Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine, Issue 27, 1992

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Cumberland Falls and the "moonbow"

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Partial Transcript: [Music] This is Glen Bastin, and I thought a little dawning of time kind of music would be fitting to open Issue 27 of "Pondering Kentucky: The Magazine."

Segment Synopsis: Bastin introduces this issue of Pondering Kentucky and plays some clips from the later segments. He speaks with Jennie McConnell about the Cumberland Falls and the moonbow, a rainbow made by light from the moon, that can be seen there.

Keywords: Moonbows

Subjects: Cumberland Falls (Ky.); Waterfalls

GPS: Cumberland Falls (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 36.84027365948634, -84.34547232893692
00:06:39 - The origins of the Kentucky State Police / The Gottlieb v. Beckham governor's race

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Partial Transcript: A couple of other Cumberland Falls statistics. Somebody calculated that under normal conditions the amount of water going over the falls is 1,000 gallons per second.

Segment Synopsis: Don Armstrong, a military historian, talks about the position of Adjutant General and the origins of the state police in Kentucky. He tells a story about the Gottlieb vs. Beckham governor's race.

Keywords: Gubernatorial elections

Subjects: Adjutants; Governors--Kentucky; Kentucky State Police; Military historians.

00:16:56 - The Records and Research Branch of the Department of Military Affairs

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Partial Transcript: Since we're visiting with Don Armstrong in the Records and Research Branch of the Department of Military Affairs, it would be an oversight not to at least mention a couple of the main functions of this division.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits the Records and Research Branch of the Department of Military Affairs and speaks with Armstrong about the work they do there.

Keywords: Department of Military Affairs

Subjects: Military history; Veterans--Kentucky.

00:20:46 - The Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp

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Partial Transcript: [Music and singing] The performers are high school students at band camp.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin speaks with Dr. Robert Hartwell about the Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp that he directs. They talk about alumni and the music they make at the camp. A song performed by the students at the music camp is played.

Keywords: Band camps; Bands; Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp

Subjects: Music camps.

00:30:34 - Comedian and musician Pete Stanford

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Partial Transcript: [Music] A little comic relief is coming up as we begin the second half of this "Pondering Kentucky" gathering.

Segment Synopsis: A stand-up comedy performance by Stanford is played. Bastin interviews Stanford about his career and his time spent working with Dolly Parton. Stanford performs the song "Beautiful Dreamer."

Keywords: Comedy shows

Subjects: Comedians; Parton, Dolly.; Renfro Valley (Ky.)

00:43:37 - Albino squirrels in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: There was a time when Kentucky was virtually overrun with squirrels. The legislature even once passed a law requiring all males to kill a certain number of squirrels each year or pay a tax for not doing so.

Segment Synopsis: Danny Watson talks about squirrels, specifically albino squirrels, in Kentucky.

Keywords: Albino squirrels; Gray squirrels; White squirrels

Subjects: Albinos and albinism.; Squirrel hunting; Squirrels--Kentucky.

00:47:16 - The Wickliffe Mounds and Mississippian culture

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Partial Transcript: They didn't write things down or put them on tape. So, much of what we know about them fits into the educated guess category. But daily our guesses are getting better.

Segment Synopsis: Bastin visits the Wickliffe Mounds to speak with Brian Quaffle about what the mounds were used for by indigenous people in what is now Kentucky. Quaffle talks about the culture of the Mississippian people. Bastin concludes this issue by giving some additional information from the earlier segments.

Keywords: Ceremonial sites; Mississippians; Western Kentucky

Subjects: Indians of North America.; Indigenous people--Kentucky.; Wickliffe Mounds (Ky.)