Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 6, 1990

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:04 - The Wild Turkey Restoration Project

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Partial Transcript: True or false: this is a sound you can hear almost anywhere in Kentucky, given that it's the right time of year.

Segment Synopsis: George Wright, a wildlife biologist, talks about the Wild Turkey Restoration Project in 118 Kentucky counties that is funded by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department. He talks about the difference between wild and domesticated turkeys. Some different turkey calls are demonstrated.

Keywords: Bird calls; Turkey calls

Subjects: Wild turkeys; Wildlife conservation.

00:06:09 - The Bald Knob String Band

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Partial Transcript: Four or five years ago, four Kentuckians who, because of their state jobs, now call Franklin County home parleyed their collective musical talents into a three-week tour of Japan.

Segment Synopsis: Part of a song by the Bald Knob String Band is played. They talk about their band and the type of music they play. They play their song "Propane."

Keywords: New-time music

Subjects: Bald Knob String Band; Bands (Music); Songs.; String bands

00:16:52 - Grave monuments at the Maplewood Cemetery

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Partial Transcript: This story is from Mayfield, and along with Mayfield Mayor Virgil Gilliam, we're standing in front of a tourist attraction. Which is also probably the most unusual grave marker in the world.

Segment Synopsis: Virgil Gilliam, mayor of Mayfield, Kentucky, talks about the Maplewood Cemetery's sixteen life-size grave monuments erected by Colonel Henry Woolridge in memory of his family, his hunting dog, his horse "Fop," and two foxes.

Keywords: Grave markers; Grave monuments

Subjects: Gravestones; Mayfield (Ky.); Memorials.

00:21:21 - Kentucky Auctioneer Championship

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Partial Transcript: Ready to drop. I've got-I've got index cards in here. They have a contestant number on the top of 'em. That'll be the position you sell in. And they've also got two items written on 'em. That'll be the items you'll be sellin'.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin attends the Kentucky Auctioneer Championship and listens to the auctioneers compete. Sheila Lay talks about being the first woman to make the finals in the Kentucky Auctioneer Championship.

Keywords: Auctioneer competitions; Auctioneering; Woman auctioneers

Subjects: Auctioneers; Auctions.

00:32:56 - The Kentucky Historical Society's collection of fishing reels

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Partial Transcript: On the other side of the tape, we talked with John Wilson, a member of the Bald Knob String Band. John works for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, and because of his job he has some knowledge about a major Kentucky contribution to one of the world's favorite pastimes.

Segment Synopsis: John Wilson, from the Kentucky Department Fish and Wildlife, discusses the fishing reel collection at the Kentucky Historical Society. Tom Joyner, from Dayton, Ohio, and a collector of antique Kentucky reels, talks about looking for a Snyder Reel.

Keywords: Antique reels; Bait casting reels; Rod and reels; Snyder reels

Subjects: Fishing reels; Silversmiths; Spinning reels

00:39:52 - Kissing bridges

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Partial Transcript: They used to refer to them as "kissing bridges." Certainly there's something romantic about them. And certainly they're picturesque.

Segment Synopsis: Rich Sutherland talks about covered bridges, also called "kissing bridges," across Kentucky and why there are so few of them left.

Keywords: Kissing bridges

Subjects: Covered bridges

00:44:18 - The Liberty Boys gospel quartet

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Partial Transcript: [Clapping, music, singing] One day I was walking...

Segment Synopsis: The Liberty Boys talk about competing in gospel quartet competitions and their lives outside of music.

[Personal information such as phone numbers and addresses of interviewees has been removed from this audio file. Several seconds of silence may occur throughout this recording where this information has been removed.]

Keywords: Gospel quartets

Subjects: Gospel music.; Quartets.