Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Ziley Ahmad Nizami, May 24, 2010

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: I am here today with, um, Dr. Z. A. Nizami...

Segment Synopsis: Nizami talks of his childhood and education in India. Nizami's personal connections to Aligarh Muslim University are also considered. Additionally, the occupations of the interviewee's siblings are listed. Then, Nizami recalls his time in the army, and various postgraduate courses he took while abroad in the service. Lastly, the professors at the university are briefly mentioned.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; Ambassadors; Army; Chancellors; Grandfathers; Holland; India; Languages; Nephews; Pakistan; Postgraduates; Siblings; Urdu language

Subjects: Brother; Dutch; Education; English; Father; Occupations; Professor; Religion

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793
00:08:49 - Changes to Aligarh Muslim University and history / family and the partition

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Partial Transcript: When you arrived in 1948, just after partition had taken place...

Segment Synopsis: Nizami considers the changes that took place within Aligarh Muslim University during the time of partition. A short history of the university is then provided. Subsequently, the interviewee discusses the partition and its impact upon his family, with an emphasis on his father and siblings.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; All-India Muslim League; Chancellors; Names; Pakistan; Siblings

Subjects: Books; Death; Education; Father; Founders; Hindus; History; Lawyer; Partition

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793
00:15:36 - Career / participation in the partition movement / speeches

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Partial Transcript: You know, both your other brothers and other family members are involved in study of the social sciences.

Segment Synopsis: Nizami explains why he decided to become an engineer. Next, the interviewee's involvement in the partition movement is described. Key events such as the death of Jinnah from the perspective of Nizami are highlighted. Additionally, the students who attended the university during partition times are examined. The most influential people upon the university at that time are also mentioned. Following this, notable guest speakers at the university are listed.

Keywords: Accusations; Aligarh Muslim University; Government; Hostels; India; Lahore (Pakistan); Muhammad Ali Jinnah; Politics; Urdu language

Subjects: Death; Diversity; EXAM; Elections; Engineering; English; Influences; Mathematics; Speeches; Students

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793
00:26:51 - Moving to Pakistan / education

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Partial Transcript: And what was it like--I mean, wha--amongst--say with your elder brother who opted to stay in India?

Segment Synopsis: Nizami shares the reactions of his family to his decision to move to Pakistan. The logistics of moving to Pakistan are explored. Nizami's own participation in the growth of the city of Karachi is detailed. Subsequently, the interviewee emphasizes the importance of an Aligarhian education, as well as the expansion of several universities in the Karachi area.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; Construction; Expansion; Homes; Immigration; India; Karachi (Pakistan); Lifestyles; Pakistan; Trains

Subjects: Brother; Education; Father; Growth; Travel

GPS: Karachi (Pakistan)
Map Coordinates: 24.86, 67.01
00:32:57 - Partition / Muslims in India and Pakistan / founder's vision

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Partial Transcript: Um, when--what--well I, I've skipped an important question.

Segment Synopsis: Nizami provides a firsthand account of what the partition was like in his predominantly Hindu neighborhood. Following this, Nizami briefly compares the lives of Muslims in both India and Pakistan. Then, the differences between the vision for Pakistan created by the nation's first leaders, and the reality for Pakistanis today is explained.

Keywords: "Two Nation Theory"; Adjustment; Aligarh Muslim University; Differences; Immigration; India; Neighborhoods; Pakistan; Uncles

Subjects: Comparisons; Culture; Founders; Hindus; Muslims; Refugees; Relations

00:39:04 - History of Pakistan / books / Aligarh Muslim University

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Partial Transcript: So if you were--I know you're an engineer, but if you were a historian--

Segment Synopsis: Nizami gives his opinions on when the history of Pakistan should begin. Next, the interviewee discusses his book that is soon to be published upon the topic of Islam and city planning. Lastly, Nizami talks of his personal connections to Aligarh Muslim University, and the most important contributions the university has given to society throughout the years.

Keywords: Aligarh (India); Aligarh Muslim University; Contributions; Politics; Saudi Arabia; University

Subjects: Architecture; Books; Brother; City planning; History; Islam; Partition; Students; Teacher

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793