Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Aijaz Fatima, May 25, 2010

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: --on May 25th at, um, Ziauddin Hospital in North Nazimabad in Karachi with Dr. Aijaz Fatima.

Segment Synopsis: Fatima recalls her early life, beginning with a brief mentioning of her university education. Fatima's family and relatives are also discussed. The occupation of the interviewee's father is also examined. Fatima's memories of the partition as it occurred are briefly shared.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; Dignitaries; England; Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi (India); Relatives; Siblings

Subjects: Childhood; Education; Father; Governess; Occupations; Partition

GPS: Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi (India)
Map Coordinates: 28.635085, 77.212492
00:06:05 - Life at university / religious environment

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Partial Transcript: Um, when you were, um, at the women's college in Aligarh, um, what other kinds of girls were there?

Segment Synopsis: Fatima recounts what attending Aligarh Muslim University during the time of the partition was like. The wearing of burkas among the girls is emphasized, and the decline of the garment in Pakistan is discussed. Additionally, Fatima briefly talks of her religious upbringing. Then, the interviewee returns to the subject of university by describing the girls' involvement in partition-era politics.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; Burka; Family; Hostels; Pakistan; Politics; Uniforms

Subjects: Education; Food; Hinduism; Indian; Islam; Partition; Rupee; Students

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793
00:14:44 - Life after the partition / teachers

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Partial Transcript: Did, did anything change between you and your Hindu colleagues, after August '47?

Segment Synopsis: Fatima explains what life was like in India following the partition, focusing upon the relations between Hindus and Muslims. The violence and riots in other parts of the country and a few incidents in the city of Aligarh are recalled as well. Fatima discusses her favorite teacher at university, a professor at the postgraduate level.

Keywords: Aligarh (India); Aligarh Muslim University; Bangladesh; Bengali; Causalities; New Delhi (India); Postgraduate

Subjects: Food; Hinduism; Islam; Partition; Teachers; Violence

GPS: Aligarh (India)
Map Coordinates: 27.88, 78.08
00:20:51 - Career in Pakistan / Aligarh Muslim University

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Partial Transcript: And tell me about--a little bit about your career in Pakistan.

Segment Synopsis: Fatima discusses her career of practicing medicine in Pakistan. The speeches given at Aligarh Muslim University during the partition are also briefly mentioned. Additionally, the interviewee details her current position at a hospital in Karachi. The university and its place within the Pakistan movement is examined. Education for women at the university and how it was divided along class lines is then explored.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; Class system; Hospitals; Husbands; Karachi (Pakistan); Pakistan; PhD

Subjects: Education; Hindus; Medicine; Muslims; Partition; Science; Speeches; Students; Women

GPS: Karachi (Pakistan)
Map Coordinates: 24.86, 67.01
00:30:55 - Pakistan as a nation

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Partial Transcript: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Pakistan today?

Segment Synopsis: Fatima gives her opinion on what the biggest obstacle Pakistan is facing currently. Fatima briefly summarizes the terrorism situation in Pakistan and the support that these groups (especially the Taliban) receive there. Next, the interviewee assesses how accurately the vision of Pakistan according to the original founders has been executed. The practicality of the partition is also debated. This is illustrated by the circumstances of Muslims living in India.

Keywords: Bangladesh; Brothers; Government; Homeland; India; Nephews; Pakistan; Politics; Secular

Subjects: Church and state; Muslims; Partition; Religion; Taliban; Terrorism

00:35:36 - History of Pakistan / original goals / interviewer

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Partial Transcript: If you--I'll just ask you one last question.

Segment Synopsis: Fatima evaluates when the history of Pakistan actually began. Then, various methods to return back to the original vision of Pakistan's founders are detailed. Lastly, the interviewer explains why she decided to research Aligarh.

Keywords: Aligarh (India); Family; Nazimabad, Karachi (Pakistan); Pakistan; Saudi Arabia

Subjects: Education; History; Islam; Muslims; Religion

GPS: Nazimabad, Karachi (Pakistan)
Map Coordinates: 24.916667, 67.033333