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Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 21, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Introduction to Issue 21

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Partial Transcript: This is Glen Bastin. In the beginning, there was a nursery rhyme.

Segment Synopsis: Glen Bastin introduces issue 21 of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine" and plays some clips of the segments in this issue.

Subjects: Bastin, Glen.

00:01:13 - The Thomas Edison House

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Partial Transcript: We begin this issue with a visit to 729 East Washington Street in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville. Our hostess will be Ruth Warner, who knows the story behind a claim on that historical marker out front.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin speaks with Ruth Warner about Thomas Edison and the time he spent in Louisville, Kentucky. They talk about the house he possibly stayed in and some of the experiences he had while in Louisville.

Keywords: Thomas Edison

Subjects: Edison, Thomas.; Louisville (Ky.)

GPS: Thomas Edison House
Map Coordinates: 38.25559664624945, -85.73828016776199
00:09:36 - Kentucky yards and grasses

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Partial Transcript: An item on Kentucky lifestyle here. Lifted from the Kentucky Agricultural Statistics report for 1991.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin briefly talks about lawn care and weeds in Kentucky.

Keywords: Grasses

Subjects: Lawn care industry.; Weeds.

00:11:13 - Abandoned safety deposit boxes

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Partial Transcript: And, these--this box here was the one that had all of the, um, coin collections in it and it's pretty interesting. He's been everywhere and everywhere he went it looks like he got a set of coins.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet's Abandoned Property Section and speaks with Belinda Cassey and John Colbertson about abandoned safety deposit boxes. They talk about some of the items found in the boxes and what is done with them.

Keywords: Abandoned property; Kentucky Revenue Cabinet; Safety deposit boxes

Subjects: Coins.

00:20:39 - A montage of stories by Pastor Wayne Smith

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Partial Transcript: Laughter is infectious. Example...

Segment Synopsis: To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Wayne Smith being pastor of Southland Christian Church, a montage of stories from a few of his services is played.

Keywords: Church services; Sermons

Subjects: Church; Churches--Kentucky; Religion

00:28:14 - An update on The Second Edition quartet

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Partial Transcript: A moment now for an update on the barbershop quartet The Second Edition. On the very first issue of the magazine we met...

Segment Synopsis: Bastin provides an update about The Second Edition quartet that he talked about in an earlier issue. He plays a clip of them singing.

Keywords: International Barbershop Quartet Competition; Quartets

Subjects: Barbershop quartets.; Barbershop singing

00:30:52 - The "Eagles Over the Gulf" oral history project

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Partial Transcript: [Music, background noises, and radio chatter]

Segment Synopsis: Bastin speaks with Ed Tonini about the "Eagles Over the Gulf" oral history project about pilots who fought in "Desert Storm," or the Persian Gulf War of 1991. Tonini talks about the process of getting the interviews and some recordings are played.

Keywords: Cockpit recordings; Interviews; Live recordings; Operation Desert Storm; Pilots

Subjects: Oral history recordings.; Oral history--Methodology.; Oral history.; Persian Gulf War, 1991.

00:40:59 - How Big Sandy Valley became a part of Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: There are historians who will argue with part of the story I'm about to relate. But, they can't prove their version of it any more than I can prove mine.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about how the Big Sandy Valley became a part of Kentucky. He talks about how Kentucky got its shape.

Keywords: Kentucky maps; Land surveying; Maps; Territory disputes

Subjects: Big Sandy River Valley (Ky. and W. Va.); Geography.; Kentucky--History

00:46:32 - The return of river otters to Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: [Screeching sounds] That's a sound you may never hear anywhere else. Of course there's not much reason to want to hear it anywhere else.

Segment Synopsis: Biologist Tom Edwards of the Department of Fish and Wildlife talks about river otters and the efforts to bring them back to Kentucky.

Keywords: River otters

Subjects: Otters; Wildlife conservation

00:50:19 - Return to the Thomas Edison House

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Partial Transcript: Now, though, we return to the Edison House Museum. And our conversation with Ruth Warner.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin and Warner continue their conversation about Thomas Edison and talk about some of his inventions. They play a song from one of Edison's recording devices. Bastin concludes this issue.

[Personal information such as phone numbers and addresses of interviewees has been removed from this audio file. Several seconds of silence may occur throughout this recording where this information has been removed.]

Keywords: Lightbulbs; Lights; Recording devices; Thomas Edison

Subjects: Edison, Thomas.; Inventions.; Louisville (Ky.); Sound recordings.