Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Dobree Adams, August 25, 2014

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:03 - Family history / childhood in Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: --August 25th, 2014. This is an interview with Dobree Adams at her home in, uh, Franklin County, Kentucky.

Segment Synopsis: Adams briefly describes her family history and her childhood, particularly her move from Mississippi to Kentucky.

Keywords: Country; Housing; Hunter Adams; Moving; World War II

Subjects: Childhood; Families.; Franklin County (Ky.); Genealogy; Kentucky; Mississippi; World War, 1939-1945

GPS: Franklin County (Ky.)
Map Coordinates: 38.24, -84.88
00:10:57 - Search for a college

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Partial Transcript: So I went off to college.

Segment Synopsis: Adams describes her high school life and search for universities, and how she decided on Wellesley.

Keywords: Colleges; Fathers; Universities; Wellesley College

Subjects: Education; Education, Higher; Higher education

GPS: Wellesley College
Map Coordinates: 42.29528, -71.30667
00:16:55 - First job

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Partial Transcript: So at Wellesley I worked in what was called the Placement Office at that time.

Segment Synopsis: Adams describes how she got her first job and her family's reaction to her working conditions.

Keywords: Computers; Jobs; Labs; Physicists; Scientists

Subjects: Employment; Occupations; San Fransisco (Calif.)

GPS: San Fransisco (Calif.)
Map Coordinates: 37.783333, -122.416667
00:25:32 - Work on a nuclear bomb

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Partial Transcript: I was bomb building.

Segment Synopsis: Adams describes her experience working on nuclear weapons during the Vietnam War. She goes on to say how her work during those days impacted her later on in life.

Keywords: Bombs; Married; Nuclear bombs; Pregnancies; Pregnant

Subjects: Atomic bomb; Cold war.; Vietnam War, 1961-1975

GPS: Nevada Testing Site Location
Map Coordinates: 37.116667, -116.05
00:32:09 - Rise of computers / marriage

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Partial Transcript: And, um, so I got married.

Segment Synopsis: Adams describes how the rise of computers impacted her work and how she got to see first-hand the professional use of computers. She briefly talks about her first marriage and her move back to Kentucky.

Keywords: Husbands; Moving; Poems; Programming

Subjects: Computers.; Marriage; Technological innovations

00:35:19 - Jonathan Greene / building a house

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Partial Transcript: But I met Jonathan.

Segment Synopsis: Adams goes into a lot of detail about how she met her current husband, how they got married, and their search for a house.

Keywords: Buildings; Divorced; Divorces; Homes; Houses; Jonathan Greene; Realtors

Subjects: Berry, Wendell, 1934-; Housing; Marriage

00:53:45 - Interest in art

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Partial Transcript: Were you--had you started, uh--had your interest in art, um--

Segment Synopsis: Adams talks about how she began sewing as a kid and how she now does weaving and sewing as an adult.

Keywords: Purebred; Sewing; Sheep

Subjects: Childhood; Economic crisis--United States--History--21st century

01:00:29 - Working as an artist

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Partial Transcript: Wh--at what point did you start thinking of yourself as an artist?

Segment Synopsis: Adams describes her transition from working in government to working as a professional weaver.

Keywords: Government; Jobs; Sewing; Sheep; Weaving

Subjects: Artists; Employment--Kentucky; Occupations

01:07:18 - Desire to live in the country

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Partial Transcript: And as far as your, your interest in farming and rural life you, you said you had always wanted to get to a farm?

Segment Synopsis: Having lived in the country for most of her life, Adams describes how living in the country has impacted her artistic experiences

Keywords: Country; Country life; Rural life

Subjects: Artists; Canning and preserving; Gardening; Photography--Kentucky; Rural conditions

01:14:34 - Landscapes and art

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Partial Transcript: Your, your art and your active life as a farmer and agrarian are so integrated, um, how do they--can you say more about the relationship between them?

Segment Synopsis: Adams continues to describe how living in the country has impacted her artistic experience. In this segment, she specifically describes how her artistic work has been primarily landscapes and how that connects with her rural lifestyle.

Keywords: Landscapes; Rural life; Tapestries; Tapestry

Subjects: Artists; Country life; Gardening; Plants; Rural conditions

01:18:25 - Working with tapestries and photographs

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Partial Transcript: Can you talk about your transition from working with the tapestries to working with photographs?

Segment Synopsis: In the final segment, Adams talks about how her work with tapestries influenced her decision to go into photography.

Keywords: Photographs; Tapestries

Subjects: Artists; Mendes, Guy