Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, June 25, 2014

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - "Joy Dogs"

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Partial Transcript: It's June 25th, 2014 and Mary Ann Taylor-Hall is going to read some poems from her book "Joy Dogs."

Segment Synopsis: Taylor-Hall reads several of her poems from her book called "Joy Dogs." Selected poems include: "Joy Dogs," "Second Winter," "Little Beasts," "Down There," and "Dividing Ridge."

Keywords: "Dividing Ridge"; "Down There"; "Joy Dogs"; "Little Beasts"; "Second Winter"; Animals; Artifacts; Baby; Books; Cedar trees; Christmas; Dogs; Eventually; Feathers; Flowers; Geese; January; Leaves; Life; Light; Lightning; Magnets; Metaphors; Moth; Planets; Poems; Rain; Reading; Refrigerators; Roof; Self; Snow; Spring; Summer; Sun; Sunlight; Trees; Weather; Winter; Years

Subjects: Authors.; Nature.; Poetry; Writing

00:15:20 - Influence of place

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Partial Transcript: A short conversation about, um, Mary Ann, your relationship with this, with this place where you've lived for so long, and where your writing life as a mature writer has pretty much entirely taken place.

Segment Synopsis: Taylor-Hall considers the importance of place in her life, and the overall quest for security in a life that could be described as transient.

Keywords: Accidents; Adults; Alternatives; Divorce; England; Feeling; Fires; Flora and fauna; Friends; Furniture; Houses; Life; Money; Moving; Neighbors; Patterns; Place; Repairs; Roof; Seasons; Tenant houses; Vision; Voices; Yearning

Subjects: Place attachment

00:23:09 - Place and culture

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Partial Transcript: Does the, um, the fact that you--the place in which you live is rural and, um, you're surrounded by wild nature...

Segment Synopsis: Taylor-Hall discusses the role of place in her life, and the impact that this perspective has upon her perception of culture.

Keywords: "Contemporary culture"; "Passage of life"; Age; Country; Culture; Earth; Ecology; Existential; Friction; Human experience; Interest; Isolated; Journey; Life; Literary culture; Music; Novels; Place; Poems; Politics; Problems; Protagonists; Reading; Time; Woman; World

Subjects: Authors.; Literature; Place attachment; Poetry; Writing

00:33:00 - Worldview

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Partial Transcript: Um, the, the, the world that, that I find myself in...

Segment Synopsis: Taylor-Hall explains the worldview that she and her friends share about the future and the fate of humanity. How this perspective shapes Taylor-Hall's ideas of culture is then described.

Keywords: City; Civilization; Culture; Detail; Earth; Existence; Friends; Humanity; Intellect; Light; Literary culture; Particularity; Perspectives; Respect; Time; World; Writers

Subjects: Authors.; Writing

00:38:49 - Benefits of country life

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Partial Transcript: Do you feel though that there are any advantages as a writer that, that your life here offers you and that that retreat offers you?

Segment Synopsis: Taylor-Hall talks of the benefits that living in the country has upon her writing.

Keywords: Advantages; Balance; Busy; City; Confidence; County; Distractions; Energy; Friends; Jobs; Life; Retreat; Silence; Time; Work; World

Subjects: Authors.; City and town life; Farm life.; Literature.; Place attachment; Rural conditions; Writing