Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Janet Yates,

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Family history / early life

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Partial Transcript: Testing, one, two.

Segment Synopsis: Yates begins by giving a brief history of her family and herself, discussing her father's career as a union negotiator and how they traveled.

Keywords: Appalachia; Kansas City (Kan.); Prater (Va.); Unions; Western Virginia

Subjects: Appalachia; Families.; Genealogy

00:05:09 - Beginning of her affliction with dermatomyositis / her husband's injury in a mining accident

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Partial Transcript: And, uh, then the summer--the fall of '61 was when I became ill.

Segment Synopsis: Yates explains the onset of her illness, dermatomyositis, and its effect on her life. She also mentions her husband's injury during a coal mining accident.

Keywords: 1960s healthcare; Coal mining; Connective tissue diseases; Dermatomyositis; Mining

Subjects: Appalachia; Appalachian Region; Coal mine accidents; Coal miners and mining--Appalachian Region; Healthcare; Medicine

00:15:19 - Meeting her husband at a rehabilitation center / struggle with her own pride

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Partial Transcript: Well, and then you went--okay, back to your story.

Segment Synopsis: Yates tells the story of how she met her husband at a physical rehabilitation center, as well as coming to terms with how her disease affected her sense of pride.

Keywords: 1960s healthcare; Dermatomyositis; Husbands; Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Subjects: Healthcare; Medicine; Rehabilitation centers.

00:22:20 - Courtship and marriage

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Partial Transcript: Well, I'm not gonna say it had to be.

Segment Synopsis: Yates discusses her courtship with and marriage to Roy, as well as how they both worked through their health conditions.

Keywords: 1960s healthcare; 1970s healthcare; Appalachia; Marriage; Prater (Va.); Rehabilitation centers

Subjects: Appalachia; Appalachian region; Rehabilitation centers.

00:32:28 - Being handicapped in the coal fields

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Partial Transcript: Well, what do you, uh--now what's it been like, um--I guess let me ask you this.

Segment Synopsis: Yates discusses the difficulties of being wheelchair-bound in the coal fields, lack of accessibility, and other issues.

Keywords: Appalachia; Handicap accessibility; Prater (Va.); Wheelchair accessibility

Subjects: Appalachia; Appalachian Region; Rehabilitation centers.

00:36:42 - Taking care of her husband and herself

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Partial Transcript: Looking ahead in the future, uh, say for instance, if Roy got to where he couldn't work, what would you--how would you get by?

Segment Synopsis: Yates explains what would happen if any major changes occurred in her life, based off of a story of when her husband developed a spinal infection. She also discusses the difficulties of obtaining government aid.

Keywords: Appalachia; Prater (Va.); Social security; Workers' compensation

Subjects: Appalachia; Social security.; Workers' compensation.

00:40:07 - Perceptions of people with disabilities as "other"

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Partial Transcript: Now, and well, and not just that, lemme ask you this.

Segment Synopsis: Yates and the interviewer discuss able-bodied people's perceptions of people who are wheelchair-bound or have another disability.

Keywords: Ableism; Appalachia; Dermatomyositis; Disabilities; Discrimination; Prater (Va.); Prejudice

Subjects: Appalachia; Discrimination.

00:42:51 - Concluding remarks

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Partial Transcript: I guess, um, uh, I think we're about finished here.

Segment Synopsis: Yates gives her concluding statement, which is to appreciate everything you have and "hang onto the Lord."

Keywords: Ableism; Child molestation; Christianity; Discrimination; Invisible disabilities; Invisible illnesses; Prejudice

Subjects: Christianity.; Discrimination.