Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History

Interview with Fatima Fari Rahman, January 4, 2008

Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
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00:00:00 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: I would love to do that.

Segment Synopsis: Rahman discusses her childhood and educational pursuits. Her marriage and subsequent move to Pakistan following a two year stint in London is also highlighted Then, Rahman's travels throughout India are briefly mentioned.

Keywords: Aligarh (India); Brothers; England; India; Pakistan; PhD; Punjab (India); Trains; University of London

Subjects: Chemistry; Childhood; Education; Father; Marriage; Partition; Teacher; Travel

GPS: Punjab (India)
Map Coordinates: 30.79, 75.84
00:04:37 - Changes to Aligarh Muslim University / background

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Partial Transcript: What, what do you remember has changed?

Segment Synopsis: Rahman talks of the changes she has witnessed to the university, focusing upon physical aspects of the campus. Next, the interviewee describes her family background, emphasizing her mother's relatives. The social class they came from is examined, and their lifestyle is also highlighted. Additionally, the occupations of Rahman's various relatives are listed.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; Ancestry; Cars; Family; Grounds; Houses; Land; Pakistan; Uncles

Subjects: Civil Service; Education; Elephant; Genealogy; Occupations; Parents; Teacher

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793
00:09:48 - Education / travels and relocations / religion

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Partial Transcript: I went to school in--when my father was alive.

Segment Synopsis: Rahman briefly recounts her experiences at Aligarh Muslim University, highlighting the changes to the university while she was there. Next, Rahman's travels in India are examined, as well as why she did not move to Pakistan immediately after the partition. Additionally, the interviewee explains how she met her husband, and their subsequent move to Pakistan in the early 1950s. Life as a Muslim in India and Pakistan are then compared. Islam and its impact on Rahman and her family is also touched on.

Keywords: Aligarh Muslim University; College; Cousins; Hostels; Husbands; India; Lahore (Pakistan); Pakistan; Trains; University; Urdu language

Subjects: Brother; Change; Education; Father; Partition; Prayers; Safety; Sisters; Sunni; Travel

GPS: Lahore (Pakistan)
Map Coordinates: 31.549722, 74.343611
00:16:30 - Movement leaders / Aligarh Muslim University

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember, say, when, um, when Mr. Jinnah died?

Segment Synopsis: Rahman examines the leaders of the freedom movement, including Jinnah and Gandhi. Jinnah's visit to the university is also touched on. Then, student life at the university is described in detail. Topics of conversation include the uniforms, sports, and the women's college compared to the men's college.

Keywords: Aligarh (India); Aligarh Muslim University; Aligarh Women's College; Burka; Chairman; Doctors; India; Mahatma Gandhi; Muhammad Ali Jinnah; Pakistan; Sari; Sports; Uniforms; Votes

Subjects: Assassination; Education; Partition; Speeches

GPS: Aligarh Muslim University
Map Coordinates: 27.915009, 78.078793
00:29:29 - Women and education / Pakistan as a nation

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Partial Transcript: What--in what important ways have things changed, in your mind?

Segment Synopsis: The interviewee explores the advances of women in India and Pakistan and also explains why her sisters and herself obtained higher education, which is found to be rare for a Muslim woman in the 1940s and 1950s. Next, the objectives for Pakistan set by the founders of the nation are examined. Then, the primary contemporary issues facing Pakistan are considered. Division between both sects of Islam and ethnic groups, as well as terrorism are said to be the primary issues. The violence that recently occurred in Karachi is compared to the tensions in Punjab following the Partition. Reasons as to why this type of unrest transpires is then contemplated.

Keywords: Dissatisfaction; Goals; India; Jobs; Karachi (Pakistan); Muhammad Ali Jinnah; Pakistan; Punjab (India); University of Lucknow

Subjects: Conflicts; Education; Ethnic groups; Father; Freedom; Income; Islam; Mother; Sects; Sisters; Taliban; Terrorism; Threats; Violence; Women

GPS: Karachi (Pakistan)
Map Coordinates: 24.86, 67.01
00:38:21 - Weather / personal life

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Partial Transcript: --a rule that if I--if the weather is good, then I'm allowed to study outside provided I can keep up my average reading speed.

Segment Synopsis: The interviewer and Rahman talk of the sun and its adverse effects upon health, mainly skin cancer. Additionally, the interviewer explains her personal connection to the city of Aligarh and gives a brief overview of her education.

Keywords: Aligarh (India); Duke University; Grandfathers; India; Saudi Arabia; Sisters; University

Subjects: Education; History; Parents; Skin--Cancer; Sun; Sunscreen; Weather

GPS: Aligarh (India)
Map Coordinates: 27.88, 78.08