Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 8, 1990

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Introduction / Redd Stewart's music career

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Partial Transcript: Hi, Glen Bastin here, with Issue 8 of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine." We have two Kentucky legends on this issue, the first is Redd Stewart.

Segment Synopsis: Musician Redd Stewart talks about his early life and career in music. He talks about his song "Tennessee Waltz." Bastin gives more information on Stewart and his song while it plays in the background.

Keywords: No Name Waltz (Song); Tennessee Waltz (Song)

Subjects: Country music.; Musicians; Songs.; Stewart, Redd.

00:07:35 - Eddie Browerly's family restaurant and clown collection

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Partial Transcript: Let's stop off now for a cup of coffee. And Eddie Browerly says since the lunch hour rush is over, he can take a few minutes out of the kitchen to talk with us if we stop at his place.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits Eddie Browerly's family restaurant where he has a collection of clown statues and other objects like chimes and music boxes.

Keywords: Clown statues; Collectors items; Family restaurants; Music boxes

Subjects: Antiques.; Clowns.; Windchimes

00:13:36 - Bats in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: No doubt, of all of God's creatures, the snake and the bat are our least favorites. The bat is our subject now. In Kentucky we have fifteen of the forty or so North American species.

Segment Synopsis: David Yancy, non-game biologist with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, discusses bat populations in Kentucky and what has caused them to decrease in recent years.

Keywords: Bat populations; Bat species

Subjects: Bats.; Endangered species.; Wildlife conservation.

00:18:17 - Raymond and Hazel Purple's purple house

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Partial Transcript: Thousands of military families choose Kentucky for their retirement years. Fort Knox estimates 25,000 families live within driving distance of its medical and other facilities, which those families utilize.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits Raymond and Hazel Purple, a couple from Michigan, who love the color purple. They talk about their purple house, car, license plate, and other items.

Keywords: Colors

Subjects: Purple

00:20:49 - Genealogical research at the Kentucky Historical Society

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Partial Transcript: We're visiting a tree farm of sorts now. A farm which specializes in family trees. It is the library of the Kentucky Historical Society.

Segment Synopsis: Anne McDonald gives Bastin a tour of the library of the Kentucky Historical Society and talks about the genealogical research that people do there. She searches the records for information about Bastin's family.

Keywords: Genealogical research

Subjects: Family trees; Genealogical tables.; Genealogy.; Kentucky Historical Society.

00:27:31 - A conversation with former Kentucky governor Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler

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Partial Transcript: Someone once said, "Happy Chandler is a great guy. Just ask him." This special section of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine" is a conversation with the governor.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin has a conversation with former Kentucky governor Happy Chandler about his life and career. He talks about the position of lieutenant governor and his salary when working as an elected official. He talks about influential people in Kentucky and expresses his opinions on some of them.

Keywords: Governor's quarters; Public service; Salaries

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991--Interviews; Governors--Kentucky--Interviews; Lieutenant governors--Kentucky

00:51:43 - Additional thoughts and insight with Governor Chandler / "My Old Kentucky Home"

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Partial Transcript: Time constraints necessitated that the conversation with Governor Chandler be edited. Here are some thoughts and insight from areas that we covered but couldn't work in.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin plays some clips that were edited out of the previous segment due to time constraints. Chandler talks about his time as a coach and shares his opinion on some Kentucky officials. "My Old Kentucky Home" played on harmonica by Ervin Royal of Owensboro, Kentucky is played.

Keywords: Coaching; University coaches

Subjects: Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991--Interviews; Governors--Kentucky--Interviews