Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Lucy Crain, October 10, 2015

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:02 - Growing up around the medical field

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Partial Transcript: Hello, I'm Karen Clancy.

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses what it was like growing up with a family focused around the medical field. She mentions some of the skills that she was able to develop through school, as well as working at her father's family medicine practice. She also talks about the influences that impacted her achievements when she was in high school.

Keywords: Achievements; Bicycles; Cats; Coal company; Communication skills; Dean of women; Debate teams; Doctors; Environmental activists; Family medicine; Family medicine practice; George Washington University Medical Center; Gerry Patterson; Integration; Nashville General Hospital; Nurses; Nursing schools; Parents; Pediatricians; Performance; Randolph-Macon College; Segregation; Shoes; Social media; Special education teachers; Surgeons; Television; University of Kentucky; Vanderbilt University

Subjects: Careers; Childhood; Children of physicians; Education; Families.; Harlan County (Ky.); Madisonville (Ky.); Physicians--Kentucky; Teachers; Women physicians.

00:06:25 - College and applying for medical school

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Partial Transcript: So, as you began to, uh, seriously look at colleges--where did you go to college?

Segment Synopsis: Crain talks about the undergraduate classes that she took at the University of Kentucky as well as the application process of applying to medical school at Vanderbilt University, the University of Kentucky, and Washington University.

Keywords: "Fluff classes"; American Academy of Pediatrics; Application process; Bioethics Committee; Chemistry; Classes; Cultures; Dean of students; Doctors; Dr. Roy Jarecky; Engineers; Ethics; History; Home; Interviews; Languages; Limitations; Man's career; Nursing; Painless; Philosophy; Physics; Pre-med track; Resistance; Sociology; Undergraduates; University of California Hospitals; University of Kentucky; Vanderbilt University; Washington University; Windows; World War II

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Medical education; Universities and colleges--Departments; University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women physicians.

00:14:46 - A medical field marriage

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Partial Transcript: You were telling me just a little bit earlier that, um, you got married during medical school.

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses getting married during medical school and how she and her husband balanced their medical education and careers while maintaining a loving relationship and having a family consisting of two children.

Keywords: Apartments; Class standing; Dishes; Domestic roles; Grades; Harvard Medical School; Internships; Medical schools; Parenting; Pre-med students; Respect; Responsibilities; Suppers; Undergraduates

Subjects: Cooking.; Families.; Marriage; Medical education

00:17:44 - Medical school at the University of Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: Um, let me pull you back to the admissions process.

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses her time in medical school as well as some of the teachers that she had while she was there. She also talks about her study habits and the classes that she took as part of the medical student curriculum.

Keywords: Admissions process; Anatomy lab; Behavioral sciences; Biochemistry; Cadavers; Cardiac surgeons; Classes; Curriculum; Dissection; Dr. David Clark; Dr. Roy Jarecky; Effeminate; Examine; Faculty; Gender; Languages; Lectures; Library; Masculine; Medical schools; Medical students; Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory; Neurology; Nurses; Patients; Physical diagnosis; Practice; The Dave Clark Five; University of California; University of Kentucky; Vocabulary words

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Medical education; Physicians (General practice); University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women physicians.

00:25:28 - Her love for pediatrics

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Partial Transcript: What was your favorite, um, internship or rotation?

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses finding her love for pediatrics while doing her internship at the University of Kentucky, as well as how she ended up at the University of Washington for her residency.

Keywords: Advisers; Anesthesiology; Attendings; Columbus Children's Hospital; Congenital cardiac defects; Cowboy boots; Demise; Doctor's draft; Dr. David Clark; Dr. Jackie Noonan; Ear infections; Emergency rooms; Examples; Heart disease; Husbands; Illnesses; Independent matches; Influences; Internal medicine; Lung disease; Maps; Mentoring; Mountain Clinic; Options; Parents; Pathology; Pediatric cardiology; Pediatricians; Personal associations; Preventative healthcare; Preventative medicine; Professors; Recommendations; Residents; Rotation; Rounds; Specialists; Textbooks; Train; University of Oregon; University of Washington

Subjects: Education, Higher--Kentucky; Medical education; Physician and patient.; Physicians (General practice); Portland (Or.); Seattle (Wash.); University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women physicians.

