Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Donald Lindeman, October 14, 2014

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:06 - Motorcycles and family

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Partial Transcript: My name is Dave Carper and I am, um, gathering Don Lindeman's--Linderman--Linderman--

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman discusses his appreciation of riding motorcycles and flying airplanes, as well as his family's experience with motorcycles.

Keywords: Airplanes; Airports; Model airplanes; Motorcycle tours; Touring bikes

Subjects: Blue Ridge Parkway (N.C. and Va.); Motorcycles

00:07:02 - Earth's origins and creation

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Partial Transcript: And that could lead you into a whole new topic about, uh, ancient people and people before Adam and Eve.

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman discusses scientific and biblical explanations for the earth's age. He finds the Nazca lines in Peru interesting as a formation visible only from airplanes.

Keywords: Genesis; NASA; Nazca lines; Peru; Space exploration

Subjects: Creationism; Earth (Planet)--Age

00:11:29 - Bermuda triangle / being lost

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Partial Transcript: But down on the coast of Bermuda, the Bermuda triangle people.

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman describes the history of the Bermuda Triangle, as well as his experience of being lost while flying.

Keywords: Cessna airplanes; Corbin (Ky.); Cumberland Lake; Cumulus clouds; Florida; Mt. Vernon (Ohio); Pilots; WW2; WWII; World War 2; World War II

Subjects: Bermuda Triangle; Flight schools; Navigation

00:28:36 - Brother Louis

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, my brother's a pilot also.

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman remembers his brother, Louis, who also flew airplanes and worked in a number of roles at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Keywords: Dayton (Ohio); Single and multiple engine airplanes; Wright Bros.; Wright Brothers; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Subjects: Museums; United States. Air Force

00:36:17 - Boating and fishing

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Partial Transcript: Oh golly I, I had, I had a boat that my dad and I built.

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman recalls boating and fishing with family and friends.

Keywords: Boats; Family trips; Filleting; Gutting; Lake Erie; Newark (Ohio); Yellow Perch

Subjects: Camping; Fishing; Shipbuilding

00:44:19 - Marriage and family

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Partial Transcript: Dad was always so close to my brother and me, and we did a lot of things together.

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman reflects on his relationships with family members, particularly on the contrast between his troubled first marriage and happier second marriage.

Keywords: "Homewreckers:; Divorce; Extended family; First wife; Frankfort (Ky.); Frankfort airport; Romantic dating; Second wife

Subjects: Family and parenthood, policy & practice; Marriage

01:03:56 - Caving in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: One day, I don't know, several years ago, I was unmarried at the time.

Segment Synopsis: Lindeman relates his fondness for exploring caves in Kentucky, as well as the rocks he's collected and seen.

Keywords: Cave formations; Caves; Mammoth Cave; Mt. Vernon (Ky.); Somerset (Ky.); University of Kentucky; Vandalism

Subjects: Caving; Geology