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00:00:01 - Living in Arizona and Appalachia

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Partial Transcript: Okay, so it's April 13th, 2016.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about living in Arizona, spending summers in Virginia, and gardening in both places.

Keywords: Barbara Kingsolver; Cabins; Farming; Gardening; Growing food; Summers

Subjects: Appalachian Region; Families.; Food; Gardens; Kingsolver, Barbara; Summers; Tucson (Ariz.)

00:08:57 - Getting interested in local food

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Partial Transcript: Because when we moved here then we sort of expanded a little bit.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about how they first became interested in local food and how the local food movement took hold in the United States.

Keywords: Accessibility; Food cultures; Food systems; Writers

Subjects: Local foods--Appalachian Region.; Locavores.; Nabhan, Gary Paul.

00:14:01 - Starting the Harvest Table Restaurant

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Partial Transcript: So how then did it happen that you opened the Harvest Table and where has--where's that gone since then?

Segment Synopsis: Inspired by the impending opening of a corporate truck stop in the community, Hopp talks about opening the Harvest Table Restaurant and the intention behind the restaurant.

Keywords: Businesses; Harvest Table; Jobs; Local economies; Restaurants; Truck stops

Subjects: Communities; Farmers' market; Local foods.; Meadowview (Va.)

GPS: Harvest Table Restaurant, Meadowview (Va.)
Map Coordinates: 36.761063, -81.86116800000002
00:23:30 - Growing food for the restaurant

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Partial Transcript: So in time we created the farm. And so the farm is, um, it's an effort to fill in the gaps of what the farmers market growers grow.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about growing their own food for the restaurant and how they navigate growing seasons.

Keywords: Farming; Food systems; Onions; Produce; Tomatoes; Vegetables

Subjects: Farm produce.; Farmers; Farmers' markets; Local foods.; Subsistence farming

00:28:33 - How to move the local food system forward

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Partial Transcript: How do you push--I've gone beyond the Harvest Table because I'm always thinking about 'how does this localized food system notion get moved forward in this country?'

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about needing to identify what the gaps are in what is locally available in order to move the local food system movement forward.

Keywords: Food systems; Grain mills; Local farms; Small farms

Subjects: Breweries; Dairy farms; Local foods.

00:31:49 - Climate change and California / forward thinking and Kentucky

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Partial Transcript: With climate change going on in California, and impacting California more than this region, um, as they're losing their water so that it's getting more and more difficult to grow produce a lot of them are switching to almonds.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about water and agriculture in California, and Kentucky's relatively forward thinking views regarding local agriculture.

Keywords: Almonds; Droughts; Food systems; Large scale farming

Subjects: Agriculture; California; Climate change.; Farm produce.; Farmers; Kentucky; Local foods.; Water

00:36:00 - Impacting the local community through the restaurant

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Partial Transcript: Well, I'd, I'd be interested in hearing--we were talking last night and I thought it was so interesting about, um, what drives the Harvest Table and that it's not economics so much as community.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp recalls a few candid stories about individuals with success stories through their experiences with the restaurant to explain that the mission of the Harvest Table Restaurant is to help the local community.

Keywords: Berries; Crafts; Goals; Harvest Table; Local artists; Local people; Missions; Mushrooms; Paintings; Restaurants

Subjects: Communities; Local food

00:46:19 - Building community to build life satisfaction

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Partial Transcript: I told you I spoke in a class yesterday about this and one of the things I like to do in the class is, is to talk about the relationship between money and happiness.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about research regarding the correlation between "belongingness" and happiness, rather than money and happiness. He speaks about a project he assigns students in class which involves hypothetically spending millions of dollars.

Keywords: Belonging; Community building; Incomes; Life satisfaction; Millionaires; Students; Wellbeing

Subjects: Basic needs.; Communities; Families; Happiness.; Money.; Well-being.

00:56:45 - Economic stability of the Harvest Table / designing for calmness

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Partial Transcript: Well can I ask you a practical question?

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about the economic sustainability of the Harvest House Restaurant, community, and purposeful aesthetic design.

Keywords: Aesthetics; Businesses; Color; Cutting costs; Design; Harvest Table; Local economy; Restaurants

Subjects: Communities; Economics; Local foods

01:02:43 - Healthy eating / customers / social media reviews

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Partial Transcript: And the environmental component is off the charts.

Segment Synopsis: Hopp talks about producing healthy food at the restaurant, customers and customers' reviews, and advertising.

Keywords: Advertising; Customers; Farm to table; Harvest Table; Healthy eating; Meadowview Farmers' Guild; Restaurants; Reviews; Seasonal; Seasons; Social media; Trip Advisor; Word-of-mouth; Yelp

Subjects: Advertising.; Consumers; Local foods