Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Edward Tye, March 20, 2015

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Life and earliest memories

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Partial Transcript: Yeah, Ed would be better. Thats what I've gone by for years.

Segment Synopsis: Edward Tye gives a brief description of his life, and after further questioning goes into his earliest memories about the railroad and his life in Corbin.

Keywords: Air Force; Boilermakers; Brakeman; City commissioners; End of the war; Engineers; Family; Fireman; Graduation; Grandfathers; Machinists; Railroader (Profession); Smells; Uncles; Whistles; World War II

Subjects: Childhood; Communities.; Corbin (Ky.); Employment--Kentucky; Families.; Railroads--Employees.; World War, 1939-1945

00:05:08 - Grandfather and father's occupations

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Partial Transcript: And what kind of work does a, uh, does a boilermaker do, specifically?

Segment Synopsis: Tye speaks about the jobs that his grandfather and father worked and why he himself chose not to go into the railroad industry.

Keywords: Arch welders; Boilermakers; Express Handler; Grandfathers; L&N Railroad (Louisville and Nashville Railroad); REA Express; Repairs; Steam engines; Trains (Freight)

Subjects: Employment--Kentucky; Families.; Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company; Railroads--Employees.

00:08:53 - Fruit trains

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Partial Transcript: And you had, uh, previously when our class met with you, you mentioned a, a story about, uh, produce coming up from the south at Christmas time. I was wondering if you might be able to recall that story.

Segment Synopsis: Tye recalls how the fruit trains would come through town and all the broken boxes of fruit would be shared among the Express Workers, especially at Christmas.

Keywords: Fruit; Fruit Grower's Express; Produce; Stores; Trains (Freight)

Subjects: Christmas--Appalachian Region; Communities.; Corbin (Ky.); Railroad cars.

00:11:00 - Travel

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Partial Transcript: So, in your, in your work, uh--this is kind of switching away from railroad a little bit, but, um, has to do with your story, uh, so when you went into the Air Force you said you traveled all over the world.

Segment Synopsis: Tye describes some of his experiences abroad while he was working for the Air Force.

Keywords: Air Force; C130 Airplanes; Goats; Travel abroad

Subjects: Military service, Voluntary.; United States. Army Air Forces

00:13:58 - Childhood in Corbin / how times have changed

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Partial Transcript: Um, I guess, you know, another part, you know, is thinking about things like, uh, going back to your childhood here in Corbin...

Segment Synopsis: Tye describes how his childhood differs from children now, predominantly about how trains were a big part in his childhood.

Keywords: Animals; Appropriate dress for train rides; Bartering; Cars; Childhood games; Cincinnati (Ohio); Cobb's market; Diesel engines; Dynamite; Gardens; Local stores; Model trains; Rolling tires with pushing sticks; Steam engines; Technology; Trade; Train hopping; Trains (Freight); Trains (Passenger)

Subjects: Childhood; Communities.; Corbin (Ky.); Railroad travel.; Railroads.

00:22:47 - Description of Corbin

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so, um, so you talked about shopping in other places. Uh, what was shopping like here in town?

Segment Synopsis: Tye recalls the different stores and schools in Corbin during his childhood and teen years.

Keywords: Athletes; Clothing stores; Dating; Downtown (Neighborhood, Corbin, Ky.) (AKA Central Corbin); East Ward (School); Fighting; Five and dime stores; No hard times; School rivalry; Sense of community; Shoes; South Ward (School); Sports; Toys; Visiting; Weekends; West Corbin (School)

Subjects: Childhood; Communities.; Corbin (Ky.); Corbin (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc.; Schools

00:31:41 - Festivals / future of Corbin / after the service / jobs while in the Air Force

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Partial Transcript: Um, can you--could you maybe tell us a little bit about, uh, community celebrations or festivals that would happen here in, in Corbin?

Segment Synopsis: Tye talks about Corbin festivals, how he perceives the future of Corbin, and what his life was like both in and after his service with the Air Force.

Keywords: Changes; Children; Coming back to Corbin; Fathers; Grandfathers; Halloween; Home repair; Hydraulic pumps; Insurance; Japanese Plan; Keeping youth after college; NIBROC Festival; Race tracks; Systems operations

Subjects: Communities.; Corbin (Ky.); Military service, Voluntary.; United States. Army Air Forces

00:41:28 - Children / new development in Corbin

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Partial Transcript: W--did you hope that--(coughs)--all three of your children would, would settle down here in Corbin?

Segment Synopsis: Tye reflects on the recent developments in Corbin and how it differs from when he was growing up. He also speaks briefly about his own children and their occupations.

Keywords: Colonel Sanders; Delivery; Depot Street--Corbin (Ky.); Fathers; Harland Sanders; Learning to drive; Navy; New parks; Restoring the underpass; Sanders Park; Travel

Subjects: Corbin (Ky.); Corbin (Ky.)--Buildings, structures, etc.; Economic development--Kentucky; Sanders, Harland, 1890-1980.

00:47:18 - Hopping trains / hoboes

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Partial Transcript: Did you go playing around the train tracks or the--anywhere else in Corbin? Anywhere special?

Segment Synopsis: Tye talks about his experiences playing on the trains as a teenager and his encounters with hoboes.

Keywords: Detectives; Hoboes; Hopping trains; Job shortages; Mid-1950s; Railroad Yards (AKA Train Yards); Riding trains; Train imprinted coins; Tramps (AKA Hoboes)

Subjects: Childhood; Homeless persons.; Homelessness.; Railroad tracks.; Railroad travel.

00:52:39 - Churches in Corbin

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Partial Transcript: So how important was it, like, for everyone to go to church?

Segment Synopsis: Tye talks about his church and the other churches in town.

Keywords: Catholicism; Fellowship; Immigrants--Italian

Subjects: Churches--Kentucky; Corbin (Ky.)