Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 23, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Introduction / The "Glass Snake" lizard species

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Partial Transcript: [Music and background noise] Oh, you're gonna find him down in there?

Segment Synopsis: Glen Bastin introduces this issue of Pondering Kentucky and talks to David Yancy about the "Glass Snake," a legless lizard found in Kentucky.

Keywords: Glass Snakes; Legless lizards

Subjects: Lizards.; Reptiles.

00:05:56 - General George Custer's life insurance policy

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Partial Transcript: A personal moment here. Time for me to thank goodness you don't get to see the scripts for Pondering Kentucky. Because our spelling is atrocious.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about John Pirtle, a man who sold life insurance in Kentucky. He speaks with Larry Brinks about whether or not Pirtle sold a life insurance policy to General George Custer.

Keywords: General George Custer; Insurance; Insurance companies

Subjects: Custer (Ky.); Insurance policies.; Life insurance.; Pirtle, John.

00:11:33 - Classes of cities in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Custer, Kentucky is just a community. It's not one of Kentucky's 436 officially incorporated cities. But, a lot of our cities don't have many more people than Custer has.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about Custer, Kentucky and discusses the different classes of cities in Kentucky.

Keywords: City populations

Subjects: Cities and towns--Kentucky; Custer (Ky.)

00:13:18 - Trending baby names in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: How often have you said "that's an unusual name" or "that's a name you don't hear much anymore?" This next story is one we do annually on the radio version of "Pondering Kentucky."

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about the number of births in Kentucky and speaks with Janet Hoover about the top baby names in Kentucky.

Keywords: Baby names; Baby report; Birth rates; Popular baby names

Subjects: Names, Personal.; Registers of births, etc.

00:18:37 - Randy Atcher's career and the Atcher family / The "T-Bar-V" television show

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Partial Transcript: An untold number of Kentuckians appear on the list of people considered superstars in the world of music today. But, in many respects, the artists of today couldn't hold a candle for the stars of yesteryear.

Segment Synopsis: Randy Atcher talks about his family and how he started his career in music. A recording of "You Are My Sunshine" by Bob Atcher and Leoda Applegate is played. Randy Atcher talks about the Louisville, Kentucky television show "T-Bar-V" that he was a part of.

Keywords: Atcher brothers; Atcher family; Radio programs; T-Bar-V (Television program); Television programs; Television shows; Theme songs

Subjects: Atcher, Randy--Interviews.; Atcher, Randy.; Musicians; Radio stations.; WHAS. (Radio Station: Louisville, Ky.).

00:38:27 - The Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church and history recorded on quilts

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Partial Transcript: [Music and singing] There's a place dear to me, where I'm longing to be...

Segment Synopsis: Bastin talks about the history of the Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He plays a clip of one of the sermons from the church. Bastin goes to the Annual Old Kentucky Home Festival of Quilts to talk to Dixie Hibbs about recording history on quilts. Hibbs tells a story about women from the Hopewell Cumberland Presbyterian Church making a quilt to make money for the church. Virginia Davis Lawson and Donald Davis, the former owners of the quilt, talk about quilting and giving the quilt back to the church.

Keywords: Chickens; Church landmarks; Landmarks; Pianos; Quilting; Sermons

Subjects: Christianity.; Church music; Churches--Kentucky.; Presbyterian Church--Kentucky; Quilts--Design.; Quilts.

00:55:05 - The Market House Museum in Paducah, Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: We return now to Paducah's Market House Museum for a few more tidbits of western Kentucky history. On issue 22 we looked through an 1877 drugstore which is inside the museum and heard some of the stories it has to tell.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits the Market House Museum in Paducah, Kentucky and speaks to Charles Manchester about the first motorized fire truck in Paducah and various other items in the museum. Bastin concludes the issue.

Keywords: Market House Museum

Subjects: Fire engines.; Kentucky--History; Paducah (Ky.)