Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Lester Abner, October 29, 2014

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:01 - Growing up / settling in Fayette County

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Partial Transcript: My name is Dave Carper, and I'm here today to interview Lester Abner.

Segment Synopsis: Abner discusses growing up in poverty in Kentucky, as well as where he has moved his family since arriving in Fayette County. Abner also mentions his time at Georgetown College.

Keywords: Cemetery; Faith; Fayette County (Ky.); Georgetown College (Ky.); Jackson County (Ky.); Post office

Subjects: Burial; Communities; Poverty

00:07:42 - Working at Georgetown College

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about--I know that you were--you did more at Georgetown College than just maintenance.

Segment Synopsis: Abner discusses the many jobs and duties he held at Georgetown College.

Keywords: Campus safety; Chaplain; Georgetown College (Ky.); Professors; Weddings

Subjects: Christian universities and colleges; College; College sports

GPS: Georgetown College campus in Georgetown (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 38.207, -84.554
00:17:55 - Recognition at Georgetown College

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Partial Transcript: What do you have here Mary?

Segment Synopsis: Abner discusses the support and recognition he has received from the Georgetown College community, including numerous awards and friendships with former students.

Keywords: Achievements; Awards; Georgetown News-Graphic; Interviews; School paper; The Georgetonian

Subjects: Christian universities and colleges; College students; Interview

00:27:07 - Children and grandchildren

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Partial Transcript: What other dates do you remember in your life?

Segment Synopsis: Abner remembers the years of his marriage and the birth of his children and grandchildren. He relates the joy of being a grandparent.

Keywords: Children; Church; Faith; Grandchildren; Infant mortality; Pregnancy

Subjects: Childbirth; Marriage; Parenting

00:39:27 - Baptism

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Partial Transcript: The three that we've seen baptized, talk about the three rest of them.

Segment Synopsis: Abner hopes that he will live to see the baptism of his fourth grandchild. He also remembers his baptism and his involvement with church throughout his life.

Keywords: Baptism; Boone's Creek Baptist Church (Ky.)

Subjects: Church; Rites of passage

00:45:01 - Retirement / speaking out

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Partial Transcript: Even working, I could tell when I slowed down, and when I drove fast.

Segment Synopsis: Abner discusses his retirement from Georgetown College, as well as how he has had to overcome shyness and a fear of public speaking.

Keywords: Gospel music; Guitar; Hugging; Microphones; Retirement; Singing

Subjects: Conversation; Old age; Stage fright

00:52:05 - Twilight years

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Partial Transcript: And with this, cancer, I figured, uh, I know people, you know, the doctor's give 'em, months, so long how to live.

Segment Synopsis: Abner discusses his cancer diagnosis and the end of his life. He visited family and friends in other states, and he looks forward to his fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Keywords: "The Purpose Driven Life"; General Jackson Showboat; Last wishes; Memorial Day; Nashville (Tenn.); Wedding anniversary; West Virginia

Subjects: Anniversaries; Faith; Holidays; Legacy