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Partial Transcript: [Sound of telephone being dialed, ringing] Hello?

Segment Synopsis: Bastin introduces this issue of Pondering Kentucky and gives previews of some later segments. Claude Wayne Fulkerson, a performer and radio personality, talks about his voice impersonations. He demonstrates some of his impersonations and instrument impressions.

Keywords: Cartoon characters; Commercials; Impersonations; Radio personalities; Voice acting; Voice impressions

Subjects: Celebrity impersonators; Radio; Voice actors and actresses

00:09:28 - The history of basketball

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Partial Transcript: Not too long ago, on the radio version of "Pondering Kentucky," I had a conversation with a fellow who had written a book about the history of basketball.

Segment Synopsis: Virgil Carrithers, who met the man who created basketball, talks about the origins of the sport.

Keywords: James Naismith; Peach baskets

Subjects: Basketball.; Sports.

00:13:05 - Virgil Carrithers' time in the military

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Partial Transcript: Well I can remember a lot of things that people now think are very old I guess. Down at our place on State Street at one time we had four cows.

Segment Synopsis: Carrithers talks about his time in the military in the time during the First World War.

Keywords: Military training camps; WW1; WWI; World War 1; World War I

Subjects: United States. Army--Military life.; World War, 1914-1918

00:17:17 - Kenneth "Ken" Tuckey

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Partial Transcript: Before beginning this story, I need to correct the misprint which appears in our table of contents on the insert card cover of this edition of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine."

Segment Synopsis: Bastin speaks which a man from Australia named Ken Tuckey, who is working at an embassy in the United States, about his name.

Keywords: Kentucky

Subjects: Australia.; Names.

00:20:56 - Jean and Jim Cox's miniature farm animals

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Partial Transcript: If you daydream as you drive through eastern Bullitt County, you just might wake up thinking you've driven into Gulliver's Lilliput.

Segment Synopsis: Jim and Jean Cox talk about their farm of miniature animals and how they got into farming. They give Bastin a tour of the farm as they talk about the different animals.

Keywords: Cows; Farm animals; Farming; Miniature farm animals

Subjects: Cattle.; Dairy farming; Farm life.; Goats.; Livestock.

00:29:00 - Rail-splitting

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Partial Transcript: [Clanking sound] This story sort of takes you back to the mid-1800s. And the fellow using the sledgehammer there just might have given Abe Lincoln fits when it came to determining who was best at rail-splitting.

Segment Synopsis: Ralph Trumbo, a champion rail splitter from LaRue County, Kentucky, talks about rail-splitting.

Keywords: Competitions.; Rail fences; Rail splitters; Rail splitting; Rail-splitters; Rails; Split-rail fences; Wood splitting

Subjects: Contests.

00:36:01 - An 1827 trial in Hancock County, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: You know it's sort of funny isn't it, how things turn out? For example, the story coming up is about a trial held in Kentucky's Hancock County, and how that trial may have changed the course of the nation.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about a trial in 1827 for a man nicknamed "Shirt Tails" who was caught operating a ferry without a license. After Shirt Tails won the case, the judge took a liking to him and became a mentor to him. The man's real name was actually Abraham Lincoln.

Keywords: Ferry licenses

Subjects: Ferries.; Licenses; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Team boats; Trials.

00:41:15 - Rick Sutton's honey bees

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Partial Transcript: Another champion coming up now: Rick Sutton from Garrard County, a fellow with many talents. Last year, for example, he was the state junior champion auctioneer.

Segment Synopsis: Rick Sutton talks about raising honey bees and the production of honey. He talks about the behavior of the bees and what influences the kind of honey they make. He talks about honey competitions.

Keywords: Honey bees; Honey making

Subjects: Beehives; Bees & honey; Bees.; Honey.

00:47:22 - The Rough River Dam State Park fiddling contest

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Partial Transcript: [Music and singing] Kentucky blue. Kentucky blue.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about the fiddling contest held in Rough River Dam State Park where people come to play two days' worth of Bluegrass music and compete against one another. Some fiddle tunes are played.

Keywords: Fiddle playing; Fiddles

Subjects: Bluegrass music.; Fiddle tunes.; Fiddlers; Fiddling.

00:51:36 - The origins of old sayings and inspirations

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Partial Transcript: Now, next up, Charles Long of Shepherdsville, who has so many titles I can't begin to list them all.

Segment Synopsis: Charles Long of Shepherdsville, Kentucky talks about the origins of some old and inspirational sayings. He tells some stories and reads some of his personal thoughts he has written down over time.

Keywords: Inspirational quotes

Subjects: Inspirations; Sayings.