00:35:20 - Year in Korea

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Partial Transcript: Well, tell us about your Korea year while you're here at this place.

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses her time spent in Korea during the Vietnam War with her husband who was drafted in the doctor's draft. She also talks about the living conditions in Korea and the kinds of pathology that she came across while there.

Keywords: Adulthood; Advocates; Behavioral pediatrics; Churches; Dermatology; Developmental pediatrics; Disabilities; Fascinating; General pediatrics; Health services; Hospital directors; Korean Presbyterian Mission Hospital; Mountains; Neonatal tetanus; Orphan's hospitals; Pathology; Pediatricians; Public health; Specialization; Tours; Tuberculosis; University of California; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Francisco

Subjects: Korea; Physicians (General practice); Public health.; Seattle (Wash.); Vietnam War, 1961-1975

00:40:39 - The highlights of her career

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Partial Transcript: What are some of the highlights of your career?

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses her biggest achievements, her family, and shares a piece of advice for educators and students.

Keywords: "Granddogs"; Babies; Board of directors; California Academy of Pediatrics; Clinical psychotherapists; Educators; Grandsons; Law schools; Lucile Packard Children's Hospital; National Association of Activity Professionals; Professional schools; Stanford University; Students; Teachers; University of California, San Francisco; Young minds

Subjects: Careers; Families.; Medicine.; Physicians (General practice); San Francisco (Calif.)

00:44:01 - Women in medicine

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Partial Transcript: When you were in medical school, there were four women in your class.

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses the role of women in the medical field. She talks about the extra mile that every woman has to go to be equal to their male counterparts, as well as some strong female role models in the medical field that she has encountered. She also discusses the change that the involvement of women has brought about within the medical field, and the issue of student debt.

Keywords: Academic achievements; Auburn University; Authority; Barbara Boxer; Burden; Caring; Chairman of agriculture; Chief residents; Chronic illnesses; Communication; Communication skills; Compassion; Counseling; Crude comments; Cures; Curriculum; Debt; Deliveries; Demeanor; Developmental medicine; Disabilities; Discussions; Dominican nuns; Dr. David Clark; Dr. Jackie Noonan; Effeminate; Equal; Ethics; Experiences; Faculty; Family; Female; Freedom; Groceries; House of Representatives; Inductions; Insulting; Internships; Male; Medical schools; Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory; Money; Nancy Pelosi; Nursing; Parents; Partnerships; Pediatric residents; Peers; Perceptions; Pregnancies; Pressure; Progress; Psychiatry; Residencies; Ridicule; Role models; Rounds; Sensitive; Sister Dominica; Social activities; Student loans; Study; Supportive; Surgeons; Training; Tuition; University of Kentucky

Subjects: Medical education; Physicians (General practice); University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women in medicine; Women physicians.

01:02:08 - The 50 year University of Kentucky College of Medicine reunion

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Partial Transcript: Really quickly before we wrap up, tell me about your four, uh--the four--the, the other three classmates that were women.

Segment Synopsis: Crain discusses her old classmates and what it was like to reunite with them at the 50 year reunion of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. She also briefly discusses her and her husband's plans for the rest of their time in Kentucky.

Keywords: Anesthesiologists; Classmates; Coal companies; Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT); Family medicine; Foundation of Patient Care; Frank Masters; General medicine; Husbands; John McMann; Mary McMichael; Medical schools; Missions; Obstetrics; Pathology; Plot; Psychiatrists; Public health clinics; Radiology; Ray Wells; Residency; Reunions; Shirley Barron; Shirley Moore; Surgery; Teaching; Tom McMurray

Subjects: Careers; Marriage; Medicine.; Physicians (General practice); University of Kentucky. College of Medicine; Women in medicine; Women physicians.