Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 9, 1991

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Photographs of riverboats

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Partial Transcript: [Bell ringing] For a century or more that particular ring sent a message across Ohio River towns. "The ferry is about to cast off," it said. This is Glen Bastin, and we're casting off this issue of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine" talking with Dorothy Reeves of Hawesville in western Kentucky's Hancock County.

Segment Synopsis: Dorothy Reeves of Hawesville in Hancock County, Kentucky, talks about her collection of photographs of riverboats and ferries. She tells stories about some of the boats in the pictures.

Keywords: Pictures; Riverboats; Showboats; Steamboats

Subjects: Ferries.; Photographs.; River boats.

00:07:14 - A museum in an old city hall

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Partial Transcript: Uh, Dorothy could--could talk all day about that steamboat. She--she is just full of this lore.

Segment Synopsis: Jack Foster talks about the old city hall turned museum that displays Dorothy Reeves' photographs. Before being a city hall, it was a railroad depot. Foster describes the museum and tells some of its history. Mildred Foster talks about the history of the museum.

Keywords: Railroad depots

Subjects: City halls.; Museums

00:15:50 - The antique organ and other museum items

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Partial Transcript: Right now we need to move on to the Hancock County Museum room where Nancy Cameron and Minnie May Henderson are the hostesses.

Segment Synopsis: Nancy Cameron and Minnie May Henderson talk about the antique organ and other items in their section of the museum in Hancock County, Kentucky. Jack Foster talks about other musical instruments and plays "My Old Kentucky Home" on the harmonica. Foster talks a little more about the efforts to educate people with the museum.

Keywords: Musical instruments; Pump organs

Subjects: Antiques.; Museums.; Organ (Musical instrument)

00:22:12 - Heart transplant

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Partial Transcript: They say twins can give mothers nightmares. But unless you're Kathy Tobin of the Meade County community of Guston, you can have no idea. But before we get into the story, let's meet the twins.

Segment Synopsis: Kathy Tobin of Guston in Meade County, Kentucky, mother of twins Kristin and Kasey, talks about why she had a heart transplant a month after having the twins. She talks about her fears with the transplant and life after the surgery.

Keywords: Heart transplants; Organ donors; Premature labor

Subjects: Childbirth.; Donation of organs, tissues, etc.; Heart--Transplantation.; Pregnancy.; Twins

00:28:43 - An Elvis Presley impersonator

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Partial Transcript: [Music and singing] Baby let me be...

Segment Synopsis: Eddie Miles, from Holy Cross in Marion County, Kentucky, sings and looks like Elvis Presley. He talks about his experiences with fans and quitting his job to pursue performing full time. He also talks about some of his past performances.

Keywords: Audiences; Fan clubs; Impersonations; Performers

Subjects: Elvis Presley impersonators; Musical performance; Presley, Elvis.

00:37:08 - Seth Horton of the band Kentucky Country

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Partial Transcript: Now, while we're on the subject of performers and memories, let me give you an update on a young fellow we met on Issue 2. He was the youngest member of the group Kentucky Country.

Segment Synopsis: Seth Horton, the youngest member of the group Kentucky Country, from Morehead, Kentucky, performs a song on his fiddle.

Keywords: Child fiddlers; Child performers; Performers

Subjects: Fiddle tunes.; Fiddlers; Kentucky Country.

00:38:15 - Restoring river otters in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: [Screeching sound] That's a sound you may never hear anywhere else. Of course, on second thought, there's probably very little reason why you'd want to hear it anywhere else.

Segment Synopsis: Tom Edwards, wildlife biologist with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, talks about re-establishing the native river otter in Kentucky. He talks about what eliminated them from Kentucky in the past.

Keywords: River otters; Wildlife restoration

Subjects: Otters.; Wildlife conservation.

00:41:35 - Animal impressions

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Partial Transcript: Now, this fellow is about to give us a special performance. Something 23-year-old Bobby O'Daniel of Lebanon says he doesn't do very often. Not even for family and friends.

Segment Synopsis: Bobby O'Daniel of Lebanon, Kentucky does impressions of animals, which he calls "personalities." He performs his impressions of a chicken, a chimpanzee, and a cow.

Keywords: Animal impressions; Animal noises; Chicken sounds; Chimpanzee sounds; Cow sounds; Impersonations

Subjects: Animal sounds.

00:45:43 - Kentucky National Guard graduation / Community send-offs

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Partial Transcript: To this point, Bobby O'Daniel has not been invited to be on "America's Funniest People." The call he got a few days after he auditioned came instead from the Kentucky National Guard. It was a call telling him to report to Fort Campbell to prepare for active duty in Saudi Arabia.

Segment Synopsis: A graduation speech at Fort Campbell by General James Parcell to the graduates of the Kentucky National Guard, Morgan's Men, and guardsmen from West Virginia and Tennessee. Mike Stenson, of Glasgow, Kentucky, and Phillip Geralds of Tompkinsville, Kentucky, express their views on the National Guard and being deployed. Charlie Walls of Springfield, Kentucky, talks about send-offs for members of the National Guard planned by community members.

Keywords: Deployment; Guardsmen; Kentucky National Guard; Send-offs; Sendoffs

Subjects: Graduation speeches; United States--National Guard